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Most Tottenham Hotspur fans have woken up to the news this morning that there was an embarrassing situation involving Sandro.

According to reports, the Brazilian had been told by Wilson Palacios in a communication breakdown that he needed to be in the private terminal of Stansted airport for Tottenham’s flight to Werder Bremen.

Sandro has not been named in our Champions League squad and in a cringeworthy situation, according to the Daily Mail, Harry Redknapp and club secretary Darren Eales told a dejected Sandro that he would not be travelling with the squad to Germany.

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  1. Id of still taken him with the team, got him a seat in the stands so he can watch and only then will he know how much effort he will need to put in to break the team, being a brazilian just doesnt cut the mustard anymore thesedays : )
    Give him a pop against wolves on the weekend, we need to regain some pride agaisnt the newly promoted team last season who took 6 points from us.

  2. I happened to be having a drink in a hotel with some mates last night and Sandro was milling around the bar area with a couple of his friends. It did seem odd that he was not included in the Champs League squad or even taken out with squad to get him used to travelling and being with his new team mates. Considering he is a young kid from a different culture and Country i would have thought that he would be getting all the support he would need to settle in. He looks a big fella and i really hope he gets given a chance and can settle, we have seen a lot of players over the years who are much lauded and appear to have all the talent but are not given the support and time to adapt to a different Country and style of football.

  3. Just like some other good youngsters that have recently moved on to other clubs i can see Sandro asking to move on shortly.I have watched Sandro play a few games and he is just what Spurs would need in the Premier League.Will he ever get a game,maybe in a year or two. At the start of the season Harry was looking for Sandro,now that he has found him he has put him on ice. I think the best for Sandro is to ask for a transfer to Arsenal(while he is still young)and then at the end of the season we will hear that Sandro is player of the year for Arsenal,just like Adel is player of the month for QPR.

  4. Am I picking up some anti-Arry sentiments here? Someone has said spurs fans are the most fickle- and I must agree with them. Leaving Sandro out of CL will be a good motivator, plus he hasn't had a winter break. To be involved in CL at this stage might be too taxing for him. We are amply covered in the mid-field so this isn't such a big loss. Sandro is player for the future- who if he comes on this year fine- if not then hopefully next year. But he wasn't bought specifically for this season but next & after xmas.

  5. Macca; agree he should have gone to Bremen as a spectator but what a lot of people dont realise is this guy needs a long rest. If you compare his season to ours he effectively is in June, meaning his body needs at least a month off. I bet he has only been doing light training with the team and has been told to not expect a run out until October.

  6. First I’d slap Wilson for giving the wrong information…oh, wait a minute, it’s like most of his passing this season, misdirected! Only then would I tell Sandro, that he has to be back at the lodge to train!

  7. This his one of Harrys big problems when he was at West Ham he had a reputation for bringing new talent through . But at Spurs he lets them show how good they are then sends them on loan .Its the same with our strikers we have four but only one was inform and that was for England. This is because in games he always takes a striker of and replaces him with another leaving one without scoring and the other pissed of because he has 15 mins to score .. The result all four are short on game time and confidants. Now Sandro has come to Spurs with a big South American Medal Harry then kicks him in the teeth by not including him in the Champions league SQUAD priceless Harry especially when Palacios his in free fall.

  8. Byron you are really clueless.All players want to play CL,it is what makes individual players great players.Leaving Sandro out of CL,will be a good motivator….what planet are you living on,read the headlines of this article and the storey,he is already dejected.You would mould him for next year,I hope Harry's thinking will be different because Sandro will be gone. I would say that most important to Sandro at this moment would be to stay in the Brazilian team for the 2014 World Cup. If i am not mistaken he is at Spurs to get european exposure.

  9. I don’t believe this story. Why? Because it sounds like someone thought that Wilson speaks Sandro’s language and made up the story. Wilson speaks Spanish, and Sandro Portuguese. I am sure there are some similarities, but why assume that they are able to communicate?

  10. i dont see what the fuss is if Sandro Redknapp was left at home. She may be a better finisher than Bent but we’ve got plenty of other attacking options.


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