Sol Campbell claims it is ‘ridiculous’ he still gets abuse from some Spurs fans

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Sol Campbell has claimed that he finds it ‘ridiculous’ that he still receives abuse from some Spurs fans two decades after he left the club. 

Campbell famously let his contract with Tottenham run down and left to join North London rivals Arsenal on a free transfer after spending more than 12 years at Spurs.

The former Tottenham and Arsenal fan, still labelled ‘Judas’ by a number of fans from the Lilywhite side of North London, has opened up on the abuse in his new TalkSPORT documentary, ‘Being Sol Campbell’.

Campbell claimed that people need to move on from the controversial transfer now that it is 20 years in the past, while also adding the too many supporters have gotten away with abusing him over the years.

Back in 2009, four Tottenham fans were banned from attending football and fined after they admitted to singing ‘disgusting and embarassing’ chants aimed at Campbell. However, this was not an isolated incident.

Campbell said: “It’s ridiculous because it happened such a long time ago,” he said. “Are you going to keep worrying about me when I’m 80 years old?

“I was 25 and now I’m 46. You’ve probably done things when you’re 25 or 15 or whatever. It doesn’t even make any sense now, move on.

“New team, new stadium, new type of lifestyle going forward, and still passing it around like a campfire story. It’s ridiculous.

“For me, it is what it is. We all made our decisions, you accept it and you move on.”

He added: “It’s football. It’s a game. People go way beyond it and they touched on surfaces like race.

“People go way beyond football and forgot they went way beyond football and started encroaching on who you are, your personality, your family and things like that, which was bang out of order. That was not right.

“You couldn’t get away with it now. You’d get put inside or you’d get a criminal record. It’s different now, but back then people got away with it.

“The worst thing? Just the whole thing about who I am and what I was trying to do. People were saying I’m this and that, it was constant from MPs, to fans, to papers, news writers and radio. They all had their say, it was ridiculous.

“The chants at grounds, I’m not going to go into that because it was such a long time ago.

“People know what they did and they got away with it. Some didn’t, but a lot of people got away with it.”

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