Football.London have revealed that the UK Government have decided to establish an independent football regulator following a fan-led review into football. 

It has now been just over a year since Tottenham and the other members of the ‘bix six’ signed up for the controversial European Super League before being forced to withdraw from the proposed competition following a spate of fan protests (ESPN). 

The European Super League debacle led to MP Tracey Crouch’s fan-led review into the structure of English football, with one of the proposals being the introduction of an independent regulator to protect clubs from financial mismanagement (BBC Sport).

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorris has promised the regulator would be appointed by the next election in May 2024 (Independent).

Concerns have also been raised regarding ownership after the apparent involvement of the Saudi state in the takeover of Newcastle and the sanctioning of Romon Abramovich due to his ties to Vladamir Putin’s government.

Football.London have now revealed that a fan-led review has made ten key recommendations the government should act upon, including fan safety and supporters having a voice over ownership.

The government are said to have agreed to install a new football regulator while also adding a new test for owners, which will not only be used before a club’s sale but also on an ongoing basis.

Fans are expected to have more of a say in how the game is run going forward while the regulator will also have the power to sanction clubs that break the rules.

Spurs Web Opinion

We will have to wait and see how this is implemented as owners of some clubs will fight tooth and nail to maintain full autonomy of what is an asset that they own.

However, I am glad that the topic of sports washing is finally getting the attention it deserves as I have long felt that the current owners’ and directors’ test is not fit for purpose. 

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