Sandro or Parker?


As you are all aware, Sandro, our beast in the heart of our midfield, has been ruled out for the rest of the season with his injury. This now draws attention to the old debate of “Sandro or Parker?”

This is my take on both of these brilliant players we are lucky to have in our ranks:

Firstly Sandro:

Sandro is one of a kind, rock solid in his tackling and defending from the midfield, but what makes him special in my eyes is the fact that he is so good at the defensive side of his game whilst at the same time having all the attributes to help the team go forwards and attack. He really does have everything – Strength, Pace, Passing, awareness and of course, the odd screamer from 30 yards!

He truly is a great player and to be so good at such a young age can only be a promising thing! We will sorely miss him so get well Sandro!

Now onto Scotty:

Parker truly is a one of a kind player; the reason the fans love him so much is not his ability or his skill because to be fair he doesn’t have either! The reason the fans love him so much is because he plays football like one of us fans ourselves would play if we were in the famous Lillywhite shirt.

He is always chasing down the ball and he uses his experience very well. He doesn’t lunge into tackles in a hurry, he will simply stay goal side of his man and do his very best to stay in front of the ball trying to cause a deflection or a mistake. He plays with the energy of a teenager but the wisdom of an old man. He always gives 100 percent and nothing less when he pulls on the famous shirt; that is why he was Player of the Year last season at Spurs.

This is something the fans love the most: commitment,100 percent earn your money, and do everything in your power to help the team do well. That is why he is loved so much. He is a battler – a war axe. He was built for tough times and won’t be shy to tell other players to pull their socks up!

Now I know we all love Sandro – the Beast – but maybe in this second half of the season where things become tougher and the pressure is increased, Scott is what we need right now. Last season in this stage we began to drop silly points in silly games and was just shy of 3rd, which to be honest, I felt like we deserved.

I hope Sandro gets well asap, but maybe it is a blessing in disguise (not that he’s injured but that AVB can get away with starting Parker without upsetting Sandro and the fans) as we could do with a Parker attitude right now! And maybe because Scotty is 31 this could well be his last season for Spurs, if not one of his last!

So what better than to give him a whole half of a season to battle and help us to stay consistent – an area where Spurs have always struggled. On and off the pitch, Scotty is a great professional, ambassador, and role model. On the that note I hope Spurs treat him well in his last years so that he can take his coaching badges when he retires and become a youth coach or something of that nature at Spurs. Something he had a go at during his injury as he took charge of reserve game.

I can see Scotty on the sideline in a suit screaming orders to his players! Or maybe a tracksuit is more his style? Can you?

By George Everitt
Twitter: @Spurs_Tweets

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  1. sorry mike, i disagree. yes sandro is a great player with out a doubt but scotty can pick out the same passes and he seams to get forward quicker which suits spurs play more. yes scotty is 31 but he has more energy and commitment than most of the prem players half his age.sandro (im a big fan) parker ( i pay homage).

    • Scotty doesn't pick out passes, half his passes are to the centre backs. He doesn't get forward, he spends his time beside the centre backs. You need some glasses fella.
      Parker the man who is dead on his feet after 70 mins.

  2. Sandro. Easy answer. Absolutely fantastic midfielder and great personality on and off the pitch. If you haven’t seen his rendition of black eyed peas google it. Legend.

  3. When yo watch Sandro tackling he is winning the balls we have lost by having no player who can pass ten yards or more at speed and accuracy. If you think he has great skill you don't no Brazilians he often gives free kicks away cant pass shoots wild but i addmit he has skill he uses now and again. With Dembele in the team he needs passes when he is on the run Sandro runs with the ball gives it a static Dembelel 25 yards out and he shoots, Parker runs with the ball and can pass but he not fast enough somtines and has to stop the one player who is like a quarter back is Hudds but we all dont no if he is full healed only time will tell.So for now its parker Siggy then Hudds later

  4. Parker. Sandro is an above average passer and with Dembele being the same, Spurs lack a creativity through the middle, hence why we rely heavily on bale and lennon, why we are buying Holtby and why so many fans hark on about 3 in midfield. You don’t need 3 if the 2 you have are great passers. Although they are both great players the combination of them both having the same weakness is a problem. Parker is a very good passer, yes he passers backwards but that’s tactics. He can create not to the level of Hudd or Carroll but certainly more than Sandro.

  5. I agree that Sandro is an all round better player and can only get better,

    But with his inury we are blessed to have Scotty in our ranks and it shows the depth and true quality of our side,

    The fact that in a time of crisis we can call upon a player of Parker’s class say’s great things about the club and our current squad!

    Get well soon Sandro and play up Parker!

    – Geo

  6. Sandro has made 80 interceptions already this season the highest number of ANY player in Europe.

    Davspurs stick to talking shit about tempo as you obviously know fuck all about players.

    Sandro is the best player of his type in Europe and will only get better.

    Hope he makes a full recovery as we won't get a better ball winner.

  7. Sandro or Parker? There both great players with different abilitys . Parker is the present ,Sandro is the futher. This will only drive Sandro to come bak harder & stronger after this nightmare injury,while Parker already has just come bak 4rm injury so he's rearing to go & in a way I c this as a blessing in disguise ! Bring fwd da Holtby signing in Jan

  8. Sandros been awesome all season him and Lennon are our most improved players, But to have a player like parker to come in just shows the strengh in depth we have. The thing thats lacking in our midfield is creativity Dembele, Bale and Lennon can only do so much and if one of thems having an off day we struggle to break teams down. Bring in Holtby this jan Levy.. Great article by the way. The futures bright the futures SPURS..

  9. Well fellow Spurs fans I feel that we should enjoy the fact that when a player with the stature and importance to the team as Sandro has and is, gets a long term injury we’ve got a man like Scott Parker to take up the challenge. Most clubs drool when they read our squad sheet. COYS!


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