The news we feared has arrived


Something which we all feared has been confirmed today, Scott Parker will miss the start of the season.

The Tottenham midfielder has undergone surgery to his right Achilles and will be out until mid-September which is a big blow to us. His shoes will be filled by Sandro, who is more than capable of filling the void left by Parker and has impressed during Brazil’s Olympic campaign.

Six weeks without Parker will certainly worry the White Hart Lane faithful, it’s crucial that we get off to a good start to the Premier League campaign if we’re to stand any chance of a top four finish.

A statement on the club website read: “Scott Parker has undergone successful surgery to his right Achilles.

“The midfielder is expected to return to training after the international break in September.”

Parker missed our final four games of last season with an Achilles injury, yet still played for England during Euro 2012. Was it worth it? We’ll let you decide…

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  1. thats the end for parker at spurs then ….. if sandro stays fit , no way parker will get back in via the beast , as good a player parker is , we all now we want sandro in middle rather than scottie , , good sub to have when he back tho

  2. Sorry mate poor old Scott wont be missed as much as you think ,maybe if redcrapp would have been hear
    scott would have still played ,he was very reluctant to rest Parker ,still remember 2 yrs ago that useless pillock tried to sell him didnt rate him, told Danial Levy to sell him back what a knobhead

  3. Sandro would have been picked ahead of him anyway, Parker will be on the bench all season mark my words, the only reason any idiot would pick Parker over Sandro is if your retarded….step forward Arry Redknapp

  4. You underestimate Scottie. He was our best player last year. Right now he’s far better than Sandro. Sandro lack positioning and is technically poor. Look at the Olympics – he makes 5 meter passes and leave to others to be creative. Sandro will replace Scottie at some time, but not this autumn.

    • I can see you haven't watched Sandro much in a Spurs shirt. Positioning and reading the game are his biggest strengths! The kid is the future and deserves his chance to prove his worth in the first eleven. The Brazilian is also known for taking responsibility, often collecting the ball from deep and driving forward towards the oppositions defence. The boy is still young and developing but I believe he has already earmarked himself down as one of the best 'dogsbodies' (holding midfielders) in the EPL>

  5. Wether Parker should be ahead of Sandro is debatable but we need both for cover and rotation….can't believe we are STILL hanging on to that crap Jenus….(just watching Valencia game and he is still shite!)'

    The problem I have is with the medical staff….we all knew that Parker needed the op when he was playing at the Euros….what mental genius at Spurs decided to wait 2 months before him having the op?….he would have been fit for the start of the season!….someone needs sacking…..sounds like the same idiot who is deciding we don't need to sign a striker until the season begins!

    Levy is supposed to be this wonderful genius but this shite happens every year and mid season transfer window……..Levy needs to step back from playing Championship Manager with our club and get someone who understand the need to have players in place early so that the manager can form the basis of the team…..f'ing gooners had there major signings committed before the transfer window even opened!…WAKE UP LEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love Scottie but after his injury last term he lost his 5th (crucial) gear. Key question now is whether he’ll ever get it back.

  7. NorwaySpur. Respect to you for supporting us from afar but Sandro is one of the most gifted players I’ve seen, tactically and positionaly, in the 25 years I’ve had my season ticket in the Paxton Road. I respect your right to voice your opinion but you are wrong. Scotty is a whole hearted lion of a man and has put in many fantastic performances in the lillywhite shirt but if Sandro improves at the rate he has since he arrived in a season or two he could be one of the very best the prem has ever seen. I love Scotty but Sandro has the potential to eclipse even him.

    • Potential is a wonderful thing, but we bought Scotty because he is the finished product. We are noticeably weaker when he doesn't play and Sandro still makes rash challenges. He will not play all season without suspensions and he may also get tired / injured. Its a very physically challenging position and we may need to rotate with cup games and 2 a week.
      I hope Kung Fu Sandro does great, but Scotty is also a great leader.
      I'd make him club captain, now Ledders has gone.

  8. Parker is a loss short term,hopefully not long term.

    we are however Lilleylight weight with strength in depth.
    Central Defender
    Full Back
    Utility player
    Striker/Attacker x2

    AVB i am conviced took the job based o potential investment. As muchas i appreciate what he has done for us, thclub. With the Sateside investment,TV revenue player sales, and oter investments, the time has come. The time is right to go to that 'Next Level'.

