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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Sandro is today undergoing a check up on his knee injury.

The Brazilian posted on his Twitter account: “I’m at the hospital for a check-up – I hope everything goes ok!”

Sandro is hoping to be back in action in around a month after after straining a calf muscle and rupturing knee cartilage while in international duty with Brazil at the Copa America.


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  1. I cannot imagine that he won’t be a regular next season, I suppose the question that remains will be, who will partner him.

  2. Yes without a doubt, along with modric(if he stays) bale, Lennon and van der vaart. No place but bench for 100m sprinter Tom lol.

  3. He is a beast of a player, and we'll probably really miss him in first few games against the physicality of Everton and City. He dominated Liverpool too.

    Thing about Tom though GaryB, is that he was fundamental to how we played in the season we did finish in the top4. His ability to get the ball out to our wingers quickly was what were really missing this season when were were struggling to break teams down. Him and Modric also closed players and tackled as a team in that season and we didn't need a defensive midfielder. (Just see the difference he made to us when were were playing Young Boys).

    I wonder if 4-3-3 might be the way forward against certain oppostion with Sandro and Hudd holding with either VDV or Modric making up the third central midfielder, then our wingers and a striker….? Sandro, Modric and VDV in the centre might be quite exciting though!

  4. Good point Alexis. Could work as 4-3-3/4-5-1 with Bale & Lennon supporting Defoe or ????
    Not VDV though as he doesn't have the necessary pace to make it work.

  5. Our best performance last year? AC in the San Siro with him and WP holding the midfield. Ideal for when we need to shut up shop. Sandro is a must if we go with 4-3-3- as suggested above or we will be swamped in midfield by lesser teams.

  6. Absolutely. Maybe against weaker opposition you might want Hudd's passing in preference to Sandro's superior ball-winning and mobility, but for most games he be a starter for me.

  7. Sandro is one of the best things that happened at Spurs throughout the ups & downs. He’ll be back even stronger, you’ll see.


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