So what next for Tottenham in this transfer window?


Okay it is less than three weeks to go before the end of the transfer window, the day every fan is glued to Sky Sports News and Jim White speaking to every agent, manager and chairman in the country. Come our second home game against Norwich we will know if Luka has departed and what we will have to work with until January.

We keep hearing all these different rumours on Twitter and different ‘Sky Sources’, until something is concluded and announced on our website then I will refuse to believe the link to Kaka and Fernando Llorente.

Let’s look at the situation and the way the squad looks at the moment, it is obvious Luka Modric wants a move to Real Madrid and we will not budge on our valuation of £40 million. This situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible, as I fear this will lead to the same scenario of Dimitar Berbatov in 2008. I expect he will leave us, which means having the problem having to replace him?

The obvious replacement would be Joao Moutinho, somebody who has worked with AVB in the past at FC Porto, he is someone who looked very productive at Euro 2012, but can you really see us paying his buyout clause of €30 million.

Why can’t anything at our club be straightforward, but no we always find ourselves doing all our transfer business towards the latter. Can anybody see us breaking our transfer record to get somebody like Llorente or Damiao? Truth of the matter is we will probably end up signing Adebayor on a permanent deal in the last few hours of the transfer window! Surely AVB and Daniel Levy must have something planned, but with us everything is a mystery?

Personal hopes for players coming in, I would like a winger to accompany Bale/Lennon, goalkeeper, creative midfielder depending on what happens with the Modric situation and two striker’s preferably one being Leandro Damião. Lets wait and see though!

By Andrew Green

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  1. Priority must be the striker situation. Defoe or Kane aren't the answer. Damiao or Llorente would be great to have but don't think we can afford either. Llorente would want Champions league anyway! Sign up Ade and get a keeper fast and start giving the Spurs fans something to smile about by splashing some cash!

  2. Most Spurs fans are fed up with the lack of signings but that is because most Spurs fans haven't actually got a clue what's going on behind the scenes (me included).

    It's pathetic to think DL isn't doing his utmost to sign players and that some won't eventually arrive – but as at most clubs,transfers seem to drag on to the last few days of the window for some bizarre reason.

    Instead of getting all worked up,try having a little faith and waiting until Sept 1st.If we haven't done decent business then by all means have a right old moan – but now is the time to believe in the club.

    As for being able to afford certain players i am absolutely sure we could afford to purchase the strikers you've mentioned and i'm sure we will have no problem breaking our transfer record.

  3. yeah, original stuff,"the luca modric saga is the same as berbatov bla bla bla" your the first person to write that, well done, outstanding stuff, , i only bothered to write this comment in the hope that you will stp repeaing the same guff, over and over, pathetic

    • Since you obviously think you can do better why don't you write something and submit it to this site? Sick and tired of seeing "pathetic" trolls like you leaving negative comments under people's work because you have nothing better to do. The guys trying so unless you're Sky Sports News' chief football correspondent why don't you stop being a keyboard gangster and leave people alone


    • dream on Tottenham hotspurs have a cheap chairman so it stands to reason that we have no superstars. the momonent one comes along DL starts counting the profits. its all well and good to have a healthy bank balance however do the maths we have not spent a penny in years of DLs money, the man is as tight as a cabbage.

  5. I love the transfer window,i get up and before my coffee i check the news,and then 20time’s more,have to say i am pizzd off,sign a striker and quick ,and not adybore,he will get contract and not give a crap..different on loan make an impression,get the bucks and fek it..2strikers,gk,cam,and get rid of the rat,dont need him upsetting the apple cart like hr and fa,

  6. Agree with all of the above- end the modric saga ASAP. Agree somewhere in the region of £35m. Sell the crap – bassong, Bentley, jeans, naughton etc (15-18m)

    We need to Buy quickly – Lloris or cesar to share GK duties with brad; seal adebayhor deal sharpish for obvious reasons; buy Adam Johnson to give us much needed 3rd winger; buy m’Villa or Moutinho to replace Luka and go and splash whatever required to get damaio – a proper striker who will def do the business. If all done as above then we’ll have every chance of having a great season – yiiiiiidddddooooos

  7. I agree it’s nice to speculate but it’s been weeks of speculation time now for actual signings. I don’t like that we won’t budge on lukas fee for Madrid but we want to buy top players at less than their clubs value them as. We should go to Porto for example and say we want Hulk what’s he valued at? Porto say 40m we say fine we’ll have him. That way levy states to spurs fans that we want to go forward and to other clubs that we buy the same way we sell!

