Some Spurs fans have been left divided on social media over Daniel Levy’s controversial announcement that the club will be cutting 20% of the wages of all non-playing staff.

The Tottenham chairman goes on to explain the difficult situation the club find themselves in financially due to the economic slowdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

He insists that the decision has been taken to protect jobs in these troubling times.

Some Tottenham fans on social media were fuming with Levy for cutting the wages of non-playing staff instead of the players.

Others, however, were more sympathetic to the Spurs chairman’s decision, citing the PFA’s insistence of not allowing any wage cuts despite the difficulties that clubs currently face (Daily Mail).

A few were also worried that we are going to see little or no transfer activity at the club over the summer.

Here’s how some fans reacted to the news:

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This announcement is certainly not a good look for the club. However, anyone who is furious at Daniel Levy should also direct part of that anger at the PFA and the players. Given that they are multi-millionaires, they can manage a temporary wage cut far easier than the non-playing staff.

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