Journalist Alasdair Gold has turned his attention to assessing the economic future of Tottenham Hotspur and suggested on his YouTube channel that now could be as good a time as any for the club to find new owners.

The current ownership has been in place since 2000, when the ENIC group took on a majority share in the club and installed Daniel Levy as chairman (Guardian).

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Over the years, the owners have come in for criticism for a perceived lack of ambition and there are plenty of fans who are firmly in the ‘ENIC out’ camp.

The club announced ENIC would invest £150 million in the club this summer, to help improve the Tottenham Hotspur squad.

With a top-of-the-range stadium and a world-class manager in Antonio Conte, there is a feeling that it’s time for Spurs to truly step up and compete with the elite clubs in the world of football.

While there have been question marks over ENIC and Levy’s footballing ambition, there can be no doubt as to the way they have handled the club from a business point of view.

It’s this which has Alasdair Gold thinking the club could be ripe for new ownership should the current regime decide to sell.

He said: “Will Spurs get sold soon? It’s an interesting one isn’t it with so many clubs available. Liverpool and Man United are both available and I wonder how that affects the market for Spurs.

“Does it drive the price up that Spurs can ask for? Is there a scenario where unsuccessful bidders for Liverpool and United turn to Spurs and put in a big bid? It will be interesting to see.

To be clear, Gold has not heard anything to suggest a sale is imminent, but signs do point to Spurs being in a very good position should that question be asked. “From everything they keep saying the intention isn’t to sell Spurs right now, but if you get a big bid?”

“Someone told me that this period of the next year would be when Spurs are ‘the plumpest bird’ to have a piece of. Back in the Champions League, stadium at capacity, churning out money, they have Conte. In terms of being something to sell it’s at a premium value right now.”

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It’s hard not to look at the quick turnaround in fortunes for a club like Newcastle United and be a little bit envious, although the ownership there is incredibly questionable from an ethical point of view. You have to think, if a strong bid came in from a group or individual with good intentions, it would benefit everyone to take that offer.

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