Would you sell Defoe to Newcastle for £10m?


Yesterday Peter Crouch was being linked with a £9m move to Newcastle, today it’s the turn of Jermain Defoe.

Apparently Newcastle are put off by the £9m price of 30-year-old Crouch and have turned their attention to his Tottenham team-mate should a bid for PSV striker Mevlut Erdinc fail.

According to The Sun, Newcastle are prepared to pay £10m for Defoe and are desperate to bring in a new striker after selling Andy Carroll to Liverpool last season.

Pardew said: “I’m not going to use the word ‘promise’, it is a dangerous word. However, I am confident we will get a striker in.

“Plenty of fans have come out to see us and mentioned on more than one occasion to me, ‘Where’s the striker?’ It is not something that is far from my mind.”


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  1. No. We regretted selling him to Portsmouth last time and got him back… admittedly he's not been at his best for a while, but when he does click into gear there's nobody more dangerous… he's just got to produce on a regular basis – as do the rest of them.

  2. Depends who we replace him with. At the moment it doesn't look like he's offering anything more or different than Pav (lost a yard of pace?), so no point in keeping them both perhaps. Pav looks to be in the better form and have an edge on him at the moment.

    If we could throw Keane in for an extra 3-5m, bonus!

  3. yes, sadly. I always liked Defoe and hoped he would turn into a great striker, but he just doesn’t produce week in week out and only looks good in patches. I can never remember him bagging a crucial goal when we so desperately needed one.

  4. He’s one of a number that need shifting, so, yes. Having said that, we need to move out a number of non-homegrown players as well, if we are to meet the quota requirements of the 25 man squad rule. Daniel Levy is correct in saying we have to get rid of players before buying anyone – if not for financial reasons, then to reduce the squad down to the maximum 25 (with a minimum of 8 homegrown players). Right now, there are 30 in the squad, which is heavy (in fact, on the limit, of “non-homegrown” players. Six players have to leave before ONE can come in. If Defoe is one of those, then homes still need to be found for Keane, Crouch, dos Santos, Palacios, , Bentley, Jenas, Hutton (non-homegrown, apparently). If all eight were to go, we could bring in three new faces, one of whom would have to qualify as “homegrown”. For the life of me, I don’t understand why we have three foreign goalkeepers in the squad. If the intention was to give Cudicini a new contract AND to keep Gomes, then, surely, paying 1 million for Englishman Ben Foster would have made infinitely better sense than grabbing an aging American, Brad Friedel for only one million pounds less – but which has a significant impact on our ability to strengthen the squad in other areas.

    • in what world is Ben Foster worth 1million. They paid 5million for him and West Brom offered close to 4million and it was rejected. Friedel is the best bit of business 'Arry will do all summer.

  5. No we should keep Defoe, had a unlucky season last year. May score 20 this season. But I think that he will find himself in a substitute role unless he scores frequently when given the chance. Because Pav seems to be in good shape in front of goal and Crouch offer the team an extra dimension on set pieces for and against. Van der Vaart is the best player of the 4 and will play even though he is not a striker. Still think his pace and good finnishing abilities can be vital. And are as always hopeful he will deliver. If we can afford him I would say keep him. I believe our strikers will do better this season, but I also sense that Van der Vaart is not the typical second striker which all the other strikers have been used to play with so that may also be one of the reasons they did not score as much.

  6. Sheik352 is spot on. Today’s Times reckons Sevilla want dos Santos, but we do need a big clear out. If we can hold onto Modric then Kranjcar could be added to the list. Hutton should be a priority to go as Kyle Walker is the same type of player but with the potential to be better than Hutton.

    And we really didn’t need another ageing keeper.

  7. If you spurts think fat ashley will pay 10M for a 29yo then you’re all dafter than I thought! Steak face redknapp is a crook. Pays over the odds for players and expects stupid returns.

  8. Errrrr £10m for Defoe in this day and age are you bonkers, if he was at another club he’d be worth double and then some.

    Stop panicking lads a striker will come that’s for sure!

    It’s keane and Crouch who are leaving anyway Defoe won’t be sold!

    Hutton going to villa, dos santos to Seville or Udinese, and I think we will do a swap deal with Bolton for Cahill once they lower the cost a little involving Bassong.

  9. Typical spurs fans who know nothing about the game…The guys has been injured and has played fleetingly since his return due to Harry insistence on playing 1 up front..The guy is a top striker who just needs games to get up to scratch but unfortunately with Harry at the helm it wont happen. If we sell I can guarantee he WILL shine somewhere else and we will regret it. Remember our excitement when we realised he was coming back..Remmeber the seasom before last where he was banging the goals in for fun(addmittedly that tailed off a bit). He is going through a rough patch and not helped by our supporters non support.!! A foreign striker will probably need time to bed in and knowing our supporters will be booed in a heartbeat when things go wrong. Harry just needs to give him a chance..For me Sell Keane and Crouch and bring in a top proven striker. We dont need 4 top strikers at the club with VDV. COYS!!

  10. ashley wouldn’t pay £10m for Messi!, he’s tighter than a gnats chuff.

