Report: Spurs set to ask supporters to reassess their use of the Y-word

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The Athletic have revealed that Tottenham Hotspur will ask their supporters to reassess whether it is appropriate to use the Y-word.

The term is a racial slur that has been aimed at the Jewish community and it was increasingly used in the 1970s by fans of opposition clubs as a form of antisemitic abuse, with Tottenham historically having a strong Jewish following.

Spurs fans then claimed the word as their own in order to push back against the abuse and to show a sense of pride in the club’s Jewish roots.

However, the use of the word by Tottenham fans has been a source of much controversy over recent years.

The Athletic explain that the word is described by Jewish charity The Community Security Trust (CST) as an “antisemitic insult” and that the club do not engage with the word officially and ask the same of their players and staff.

Now, Spurs are set to ask supports to also reconsider whether it is appropriate for them to keep using the word, particularly given that only around 5 per cent of match-going Tottenham fans are Jewish.

The report further reveals that the club will launch a campaign next year to try and provide fans with more information about the word and its origins, as well as historical context as to why it is so harmful.

This comes off the back of a consultation with 23,000 supporters back in 2019, with The Athletic now reporting that Tottenham want to revisit the discussion.

Spurs Web Opinion

This situation is an extremely difficult one to address as it is evident that Spurs fans do not use the word as a racial insult but rather as a display of pride about the club’s Jewish roots and traditions.

So, while it is understandable why fans do not want to give it up, I believe that we need to listen to voices from the Jewish community on this matter.

As a Spurs fan of non-Jewish descent, who has used the word in the past, my opinion on this matter has changed over recent years and I would now like to see the fans give it up.

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