The Daily Mail have revealed that Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to allow executive director, Donna-Maria Cullen, to bring her dog to work, has not gone down well with some at the club.

The issue of mental health is no longer as much of a taboo as it once was, with organisations and individuals increasingly paying more attention to it.

The Mail now report that Tottenham have decided to allow staff to bring their dogs to work in a bid to see whether it would improve the mental health of their employees.

It is alleged that the club currently see it as a trial and are yet to make a final decision of whether they will continue to allow their staff to do the same in the future.

Cullen, who is Daniel Levy’s number two at Tottenham, has allegedly been taking advantage of the opportunity to bring her dog to work.

Some sources at the club describe the dog as ‘large and friendly’, with some employees lapping up its arrival and taking it for walks.

However, it is explained that the decision to allow pets at the club has not gone down well with others, including some who have allergies.

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