Report: Tottenham Hotspur officials killing animals at new stadium site

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Spurs managed plenty of shots against Leicester, The Foxes, in their 3-1 victory last week, but it appears something a little darker is going on in North London.

A report from the Sun claims that Tottenham Hotspur officials at the new stadium site are luring foxes into cages before shooting them dead with a .22 pistol.

The officials have apparently killed at least 20 of the animals so far, after fears emerged that they may cause damage to the synthetic NFL pitch.

The Sun say that one insider told them a fox was left in its cage for five hours before being killed by a dozen bullets.

While killing foxes is not illegal in the UK, strict guidelines must be followed to stay on the right side of the law.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation claim catching and shooting a fox is the most humane way of doing things.

Spurs say they took advice from specialists.

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  1. Absolutely disgusted by the fact that your solution to removing foxes is to shoot them. In this day and age, we have more humane ways of dealing with pest control that doesn’t include shooting them.

  2. What is disgraceful is your NAZI police actually being able to order the club not to have a game (Arsenal) due to safety concerns. Each 24hrs the stadium is unused is hundreds of thousands of dollars loss. I’m sure plod ain’t coughing up.
    Stay in your hutch coppers, wait for trouble, don’t turn us into slaves to make your jobs easier.


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