Sandro switch delayed?


Sandro’s arrival at Tottenham Hotspur looks set to be delayed after Internacional progressed to the final of the Libertadores Cup.

Inter made it through to the final after beating Sao Paulo on away goals and will now face Mexican side Guadalajara in a two-legged final.

The ties will be played on August 11th and 18th – so it’s unlikely we’ll see the Brazilian midfielder in action at the Lane before September.

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  1. It's unlikely he'd get into the team if he was with us now anyway. Nothing against the guy but he's got a lot of settling in to do before he starts trotting out in the first XI.

  2. Spursman 79 I agree, confidence is key. I like this guy already as he has been seeing a psychologist so he can settle quicker and he has been learning English cough cough Pav!

  3. I watched the game yesterday.Sandro is a real class act. and as hard as nails. Maybe there is a reason why Harry has not bought a central back,they would have to get past Palacious and Sandro first..Looks like a very bright future ahead for Spurs.

  4. We knew all the long of this possibility. Perhaps when he does turn up, it will be in time for a couple of league cup games to really get him into the grimy gritty world of English football.

  5. This is why I can't understand our attempts to sign Parker. Very good player but getting on and has a terrible injury record. We have Wilson, Hudd and Sandro for next season who are all defensively minded midfielders with Kaboul who can also play there if pushed. If we are going to go all out for a midfielder then we need a goal scoring central midfielder in the Lampard, Gerrard, Fabregas or Cahill mould. Would prefer a decent target man striker though.

  6. Reto, if it is midfield goals you are after than Kranjcar got one in four for us. A higher rate than Cahill normally gets. As for Lamps, Gerrard and Fabregas (and indeed Cahill too), a stupid amount of goals scored yes – but those teams line up in a way that maximises goals for those players. We cannot afford to do that. I think it is balanced just right – any of our midfielders (barring Wilson it seems) can score, and a couple of them will get near 10. My concern is whether we can rely on the second string to fill in when we rest players ahead of tough UCL games.

  7. He is not perfect, but a very good player. Very good on the ball, great tackler, but not a great range of passing. He was the Brazilian U-21 captain. We knew Inter would not sell him until they won/lost the Copa Lib. It is their centenary, and he is the lynchpin in their midfield. He still has work to do, but the character of the young man is what everyone raves about.

  8. He is a great player, i have seen him play on quite a few occasions and he is real quality, it won't take him long to settle and when he does most if not all spurs fans will be saying wilson who? palacios is very jagged round the edges whereas sandro can play aggresively and even better can actually pass a ball, certainly an upgrade on wilson although it might do what bentley did to lennon and give wilson a kick up the backside, fair enough the lad had a terrible tragedy to deal with and maybe he will be good again this season but with sandro arriving wilson will have to up his game ten fold.

  9. Sao Paolo are a really decent side, so fair shout to them.

    Hope they do win it and he comes over on a high. He's gonna need it when he swaps porto alegre for haringey

  10. spursman79 – well, this praise is a little premature because Brazilian success stories are far and few between in the Premiership. Of course I WANT him to be a success, but he is up against it. Yes people have looked into the type of player he is, but at the end of the day, we just don't know yet. As for Wilson, tragedy aside, he spent a lot of effort on qualifying for world cup. Hopefully we shall get less of that distraction. Lastly, Wilson spoke of his desire to play for Real Madrid, well here is his chance to prove he is good enough. We may even be playing them soon! Wilson, it is over to you!

  11. Whenever he joins us, dont do a 'Pav' on the lad. Allow him the opportunity to get a decent rest before anything else, and then slowly introduce him to the Premiership and the his team mates. I strongly believe that if Pav had have been given that sort of treatment, he'd have hit the ground running instead of looking jaded in his early games, and then suffering from a lack of confidence there after.Not a great believer in wrapping someone in cotton wool , but like before there are mitigating circumstances here.

  12. I too WANT this player to be a huge success in the EPL just hope when we get down to the nitty gritty business end November through to March that we’re still raving about him. To be fair I have never seen him play but if Harry rates him then that’s good enough for me. On the subject of our Champions League draw, how sweet is that? Its totally up to us now. Lillywhitetilidie.

  13. Huddlestone is not a defensive midfielder, as of right now Wilson Palacios is our only defensive midfielder. It is a given that Sandro will be eased into the team so making an offer for Scott Parker makes sense. If we sell the players we expect to exit, Keane, Jenas, Hutton, O'Hara then this would off-set the purchase to Parker along with a centre-back and another forward.

    Anybody know what the situation is with Gudjohnsen?

  14. I watched the game and altho Brazilian he has some of the bloody mindedness of Roy Keane and other British bulldogs so would fit right in and quickly. We are now truly covered in defensive positions, Wilson, Sandro, O'Hara, Kaboul even Charlie…with regards goals from central mid..Modric, Krancjar, Hudd if pushed forward.
    We have players that play in the hole behind the target man too..Gio, Modric, Keane even Lennon.
    What we do really need is a settled strike force. Defoe misses more than he hits and Pav isnt happy.

  15. Saying Hudds is not a defensive Midfielder is not quite right he has added a tackling aspect to his game and it may surprise you he has never bean on the losing side when he has played Centre Half and that is without Dawson and King alongside him .Two of his partners where Zakora ufa cup and Chimbonda. Woodgate 0=0 at Everton three seasons ago . You wont see a better player except Reo Ferdinand at is peak bringing the ball from defence with style . He has impressed me with is passing and the way he switched to the back in games he is showing the Italian what he missed some one who can pass.

  16. He will probably be given a break while he acclimatizes unless injuries push him up.
    IMO he will gently start probably in the league cup ties before tested vs EPL opposition.


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