Can Spurs go undefeated?


AVB’s system (High Line TM and all) has finally sunk in to the Tottenham team and Spurs have found form, unbeaten in 10 in the League. But can they keep this form going until the end of the season? If you look at it game-by-game, it appears yes. Even the toughest matches – Chelsea away and City at home – look drawable and we seem to be more secure against teams in the lower part of the division – struggling to break them down, but never looking like losing. But game-by-game is a very superficial way of looking at it: in reality, the odds are that we will lose a game at some point.

In this league, every game is a potential banana skin. We were overwhelming favourites at home to Wigan but lost 1-0; we were overwhelming underdogs away to Manchester United but won 3-2. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you that football is a game of luck; but there is enough luck involved that predicting a positive outcome for 12 consecutive matches is a risky business.

Away at Chelsea will probably be the most difficult fixture. Mata and co can run rings around any defence and it could well be ‘you score, we score’ for 90 minutes. Spurs will fancy their chances of getting at least a point away from Stamford Bridge but the defence will have to be alert for 90 minutes and Walker will have to play slightly better than he did in the return fixture in October! Liverpool away will be a completely different kettle of fish. Who can predict that result? It depends which Liverpool turn up – the 0-2 v West Brom…or the 5-0 v Swansea. If the first of those turn up, we could be filling our pockets with goals but if they play to their best, then we might be in for a struggle. Frankly, that could be a win, a draw, or a lose. Impossible to predict.

There are certainly a few other tricky away games but a win would still be expected. We generally have trouble – doesn’t everyone? – away at Stoke, and West Ham, Swansea and Wigan won’t be strolls in the park. But we should win or draw. The opposition players themselves won’t cause undue problems – with the exception of Michu, but I’m sure he’ll be in Kaboul’s pocket for 90 minutes – it’s just the atmosphere and the occasion, and potentially Spurs’ form that could cause issues.

I won’t dwell too much on the remaining home fixtures. The WHL faithful will always expect a win at home – or a draw at the very least – and frankly, any team in the top 4 should be looking to go unbeaten at home. We have looked very solid defensively at home for a few months now and only a rare moment of defensive sloppiness allows us to concede. And with Bale and co up top, we always have goals in us. Even City won’t like coming to the Lane and we should be able to at least restrict them to a draw. After all, we managed it with United.

Spurs don’t need to go undefeated to come top 4 – Chelsea play City, both of those and Arsenal still have to play United – but we can, if we maintain this current form. Saying that, although game by game it looks possible, chances are we will slip up at some point – nobody is perfect (well, apart from AVB, of course).

So in my view, we won’t go unbeaten due to the annoying law of averages – we meet again – but we’ll come top 4.

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By Alex Beck

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  1. What an idiot. Has being a spurs fan taught you nothing??? We can lose to anybody and we can beat anybody, but to suggest we will go all year without losing is a delluded fantasy. As soon as anybody says stuff like this we lose and then you'll look like a right prat.
    Next time when you think this, dont put it in print. It makes me cringe.

  2. I guess you mean keeping winning games rather than finishing unbeaten in the PL.
    We can't finish fourth by getting a draw in all remaining games!
    Spurs can win most of the remaining games if Bale continues to be in the same form and be able to play in all of them.
    Because, as we have WITNESSED in the crucial FA cup game against a lower division club (Leeds) as well in the important EC game against Lyon, but also in all other PL games during the last weeks, without Bale's personal ability to score, neither the High Line TM or any other tactic of AVB can help Spurs WIN a game!

  3. The answer is "no". I would be shocked if we did go unbeaten until the end. Besides, it is not all about "not losing"… Draw 3 in a row, and you get as many points as winning one and losing the other two 3-0…. UNLESS it is losing to a rival….and then it does count as they gain 3 points and you stand still. So in my opinion, losing away to Stoke, Swansea is no biggie…. But losing to Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton or even Liverpool would be a massive problem. So the question is: Can we be unbeaten against those four? Or go one better and beat some of them? I believe that Arsenal & Chelsea on their day could upset us…. But Arsenal's "day" comes around less frequently than it used to. Our aim is to improve performances, not rely on Bale so damn much in order to score, get Ade going. get Siggy going and not let Europa league be much of a distraction. We should be fine.

    • You are right, Tony. Losing to our nearest rivals is potentially more damaging. I think that was what Harry was thinking too last season. Instead of trying to close the gap on the two Man Clubs ahead of us,( we were nearer to them ) we chose to maintain the gap with the rivals below us ( read Chelski, Gooners , Newcastle and Pool ). So we came up with a defensive formation when playing these teams . A draw means they cannot catch us. With the exception of the game against Castle, we got our draws. But I feel the winning momentum was lost and as a result drew and even lost against teams which should be easy 3 points picking.So I hope AVB won't be "overplanning " what results to get from each game. Play to win every time, home or away, near rivals or not. We have a winning system going. Don't fix something which is not broken. I feel we can do it this time..even finishing 2nd with some luck. Go for it, man !

  4. Only problem I can see to us not finishing 4th isn’t going undefeated (don’t see any reason why not) but the number of draws we may have. We need to score more than we have been or we may be pegged back by teams. Draws could kill us.

  5. i'm depending on luck this time, as i can not predict our form it freezes and some times it fires…………but judging by the way we've played this year alone if we can do better than having draws either by luck or by Bale……….we're going to finish 4th provided the rivals also remained the same

  6. As a Spurs FAN – If our wingers stay fit and play well with our defenders we will have no problem being in the Top4 . Back 4 must play on top of their games. Sorry to say, we must avoid playing Clint Dempsey. When he plays is like playing one player less in the team. I am disappointed with him. Why AVB keeps playing him I don't why.

  7. If it's a case of "you score we score" we could be in serious trouble unless we keep giving the ball to Bale after every chelski goal !!_I'm starting to run out of patience with Clint too, Holtby looks far more dynamic, and maybe give siggy a few more chances from the bench. Draws could be the undoing of us with our current goal drought (apart from wonder-welshman), believe there are some tricky fixtures to come and can see us losing a few by the odd goal despite having stronger possession stats. _We badly need other players to contribute to goals its really as simple as that. Take away Bale and Defoe's goals this season and we'd probably be mid table at best. Take away Bale's recnet goals and we'd be well out of the last CL place. 4th is the best we can hope for in my opinion, talk of finishing above city or chelski is laughable.

  8. Not sure what this article is trying to say, suggests that spurs can go undefeated and then opinion at the end states that you don’t think we will?

    One of those views will definitely be right I guess?!!!!


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