Sandro admits he’s nervous ahead of Spurs switch


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Tottenham Hotspur newcomer Sandro has revealed that he is seeing a psychologist as he prepares to adapt to life in England.

The Brazilian midfielder completed a £14million deal to move to White Hart Lane last month and admits that it will be hard to adapt to being an ‘unknown’ in London, compared to the fame he is used to in his native Port Alegre.

“There are lots of players who have moved to Europe but returned immediately as they couldn’t adapt to their new countries,” he said.

“I know I will suffer and I’m going to have some difficulties when I move to London but I want to be prepared for that moment. I’m going to fight and stay in Europe.

“I don’t want to be a six-week wonder and then return home, like many Brazilian and South American players do. I want to make my career there and then return to Brazil – but only after I have achieved all my goals in Europe.

“When I went to Tottenham, the people there treated me really well. I had two translators who helped me all the time and I saw a nice atmosphere in the club.

“I also saw Heurelho Gomes, who told me ‘you can go there, but you can’t go there’ and I’m now doing some adaptation work with a psychologist.

“I’m nervous as no-one there in London knows me. The people there don’t know how I play so I will have to start from zero but that is part of football.”

“The good thing is that I know that I’m going to face many problems in the beginning. It would be wrong if I go to England and think – Here I am, Sandro from Porto Alegre,” he added.

“They would send me back in one week. I will not be recognized there as I’m in Brazil today. Here, many people approach me on the street but I have to picture myself going out in London and no-one approaching me to talk. That will drive me mad.

“So that is why I’m working with a psychologist. I have to be prepared. I’m confident in myself, but I’m a little anxious to be going there right now.”

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  1. Sandro will learn to be careful what you say even to is mother because the right wing papers over hear will savage him if he says the wrong thing . Jjust look at Lord Treasman is lose comment has ruined our world cup bid and what he said was probably near the truth my advice play your football play well and the rest will take care of themselves Gomes and Pav are living prove

  2. Yeah £14 Mil. I didn’t think it was that much. I just hope that he delivers. He seems quite sensible and is preparing himself well fair play to him.

  3. Yep,he seems like a very grounded type of person that prepares himself for every foreseeable eventuality,with a attitude like that he should be a big success.

  4. He’s worrying about nothing – there are about 250,000 Brazilians who live in the London area and I’ll bet some of them are Internacional fans who’d recognise him instantly. Gomes will help him settle in but he’ll need to apply himself to learning some English quickly, starting with “givmedaball”, “foul”, “Ref you’re a XXXXX” and to John Terry “stay away from my wife”!!

    Seriously though, I doubt we paid 14m – Levy doesn’t operate like that, more like 6m upfront and the rest tied to performance bonuses.


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