    I’d take him for 6.5 – Hawey Harry get ya haddling cap on

    • £6m for Defoe ?!?…What do you think this is, the Lidl of the football world ?? Cheapskates…go raid the Championship with your 2p pieces, you mugs.

    • Nope Sports Direct, full of cheap tat, it what we've come to expect.

      £10M for a 29 yr old – Yor Havin a Larrf mate!

      Rather have Shane Long any day

  11. used to really like defoe, but hasnt developed from the player he was 5 yrs ago, always offside and slowed up to. if we get stuck with Keane for another year then get rid of him if newcastle will pay. i think he has a bad attitude to being dropped, but facts and the stats dont lie. time to let him go – Kane to have his place maybe?

  12. There is an air of hilarity at your clubs valuation of Crouch. Has he got ONE good season left ? I have major doubts. £9mill ? I mean – seriously ! He'd be overpriced at a THIRD of that.
    Defoe is a better posibility, but personally I'd prefer someone younger and hungrier. Defoe hardly gave much of a return for you lot last year, did he ? 10 mill ? Once again, 'Arry is living in cloud cuckoo land with prives for his "Old hands"

  13. "Defoe worth £20 mill"
    How ridiculous. He's lost his touch. Keane did the same, and helped WHU get relegated.
    Has beens are not worth wasting money on. Keane is one, Crouch is one, and Defoe needs to readjust his own sense of worth, and knuckle down and reinvent himself. Another club may do it, personally I hope it isn't Newcastle, but if it is, he'll get fans support unless he buggers us about like a certain ex-Liverpool git…..

  14. Sell him as he just hasn't produced consistantly…. Not sure we will tho!! People who want to sell all four or three strikers have no idea! We will keep two experienced striker and that is likely to be Pav (in best form), and either Defoe or Crouch (different option, used in Europe)…. Llorente, Damaio, Diarra, Affelay in…. Lots sold, if poss!!?? lol

  15. Well said Santy Defoe has suffered from injuries and energy cheats like other strikers if you think Kolo has a wobbly belly on his own then no wonder you want to change our strikers who got us fourth the year before. We suffered more injuries than any team and Harry loaned out our replacements and Kids. Let me remind you who filled in when we got fourth Rose and Bentley the missing links where King and Huddlestone Bales Back Modrics Appendix Palacios form and Harry never playin the same strikers twice because of Wigan 1-0 West Ham 1-0 Blackpool 3-1 Wolves 3-3 West Brom 2-2 . What our fans need to do is take a good luck how many times Defoe played with his most prolific partner and you will see not many and this pair stopped scoring when this player got injured Huddlestone Van and Crouch. The problem is this with endless energy you will see a minimum of six to eight players in the box defending even if the team is winning 3-0and scoring goals is getting harder every season because Ukad have caught one player in nine years from the riches club and the reason the FA and the premiership are turning the ohter way Toure was a leak they would have kept quite and showed in the time before is B test when City had finished fourth we have to use what we have because trust me Wigan Swansea and Norwich can beat us even if we buy untried expensive strikers unless the FA stop hiding away from the abuse of energy drugs you can see already the weight loss of players Utd have one player struggling with a weight losing Virus a young girl starved to death taking the drug ephedrine. this was the very drug that started me on a crusade to stop the cheats if we had joined in like Chelsea and others we would now be in the Champs league it takes me five mins to spot this energy drug by studying the team who first alerted me to this form of cheating this has mushroomed since Managers left the fitness side to fitness trainers not all but some just like athletic coaches are using doge methodsand i no who they ae and it would stagger you to no Toure is a small tip in a rising Iceberg of abuse so call Defoe when he misses a sitter but when you see a packed high tempo defence blocking and saving for the whole 90 plus mins no matter how bad the teams on paper is. Remember this two players in nine years shows Football is clean or like i no turning a blind eye because the excuse Tore gave about why he had energy drugs in him was excepted by the FA ex City Chairman Bernstien. This sent a message to other players on massive wages playing for clubs like City makes six months ban of a close season worth the risk i say keep Defoe and our other strikers and add Kane Townsend Rose Walker to our exciting squad who failed with the missing links.

  16. You do keep banging this drum Davspurs, and you may be right. However, you need a slightly more convincing argument dare I say it, proof, otherwise you will just be dismissed and ignored.

    Yes we did have injuries and Defoe was mismanaged by Harry last season, but we should be making a decision based on the now, not that he has scored lots in the past. (not saying he should deffinately go, but,….)

    Rossi? – similar type of player, better, younger, his move to Barca has fallen through,… wishful thinking?

  17. I still think that having 3 strikers off the boil last season is not a coincidence. It has to be the result of a system problem and I hope Harry and co. can identify what that is. Defoe has natural talent as does Pav, and Crouch gives a great tactical option so I would be reluctant to get rid of them. Spurs really have a great squad and the fact that there are promising youngsters like Kane and Townsend waiting in the wings means there should be no panic. Sure some players should move on, but others deserve a chance in the first team–Krancjar being the most obvious.


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