Share your views on the 1st half – Werder Bremen 1-2 Spurs


Peter Crouch

Ok, so we’re 2-1 up at half time and should have gone into the break at 2-0.

What are your thoughts on the first half and what are you expecting in the second? Would you make any changes?  Sit back?  Whatever you want to say, do so below!

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  1. A fantastic 40 or so minutes for us. It looks as if BAE could be the scapegoat could this go sour. Also a bit worried about Corluka.

  2. A great 1 st half performance… could have had a couple more. I believe we are greatly weakened with the absence of Gomes, Cudicini had an eternity to come and catch the ball for their goal, too short! Corluka very slow, but, Bale, Crouch, Van der Vaart, Huddlestone, Jenas and lennon look a threat every time we go forward. Come back Gomes, as soon as possible… please !

  3. Why do we always play well first half and shite in the second ? I think we need a two new full backs Charlie is way to slow and BAE is likely to make mistakes. Lennon poor again give gio a run please Harry COYS!!!

  4. Same old spurs, gutless whimps. F**k all this it’s a good result coz? we would have settled for this before the game? It ain’t if you Cant win a game when 2-0 up……it’s time to give up! Lennon’s a joke F**k off come back when you resemble some sort of a footballer! I Can’t even be bothered to slate BAE, he’s just not good enough!

  5. Robbiespurs, because they changed their formation. The diamond in midfield that they started with clearly didn’t work, they were narrow and couldn’t get their fullbacks forward because of our wingers. It’s no coincidence both our goals came from crosses and from Bale who had the beating of Fritz. Once they brought Hunt on it changed the game.

    Saying that, it was individual mistakes and poor closing down that cost us as much as anything.

    Still a decent result but we will have to be better in future as Schaaf was niave to play a diamond in the first place.

  6. Lennon needs the knife the surgeons he his not fit and like Drogba needs to have his operation. Cudacini his only six foot and cant command his area in the air . Corluka should be Walkers understudy. Keane needs loving by Harry and our fans. Ekotto should be thankful Gallas was not on the pitch or he would have bean rollocked . Time and again he took the ball down the narrow side and gave it back to Bremen he kills Bale with balls that should go to Ledley. When it rains bad injury's are found out and both Lennon and King struggled to keep there feet otherwise we where outstanding for 42 mins put this into 90 and we can expect a great season.COYS

  7. We need 2 wing backs as tonight Charlie an Benoit got found out on a regular basis!!! BAE was responsible for both of their goals.And on top of that Harry got found out with his managerial skillls, I mean taking Lennon off an putting Palacios on in his stead.. WHAT THE FUCK was Harry thinking about…. Jenas was PANTS!!! but Harry persevered for his own reasonsmuch as I was Screaming at the TV Other than miracles happening I personally see us finishing top 6 if lucky and last 16 of CL….


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