The season starts tomorrow


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3-0 to the red side.

5-1 to the blue.

Minus seven goals and firmly 20th on the table.

But let’s not panic.

Not yet.

Just last week, Harry Redknapp spoke of a gulf in class between an upper-tier premiership side and an upper-tier Scottish side. That’s a no brainer. In Scotland, there’s the big two, and then everyone else.

Just like we have in England.

The gulf in class between the top two and everyone else is every bit as apparent. This time, unfortunately, we are Hearts. Manchester and Manchester are Glasgow and Glasgow, respectively. We don’t have the infrastructure of United. We don’t have the absurd wealth of City.

But that’s not all bad news.

Unlike Scotland, there are still two Champions League spots up for grabs—and there are no clear heirs to second-tier glory. Liverpool and Chelsea are good teams, for sure, but have not looked full of confidence yet—and neither of them have had the schedule that we’ve had so far. Arsenal appears to be coming out of the seams, and the rest, led by Everton, don’t have the depth of talent to seriously push for a second-two spot.

While we are clearly battered, bruised, and (perhaps rightfully) booed after the first two games, we have them out of the way, and with Adebayor and others coming in, there’s no reason to think that we can’t fight right alongside Liverpool and company for respectability. Remember, those teams must play Manchester, too.

The season starts tomorrow. It’s still all to play for. All, except the top two.

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  1. Good post. Whilst I agree that the other sides will have to play them as well, I do think that we played pathetic yesterday. Although a lot of fans are against him, Scott Parker may bring some much needed leadership to the team, something that Daws lacks in abundance. We have been shat on with the fixture list this season and need to build up some momentum as soon as possible but that will be hard with the games coming up.

  2. I think all Spurs fans were rock bottom yesterday (even with the lift of the 8-2 news!)

    My view of a sensible way forward is to:

    1. Sell Modric if Chelsea offer 35-40M. He will not be the player he was for us now. Keep most of the money from the sale ready to buy his replacement in January after careful consideration – dont rush it!

    2. Buy Parker. He is a stop gap one season cover for Modric and Sandro etc.

    3. Allow Kranjcar to replace Modric. He was bad with Modric, but is better with another less attacking MF.

    4. Sell crouch. Will never happen. But it should.

    5. Spend real money on a striker. Defoe is useful. Adebayor could work. I think Leandro is most realistic. Make Inter an offer they cant refuse. 18-20M.

    6. Sell Pav. I loved Pav but after the Hearts game I have totally lost faith.

    7. Either Samba, Cahill or Jagielka. Use player + cash to get one of them fast. Dawson and Kaboul is not good and without dawson-king, dawson-gallas, we look shocking.

  3. Very true, lets keep a sense of reality, we have played by far the 2 best teams, we matched united for 60 minutes with a weakened team and although we got thumped by Citae we still played some decent football going forward, my concern is still our defence, not so much in forwards as Adebayor should solve this, Midfield when Hudds and Sandro are fit, anyone know when Gallas will be back? so lets not panic

    • Bloody iPhone!!! If you think kranjar is the answer for modric you wrong, krank can’t run its like he has superglue on thebottom of his boots, harry needs to be bollocked by Levy for putting out that weak starting midfield!

  4. Spurs still have to play Man United at home and Man City away. Why could Spurs have not sorted out the players early like Liverpool did? Liverpool seem to have a more professional set up. They got their players early so that they had time to gel pre season. The same last minute stuff happened in the last transfer windows. It is very shoddy practice to think that by leaving it late may force a lower price when jeopardising the team in the meantime. There is no point in Spurs hanging on to Modric, if his heart is not in it. If Spurs do not let him go now, the saga may continue in the January transfer window,and other players could want out by then, if the poor morale of Modric affects the team.

  5. Nice article, gave me a lift! You're right, 4th — and possibly 3rd — are very much up for grabs. I think keep Modric. In a couple of weeks, after the window closes, I think he'll just get on with it.

  6. We need leaders – for me it should be SAMBA & PARKER players that are fighters – we certainly had none of those yesterday

  7. 1 good thing that came out of the game is VDV injured. He has not been up 2 mark at all. Not to mention a bit selfish. Doesn't feel like he is playing for the team. With him sidelined i hope we can see more of livermore. He looked lively when he came on. Even Hudd has lost it.

    • Whilst I agree to a certain extent, I’d be ‘happier’ with that if there were fit players ready to come in to replace him. I’m hoping Lennon is out for a while, I’m so sick of him wasting good opportunities that I’d actually rather see Bentley on the right…

  8. i don’t share the view that we can’t compete with the likes of the two Manchester teams! As is exemplified in our two matches, we were all over them ………. for the first 25 minutes! We didnt take our chances & Then we just appeared to give up!

    What does this mean? Are we not capable of running for 120 minutes? The amount they get paid they should be able to run for a year!

    We can be as good as them or even better!

    • as good as them i will sum it up for you (please don't take this personally just my view) rooney and wellbeck tore us apart in the 1st game and defoe did nothing and dzeko banged 4 past us in the 2nd and crouch did what exactly. We dont have the same standard of striker which all spurs fans have been crying out for since we got 4th and sadly i think it's too little too late


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