  8. Levy will keep his hands in his pocket will not spend any money and we will all blame AVB for not getting us into the top four same old story LEVY MUST GO

  9. disagree totally with TDIV, we´ve been missing a top classs striker (that belongs to us) since berbatov. Every window I disbeleive how this problem is not addressed but even more so this time. This time we dont only need a top top striker we also need a decent squad level striker and we´ve got neither. And even if TDIV is right and I´m wrong to be concerned, not having these plyers in now doing pre-season could be a the difference between CL and uefa cup.

  10. My dear Spurs fans

    Pls, pls don't despair and be the perpetual optimist as we always have been and getting our hopes dashed – as in the past. Don't believe the money-men Levis and Co. they will never understand our anxiety and frustration for their "plans" for the club let alone the poor fans. They give us a lot of 'tosh' and treat us with disdain. Ignore their apathy, keep your faith in and and love for Spurs. One day we will triumph. Best wishes to you all.
    An ordinary Spurs lover.

  11. Daniel Levy knew the striker situation a long time before the transfer window opened. He needs to accept the transfer market bite the bullet and pay the money whether it be Hulk, Damiao or llorente. We’ve spent next to nothing since the champions league season, I don’t understand how in previous seasons we could spend 16m on Bent 15m on Bentley etc but can’t spend the money now. I fear for this season if the striker situation is not sorted. Levy sort it out!!

  12. What have you lot(most of you) been smoking, sniffing or and drinking? There is more chance of me turning out up front for spurs than there is of Moutinho, Damiao, Lorente being in our team come end of transfer. We maybe could of signed Damiao before the Olympics but not now. As usual we have f-cked around waiting for I don’t know what, and as usual we’re gonna end up with shite. Why we continue to do our business in the manner we do is beyond me. What would I know? I’m neither smart, a businessman, nor do I really know much about football other than my love of the Spurs. So maybe a Hesky or maybe Saha again will do the job for us. Even though everyone else, including me feels we need players who have at least a modicum of talent and ability, DL feels that players of average ability are enough to sustain the obvious improvement of our team.

    I’m afraid that people are deluding themselves if they think we’re gonna make serious attempts to sign anyone of that price.

    Yes we bid 30mil for various strikers before but we bid for players we had no chance in convincing to sign.

    We’re set for a shit season, not one that builds upon the progress made. Accept that we are not and never will be a big club. Not until we are willing and able to pay higher wages and transfer fees.

    Iv bn a sours fan since childhood and will remain so until death, premiership or whatever division. I don’t expect to win all the time even though I would like to. What I do expect is a bit of fucking honesty and that the club do their best. I don’t feel that is the case.

  13. II am starting to believe that the board do NOT want a complete team but to always want the squad to be one can short of a sixpack to maintain the "potential" image without having to pay out the cash necessary to shift us up a gear..
    MC & Chelsea are flouting the UEFA rules openly but tightwad Lewis wont spend a cent and seems to me to be just waiting for some rich idiot to buy the club for half a billion.
    If the incesaant waiting was unusual I wouldn't be so cynical but it seems that eVERY transfer window for those PLAYERS WE REALLY DO NEED, ie,..a STRIKER, ANY STRIKER it ia like being bled to death hoping that the transfusion will eventuate before youn croak and I am sick of it and I do not GUF about the fiscal sanity.

