Report: West Ham planning to take the capital bragging rights from Spurs

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After multiple delays, Tottenham’s new stadium was finally completed towards the end of last season and hosted multiple Premier League fixtures as well as Champions League matches.

The stadium received rave reviews from the fans, pundits, and ex-players who visited the venue with some, including Darren Anderton even labeling it the best in the world (Football.London).

The new ground boosts of several unique features including a retractable pitch to hold NFL matches, an unparalleled range of food and drink options, the largest single tier stand in the UK and the UK’s longest bar (The Mirror).

The Tottenham Hotspur stadium has a capacity of 62,062, making the stadium also the biggest of any club in London and the second largest club stadium in England after Old Trafford (Daily Star).

However, according to a report in The Times, Tottenham’s London rivals West Ham hope to change this by making the London Stadium the biggest in the capital by increasing its capacity to 62,500.

While the Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 66,000, West Ham initially only had permission to sell 57,000 tickets for their home games. They managed to increase that to 60,000 last November after settling a legal dispute (talkSPORT).

Now, the report suggests that the club is seeking planning permission to add another 2,500 seats, which will make West Ham the club with the highest capacity stadium in London.

Spurs Web Opinion

Even if West Ham do get permission to add another 2500 seats, the Olympic Stadium simply does not compare to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

While the latter is a proper football stadium, the former will never be one unless the running tracks are removed and supporters are brought closer to the action.

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  1. If West Ham did get permission it would be a political disgrace too far, the very fact that West Ham are in the taxpayer funded olympic stadium when Spurs, the goons and Chelski are having to foot the bill for their stadiums is something that reeks of pure corruption from the Boris Johnson era. If they then given permission to extend to be the biggest, that is just two fingers to the taxpayer.

  2. Think they took the bragging rights when they became the first side to beat you in your new ground. As for their stadium ultimately will have far more capacity than yours and probably be owned by them as well in due course.

  3. As for bragging rights think they took them when they were first team to beat you in your new ground.Re your comment about their ground they will ultimately have a much larger capacity than yourselves and will in due course probably own it as well.

    • Even more on the Tottenham waiting list. The difference is that our fans are trying to get tickets to a world class stadium to see huge Champions League matches. Your fans are trying to get tickets to see a few bubbles, a mid-table finish, and a very distant Mark Noble failing yet again to get an England cap :)

  4. Great opportunity for even more tourists to experience an EPL match. Next up new sponsors united colours of bennetton to be announced.


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