Football London have revealed that both Dele Alli and Joe Rodon received a punishment in training this week before Hotspur Way was shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The pair apparently lost a passing drill in which Spurs players gathered in a circle and had to complete 20 passes, with Dele and Rodon in the middle aiming to intercept.

If one of the players in the middle touches the ball, they swap with the person who gave it away. The drill ends once 20 passes have been completed without a player in the middle touching the ball.

Once the 20 passes are completed, the game is won and the two players left in the middle have to do a forfeit.

Not only were Dele and Rodon left chasing the ball for the drill itself, but they then had to drop to the ground and give 20 of the finest pushups as a punishment.

Spurs Web Opinion:

This is a classic and well-known football drill. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it also promotes quick passing in tight areas, as well as defensive interception skills. I’m sure Dele and Rodon didn’t mind doing 20 push-ups. Even I can do that.

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