  14. Damaio looked crap v mexico, do you really want to splash £47 mill on a player not even tested outta brazil? Get ade sorted then go for sturridge, thats 13 to 15 mill tops leaving cash for a decent fast keeper like lloris and possibly ratface replacement. Forget star strikers they wont play for us and we simply cant afford them without cl. Some people seem to be n fantasy land, we are NOT mega rich. Even after selling “the devil with the face of a rat” we couldn’d afford damaio!

    • all of us are forgetting one thing, and thats the new stadium… thats why we are not signing any players. i know dl said that it would'nt effect our transfer budget but it clearly is. look at the crap we signed in january. forget top four its mid table all the way for a couple of years. wait and see im write.

      • This person has hit the nail on the head.

        We need a big stadium to generate the cash, to have a big spash, for someone flash

        I’m a poet, but I didn’t know it:-)

    • Adebayor at any price would be a mistake. Levy promised AVBa "warchest of 50-80 M – to date we are net +3 M. Dzeko, Dzageov, Sturrdge Carroll, Levandowsky, Damiao. Both Defoe and Dos Santos if supported will be better than Adebayor. Getting Ade settled means giving him a card and a handshake..

  15. I know we need a striker but more interesting from this weekend is I looked at Lyon starting line up and subs for their match and Hugo Lloris was not in it, maybe he could have been injured but it could be he’s moving.

  16. they are thinking new stadium and income,we will end up being the same as the ARSEholes and arsene whinger,,excuses,,still and will always have hope,,,,,,,lineker might come out of retirement and the superb klinsman and teddy

  17. Anybody who thinks our tight arse chairman will splash the cash for a decent striker is dilusional. I have been that way for the last five transfer windows waiting for our championed and beloved chairman to do something spectacular in the transfer market and every time he has let us all down. We keep reading what a well run club Spurs are plus we keep reading how Levy controls the purse strings on wages plus always gets top price for any of our players being sold…yet what about players coming in we ask? Look at the dross that was purchased in the last window and tell me if you see our chairman with any ambition.

    I know there is still time for him to do something but that is not the point. The point is he has left it too late once again which gives our new manager no chance to get off to a good start giving any new players no time to get to know the rest of the team. I bet you any money in the world Daniel Levy has never played football. If anything all he could have ever done was to be a jockey .
    This guy is no good when it comes to the transfer market…he is absolutely useless and is only know for driving a hard bargain. He has no clout in the transfer market and time and again fails to attract anyone of any stature. Until we bring in someone who can spot talent we are only going to go backwards and I think we have seen the best of Spurs last season and will have to hold onto those memories.

  18. People near the top get right on my tits moanin at at people mentioned about transfers.look people have there opinion plus its football this wat happen


  19. I fear the worst on the first game of the season why do we always leave it to the last minute signing anybody in the the hr of transfer deadline is nowhere new as exciting as lifting a trophy come on levy get it done now coz if it goes tits up well will end up finding a new manager in january where once again (levy) your tatics av let you and US down should av given harry to ££££££. C.o.y.s

  20. Let's hope for better things. giving up on Adebayor is the most positive move so far for tottenham in this transfer season. I hope nobody repens that pointless ove. We need two or three more strikers but Ade isn't one of them. if we can spend the warchest – get Moutinho, and 2 strikers to work with DeFoe and Dos Santos, we will be ready completely except for Parker's injury. Modric can stay or go and either way it will strengthen the team. Daniao, Dzeko,Dzageov, Sturridge, Carroll, Levandowski. Pick 2.- Not Adebayor.

  21. Somewhere someone said that there is no point spending silly money on a striker when Bale is the only one to get the ball accurately into the box, true. Someone in the Brazil team shot an accurate missile from way outside the box against Mexico – get THAT man. Thats the PL way, playing the ball into the goal like Messi is not going to work here.

  22. If Lewis wants to sell the club, then making it more successful with decent players seems the correct way forward, if he didn't want to sell the club, then improving the club should be his no 1 focus, either way we should hopefully see some decent signings, so why are we worrying?

  23. how can you start a season with only one stirker. Its ridiculous. Most clubs in the PL have atleast 4 or 5. i think MC have about 8!


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