If we sell Modric, Bale could leave Spurs


Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has once again insisted that Luka Modric will not be sold by Tottenham Hotspur.

“If Tottenham sell Luka then I feel it sends out a message that maybe Gareth Bale could leave and no one wants either to happen,” he told The Sun.

“I have seen that sort of thing before. West Ham decided to sell Rio Ferdinand and then all of a sudden they all seemed to go. That’s no good for any club.

“Tottenham need to keep their best players as well as add more quality to the squad if they want to mount a serious challenge for the title.

“Other top clubs raise the bar all the time and Spurs must keep pace. It’s as simple as that.”

Redknapp insists Spurs can achieve the sort of success that Modric is looking for.

“Luka wants to be successful and if we can improve the squad then he can achieve that with us,” he continued.

“I don’t envisage a problem with Luka. You could not meet a more professional man or a nicer person. It is so important for the club to keep him. I think we have to show him our ambition, which we will do.

“If we can add one or two good players to our squad there’s no reason we can’t have another great season. So Tottenham could be a great club for him to stay with for the next few years.”

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  1. When Harry stops bleating to the shi* rags, sky television and any radio pod that has a microphone, then, maybe he can focus his efforts on coaching players properly. It was his very words that spoke a million whispers to luka, cos it was only ever one person saying how impossible, unlikely, unachievable succes was at our club. I have no doubt that Rednapp will be leaving under genuine hostility, his actions already show where he sees himself..no loyalty/ no affinity/ no common sense/ 100% chancer and blagger extroidenaire ..hurry up England and take this clown off our hands

  2. "If we can add one or two good players to our squad there’s no reason we can’t have another great season. "
    Thats just it Harry. By your own definition, a great season is finishing fifth and we're "idiots" if we think otherwise. That's the lack of ambition Modric is referring to. It's time to think bigger than that and you should actually be dissapointed and angry if we don't achieve it, rather than shrug your shoulders and say "Oh well. we had 8 points from 5 games when I came here!"

  3. This is getting embarrassing now, it's like we're begging Modric to stay.
    Enough's been said about Modric, Harry should just refer journalists to Levy's statement and leave it at that.
    Stop all this rabbit for the sake of it.

  4. A Mr Martin Jol was edged out the door for lacking ambition in only talking about fifth place. Fifth place is not what we as a club should be calling success because it does send the wrong message to our players. I’m not privy to what is said to a player when we sign them but I’m pretty sure we don’t try to sell ourselves on mediocrity. As we all know the career lifespan of footballers is shorter than most other careers but also more lucrative, now every player that plays the game their driving ambition must be to win honours and when we signed them they bought into that ethos so if we fail to match that which we sold to them then of course they’re gonna want to leave and leave to someone that will match their ambitions. If you want you could say that the die has been cast and it’s now up to the chairman to prove the ambitions of this club by getting the final few pieces of this jigsaw that is going to catapult us from being also rans to genuine contenders and maybe that may also mean a certain Mr Redknapp may also need to go. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of the Harry hater brigade but players play for the manager and how the manager wants them to play. It will be interesting to see what happens now both with the players we bring in and wether we stick or twist concerning Harry Redknapp especially with the court case coming up. Lillywhitetilidie.

    • he wasn't edged out because he lacked ambition it was because they thought he wasn't good enough to take them any further.

  5. It is time for the FA to look into a ban on Chelsea's poaching players. Doesn't this warrant a 2/3 year ban on buying other teams players and a 50 million fine.

  6. Spurs since82 has the right to say what he thinks of course but we couldn't have a better geezer than Arry.- I sometimes wonder what the fuck is wrong with some of our supporters, Ok we're a medicore team, we could have done the championship last season by just beating all the crap we drew and lost to (but thats history) but if we had about three players of the quality of Bale and Modric then we can beat the Stoke Cities and blackpools of this world.
    The real problem is that we need blokes in who are told to sign only if they want to go the whole hog. We need to quickly adopt the style of play that Barcelona use, its called four alternatives at any one time when a player has the ball. Letting Arry go might please the aspiring Neo Lib wankers who support us but it doesnt please me. I've been a spurs supporter since before the double and the last twenty years have been fucking dire but Arry does look like he can do something. Get rid of Finko Levy!!!!!

  7. Cheers big G, point taken. However, i don't dislike Harold the person cos I don't know him..I acknowledge his efforts at the club, after all, i have not seen my /our spurs play competitively against the likes of Madrid in the 30 years i have followed …just becuse the teas hot, doesnt mean that the milk aint off. I have tried to be sensible and have drawn from his own actions and insistence on uttering garbage ..only claim to status just so happens to be : his time at spurs. He couldn't even remember how barcelona play there game, why, because he believes that players like crouch defoe jenas offer more than players that actually plyed for fu**** barcelona: gudjonsen – santos. he is knows when he says that we have gone as far as we can, yet people have time to come on here and say that we are harry haters….i will use HIS WORDS not mine> he does not feel that he can deliver any more than he has, it would seem that players like modric, as with me, are not satisfied with thos type of attitude..( thats all im saying). I bet sandra could not only finish better than bent, but could probably pick a side that allow s the likes of crouch and defoe never to darken the door steps of whl again..

  8. IF……And so could the rest of the team, and IF we sell Modric to Chelsea the rest of the Chelsea team could be sold….IF is a huge word and if used wrongly can make a silly statement seem sillier…..

  9. We don't lack ambition.

    Chelsea, Man United, Man City & arguably Liverpool are relying on UEFA to backtrack on the Financial Fair Play Rules. If UEFA go ahead with their plans chances are 2 of those 4 will be banned from European competition.

    The likes of Spurs, Arsenal and seemingly Barcelona seem to be planning for the implementation of these rules. It wouldn't surprise me if come 2014 we finish 6th and qualify for the Champions Leagues with Man City & Chelsea banned for spending too much.

    I'm hoping that Levy's careful approach will play dividends. There's no question that we are in a far better position now than when we were taken over.

  10. Come on lads… We have just had the best two season ever in the last twenty years. Do I need to remind you of the highlights, obviously I do… Arsenal away… Liverpool away… Inter Milan… AC Milan and Real Madrid at WHT! Rome was not built in a season and we have come along way in the last three years. Whilst there are elements of truth in all of the comments above we are not aware of most of what is going on. Most of our opinions and beliefs are formulated from the media and based on very little fact or evidence. Of course Harry and Levy have ambition, you would have to be a mug to do their jobs otherwise – have some FAITH!


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