Some Spurs fans are not impressed after an unflattering photo of star emerges

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Some Tottenham fans have reacted alarmingly to an image of Tanguy Ndombele that has been doing the rounds of social media following his return to the Hotspur Way training ground.

There have been some question marks over Ndombele’s fitness this season, with the midfielder suffering multiple injuries that have prevented him from having a consistent run in the side since his move from Lyon in the summer.

Although he has shown glimpses of fantastic quality, the 23-year-old has looked short of match fitness on several occasions.

Even in the FA Cup win over Southampton last Wednesday, the French international had to be withdrawn just after the start of the second half.

The midfielder, along with the rest of the Spurs squad, was back training at Hotspur Way yesterday following the winter break as the side prepared for the game against Aston Villa on Sunday.

An unflattering image of Ndombele that shows the midfielder appearing to look quite portly around his midsection.

Here’s how some Spurs fans reacted to Ndombele’s appearance.

Spurs Web Opinion

Ndombele seems to be quite a laid back character and doesn’t seem to have the hunger or desire it usually takes to succeed at this level. However, it is obvious that he has an abundance of talent. Whether he succeeds or fails at Tottenham is entirely up to him as he certainly has it in him to become one of the best midfielders in the league.

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  1. I think that people may be looking to judge here on the basis of inadequate evidence. The photo itself may be misleading based on poor camera angles, as well as lighting conditions and shadows. Indeed the composition itself may just reflect Ndombele in an unusual posture. Just because the guy has been having some fitness and injury problems doesn’t mean he isn’t trying, new players often take time to adapt and the premiership is notoriously tough compared to some other leagues. So lets cut him some slack here people, I think he’s going to be an immensely valuable asset to THFC going forward.

  2. Pez: There is not inadequate evidence tho, there is plenty of evidence. All his prior coaches made comments around Nbombeles fitness / genes / him having to work much harder to maintain good bodyshape / fitness. And even at Spurs Mourinho has made comments on his fitness / injuries, and he has kept on pulling himself out of games due to even self claimed lack of fitness. He has barely played any full games all season, I don’t think he has played back to back full games? He has an unusual gait where he always looks tired, not to mention he always appears to be sweating profusely after only like 10-15 mins on the field. And Spurs have even put him on some advanced fitness building regime and diet regime speciality designed only for him that is separate to all the other players (so even Spurs say he has crap fitness or needs to build fitness). So basically we have evidence from prior coaches, from Mourinho, from the club trainers, and from Nbombele himself, that his fitness is crap. It’s obvious Nbombele needs to work much harder to build that fitness and stay in shape than most players do, it’s an issue he has had his entire career from a junior and still to today. Now I don’t think this is due to a lack of trying, but rather natural genetics, so I agree with you that we can’t just say it’s him not trying enough (we have no evidence for that, we aren’t his trainers etc).


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