Senior journalist claims Pochettino has issued challenge to Daniel Levy

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

ESPN’s Mark Ogden has claimed that Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has issued a challenge to Daniel Levy to spend more money in the transfer market.

Tottenham became the first club since the inception of the transfer window to not add to their squad last summer.

Despite this, Pochettino’s men have fared really well in the first half of the season and find themselves competing on all four fronts. Pochettino has been linked with Manchester United job at the end of the season but the Argentine has however recently suggested that he wants to remain with Spurs for the long haul.

Pochettino has also said recently that if Spurs are to be expected to win titles, then the club needs to operate differently in the transfer market (Marca).

The 46-year-old said due to the costs of moving into the new stadium, Spurs aren’t able to compete in the transfer market with their rivals in England and Europe.

According to the Daily Star, Ogden suggests that this was Pochettino’s way of pubically twisting Daniel Levy’s arm to get the Tottenham chairman to invest a little more on the first team, both in terms of signing new players and retaining the services of the likes of Eriksen and Alderweireld whose contracts are running out.

“[Pochettino’s] basically challenging Daniel Levy to give him some money to spend,” Ogden told ESPN FC.

“And he probably knows that the answer to that is gonna be no. Not because Daniel Levy doesn’t want to give him any money to strengthen the squad, but because he can’t because they’ve got this new stadium which they’re moving into, the costs of that have just spiralled out of control.

“It’s way more expensive than they thought it would be, so can they afford to go out and spend £200m on players this summer? No. Because they have to find a way to finance the stadium.”

He further suggested that this could eventually cause Pochettino to abandon the project at Spurs.

Ogden added “Christian Eriksen hasn’t signed his contract yet. Is he waiting for clarification as to what’s gonna happen? Because if one player goes, then the rest will be knocking on Pochettino’s door saying: ‘why are you selling your best players?”

“At some point, Spurs have to find a way to make the stadium pay, keep the players happy and add to the squad, and I don’t know how they’ll do it.”

“Pochettino? I’d be surprised if he didn’t [go to Manchester United].”

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  1. So, let me see if I have this straight, the Daily Star, always a reliable source say that Mark Ogden a Senior Journalist, who is so prominent that I’ve never heard of him, is saying that Poch is pressuring Levy to give him a greater transfer budget, but that he, the Prominent Senior Journalist,thinks he will leave for Man Utd in the Summer. And you think this twaddle is worth repeating why? Does anyone really believe that PSJ has the inside track on what’s happening at Spurs? As for his opinion, just like Ar$e#0les, everyone has one but that does mean we should be subjected to hearing about it!

  2. The day last week that Poch said he’d love to be at Spurs for twenty years, delighted Spurs fans and admirers, and it was delivered with his usual charm, wit and intelligence. But it infuriated those who live by rumour, ‘link’, gossip and surmise and who had the next six months of storyline, characters and plot twists already pencilled in, with claims and tales that could almost write themselves. It was some of the funniest football radio chat heard in a longtime, as pundits spluttered their unease and their attempt to doubt but without any plausible evidence. Football news that actually news, is far more interesting than mere speculation and wanting something to be true.

  3. Pochettino’s comments indicate an intent to stay and win silverware with Tottenham long term, rather than be a part of a serial failure at ManU in the shadow of the great SAF. That is because he is a Builder and willing to nurture talent but the sense of entitlement in the ManU fan base will not allow a ManU manager that luxury. There is a reason they signed Mourinho and will look at Zidane and other Buyer managers, who can buy their way to glory. Except, in the age of PSG and City and Barca and Chelsea, funded by groups touting branding for a nation (Qatar or UAE) as a way to get around financial fair play, or buying personal brand to avoid getting arraigned on serious financial and even criminal charges (Chelsea buy Pulisic for 58mill and gives him away on loan), even ManU cant buy their way to silverware any more. A Ronaldo went away to RM, they are not in the race for Neymar or MBappe. Eriksen may or may not stay, I hope he does, I am sure he will be made a very good offer, but the pull to be a Galactico may be too much. But if he leaves it will not be because Levy-Poch did not try to keep him or Poch will abandon the Spurs project midway.

  4. Well ! Levy has to manage the expectations of
    1 the board and investors
    2 the expectations of the mgr and the players and the fans
    3 if Levy does not provide funds to pay players their worth they will leave, Spurs then go back to being a selling club
    4 no money made available to bring in good quality players , players will consider leaving!, mgr considers other options,fans become disenchanted,
    5 Spurs unable to challenge for the premiership, C/ L
    6 attendance at the new stadium falls!
    None of this is rocket Science, is it!
    As we have been there before!!!


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