Is Sandro right? Spurs can challenge for title


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Sandro believes that the club can challenge for the title next season.

Sandro put in some impressive performances for Spurs last season, most notably against AC Milan.

“I believe that we deserved more from last season,” the 22-year-old told Hotspur magazine.

“We showed our quality by producing great performances in big games.

“Sometimes that’s just how it goes in football. But we can still hold our heads up high and return next season as a stronger team.

“Tottenham have a strong squad with great players, so why not?

“We have proved that we can live with the best and the talent in the squad is definitely good enough to fight for the title.”

He added: “I believe I am well adapted for the characteristics of the English game because football here is for a tough and strong type of person.

“I think I have done well so far and can only improve with time.”


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  1. If you have to ask the question, then probably not. Title challengers know that they can challenge and don’t have to “think” they can.

    Hope I’m wrong though.

  2. yes we can! Get in a proper No10 to work with our super No9 in Pav- my choice would be Podolski who would be good as he can also play on the wing, Bring in a world class striker that can work with vdv or is at least on the same wavelength- my choice would be Aguero seeing as Falcao is going to Chelsea and there is no other big club apart from us who need a striker but his wages could be a stumbling block! Then get a young striker like Diamao and we should be challenging!COYS!

  3. With the current squad Spurs need five new proper players in order to challenge seriously a place in top four and the title of PL :

    – a reliable keeper

    – two proper strikers,

    – a midfield player with a leader’s personality and a winner’s character able to direct the game, capable to produce a number of assists in every game and if possible to score (from set pieces or by any other way) a number of goals each season (like Mauri 6 goals and 9 assists in 30 games for Lazio, Götze in this season 34 games scored 7 goals and produced 14 assists, Sanchez 12 goals and 8 assists, Vidal 13 goals and 12 assists, Parker, Prieto, Inler, Pastore, Badelj and others)

    – a dominant, commanding, quick and able to move forward with the ball CB (someone like Lucio, Piquet etc.).

  4. Loan x I would argue we already have the players you’ve described in abundance in our squad, decisions just need to be made as to whetherwe back the abilities of the strikers we have or move pav and Defoe on in favour of 2 new faces

  5. Get real, we don't have the players yet…we have some, maybe seven or eight but we still need at least two new players. However all the news coming out of Spurs at the moment is about players leaving (what a surprise) which is typical of Spurs. No action, no adventuress spirit in the transfer market and no real ambition being shown…yet!!! Any player being touted as a possible transfer target all seem to be mediocre players and we are crying out for something a bit special, especially up front. I am getting fed up looking in papers, looking on websites for someone coming to WHL who is a certain talent but still nothing everyday. What is Levy and Redknapp doing? It's been the same old story for the last two windows, with the exception of Rafa. Are we going to make ridiculous bids on the last day of the window again to make it look like we tried?

  6. I don’t see why not. For the past two seasons we’ve had as strong a squad as anyone else. I just think we lack a little self belief. Player for player we are as good, and in some cases better than the others but we’ve got to translate whats on paper on to the grass !

    Maybe this season, if we hang on to our best players and buy in some forwards, will be our year. Fingers crossed !

  7. Lifetime Spurs supporter (40 plus years) here…
    Yes, clearly we need quite a few players to seriously consider a title challenge but the bigger problem
    is the lack of winning mentality in the current squad and management. Where is the Roy Kean type?
    Remember the days of Brian Clough. A strong, smart manager who got the max out of his players.
    Harry is a great man, a knowledgeable coach and respected by the players but he is not the great motivator.

  8. we could have done last season if we'd have had a bit of guts, its no good putting defoe up front and not giving lennon a continuous flow of the ball if we are going to do it. with the present side we won't two good players as in world class then yeah

  9. Don't forget we had Defoe, Bale, Huddlestone and Dawson all out for large chunks of last season-all key players. Plus Sandro only really fully developed in the 2nd half of the season. VDV was also struggling for full match fitness. If we can keep a consistent team and avoid injuries-who knows? I'd say the goalkeeper position is the most urgent-too many points lost through basic errors by gomes.

    • Good point re the injuries, although there clearly is something missing in mentality and most of one's gazy would be at the manager. An Eto or a Drogba might make the difference, somebody with insane arrogance and self belief (not Bendtner – although if he wasn't a gooner, wouldn't be the worst signing).

      It's easy to forget that we signed Brad. He's clearly not a long term solution and I can't really see Gomes sorting his act out just because there's a bit more competition. It's just the way he is, and his confidence must have been completely shot at the end of last season. Still wasn't Van der Sar a bit dodgy at one point?

  10. I guess if you look at the selling value of the Man U 1st team players and ours possibly not much difference. Maybe we dont lack for talent but as Mcnair says we are lacking self belief – this is probably the difference between Ferguson and other managers, the ability to get the team super focussed on the win.

  11. We need top partner Dawson and 2 proper strikers.llorente and rossi,then we will be a team to reckon with???


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