Sports lawyer makes worrying prediction about Premier League season

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Leading sports lawyer, Richard Cramer, has insisted that the Premier League needs to be resumed by the beginning of April in order to have any hope of completing the current season.

With the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus bringing European football to a standstill, there is a lot of speculation around whether the season will be completed or not (Sky News).

Of course, this raises a number of questions regarding the Premier League, Championship, and beyond. What should get promoted? Who should get relegated? Who should win the league? What about top-four?

Cramer believes that if the season doesn’t restart by early next month, then the rest of the campaign will likely be cancelled rather than being postponed.

Tottenham are currently eighth in the Premier League, with no other competitions to fight in after their recent Champions League and FA Cup exits.

When asked about the possibility of the season being completed, he told Sky Sports: “If they get the games going by the beginning of April, I think we should be alright. But, if we go to May, June then I think it’s almost inevitable, it’s almost the equivalent of what happened during the World Wars, the season just has to be cancelled and started all over again. Which is, obviously devasting for the likes of Leeds United and West Brom, both those clubs are on the verge of promotion. It’s not a great thought, but they’ll just have to abide by what the majority say and what decision is eventually made by the board of directors.”

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Given the fact that the situation around the world seems to be worsening with each passing week and that we seem to be a long way off dealing with this problem, I just can’t see how the authorities will be able to start the season in April. I believe it is inevitable that the season is going to be cancelled.

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