Report: Spurs were offered money by UEFA to withdraw from European Super League

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According to a report by Mundo Deportivo, Tottenham Hotspur and the other five Premier League clubs, who signed up for the European Super League were offered a significant amount of money by UEFA to withdraw from the breakaway competition.

When the proposals for the ESL were first announced on Sunday, it was met with widespread condemnation across the footballing landscape.

In response to the negative reaction the move has received, all six Premier League clubs including Spurs have officially begun their withdrawal process.

However, if Mundo Deportivo are to be believed, the withdrawal did not solely come about due to a backlash from fans but rather because the clubs were offered a cash windfall.

The report reveals that UEFA’s way of life was threatened by the ESL proposal and the organisation decided to reach deep into their pockets for a solution.

It is claimed that the three La Liga clubs have not been offered money by UEFA, with the organisation viewing Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid as the ‘main enemy’.

Spurs Web Opinion

From the second the proposals were announced, I was convinced that the ESL will not go ahead. I believe it was a move by the owners of these big clubs to strengthen their hand while negotiating for the way revenue is distributed and the format of the Champions League.

However, it is clear from the response from football fans that these clubs have overplayed their hand and worsened their positions. One also has to be careful not to paint UEFA, FIFA and the Premier League as heroes in this as well of these organisations have demonstrated that they only care about protecting their interests.

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