    We all know we are not strong enough, certainly wit one recognised striker in the team.

    Levy, the tie has come
    Levy, the time is now


  9. What short memories most of you have. Parker was instrumental in our success last season, at least before he picked up injury. And with AVB playing the 4 2 3 1 system, you’re going to need two DM’s in the team. Sandro will be brilliant for Spurs, but don’t forget the role Parker has and will play.

  10. Wonder why he left it sooo late for the operation. Should have done it the next day after Euros, then had 2 weeks resting on hols.

    Might be being harsh, by what was the wait for? If anything he has Not helped Spurs?

    Find it strange, is all ?????

  11. Last season we were good when we played our first 11. That is when we were best. Any changes to that first 11 and we were weak. I don't understand how people are quite so critical of 'Arry. He was a good guy, loved being that the club and we got results. First half of the season we were absolute quality. Not only were we getting results we were playing great football. The games we lost were often unlucky. Harry was backed in January and we flopped… Saha and Nelsen were peanuts. Harry wanted marque signings but levy didn't back him.

    I am nervous for tottenham this season. We are almost at the start and we haven't got a great first 11. We are losing one of our best players, we don't seem to be wrapping up the signing of our other (Ade).. and the only quality player we have bought in is Vertongen (who is fantastic by the by). Sigi is good but not the answer (in the long run).

    And then there is AVB. Exciting… but I am nervous for him. Not having a really solid first 11.. don't know where we are going for this first class striker..

    We are well run club. No doubt. But right now our first 11 isn't up to scratch.

  12. couldn't care less, Parker is an appaling footballer. Cannot pass, tackling is poor, slow, afraid of attacking, tries to dribble too much, mercenary. Sandro is technichally immense compared to him, anyone that plays for Brazil is clearly a good player, the Blackburn game last season was bossed by Sandro! And Huddlestone is the best passer of the ball we have, unbelievably good with either foot and over any distance. To be honest I'd rather have Livermore or Carroll in there than Parker. Team next season:

    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen BAE
    Sandro Huddlestone
    Lennon VDV Bale

    (unless we sign a striker of course)

  13. parker however good he is is the passed whereas sandro is the future, dont forget huddlestone for he can play a bit and certainlly has what neither parker or sandro have a creative ability. i think spurs should get by well without parker for a few matches.

  14. Both Sadro and Parker are good, combative players.For those of you singing Sandro's praises, you cleary didn't see him play in Brazil's last match at the Olympics where, fortunately, the referee did not see him in a reckless challenge which should have earned a penalty.

    • Spot on! Compare Scotty's last performance, where he was sweating blood for his country. He ran himself to a standstil, tackled and distributed faultlessly. He played so well i was worried that Eti-buy Citeh might be after him.
      Sandro could well be a liability at times, but if he learns from Parker, he could be awesome.
      We need more than 11 players to challenge for the top.

  15. Sandro is still at the olympics and will need some time off before he starts the season so all those saying Parker won’t be missed are, IMO, wrong. He will be badly missed. Livermore will have to step up as DM.

  16. Are people seriously criticising scotty parker??? He was player of the year the season before last and he was spurs best player for most of the season. He faded towards the end because he was doing the job of two players in a two man midfield. I rate Sandro but he isnt proven in the prem by any stretch. Also people having a pop at Harry, he was our best manager over the last 30 years, and last season we finished fourth and played the best football in the prem. We desperatley need a striker that can score 25 goals a season. Id take ade as back up but not at the wages he wants, a 17 goal return playing up top alone under the best man manager and one of the most attacking teams in the prem doesnt justify 170k per week or equivilant in signing on fee etc. Levy needs to stop haggling over 1-2 million and sell Modric and buy two top class strikers, a winger, a full back and a goalie, only then will we have a top four chance!!!

    • I've been watching Spurs for 35 years and last season was the best football I've seen from the Lilywhites.
      Thanks Harry, please ignore the amnesiacs. Levy was to blame for ucking up the last 4 transfer windows. like he is doing with this one.
      LLoris, LLorente +one from any of the mentioned strikers and a creative midfield.

      If 3 times my annual salary a WEEK is not enough for Ade, F Off and warm the bench at Eti-Buy Citeh!

  17. scott parker is key to our top four campaign ……his stopping of opponents in front of our defence etc…sandro excellent though


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