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It’s hard to know where to start really there were so many talking points. A balls up from the ref of extraordinary proportions was the main influence in this game though so let’s begin there.

Everything that happened after that second ‘goal’ was as a result of the change in attitude we were forced to adopt. We were the better side in the first half and were very unlucky to go in behind. We were jittery and nervous, especially in defence, at the start and took a while to get going but when we did the running of Adebayor, the tenacity of Parker and the speed of Lennon and Bale pushed Chelsea back. Our formation and recent impotence in front of goal meant that we needed to take advantage whilst we were on top but instead the woodwork and Terry’s knees thwarted us.

Spanning half time Drogba got on the end of a hoof over the top from Lampard and smacked one past the Cudicini at his near post then Martin Atkinson made his decisive intervention. For two seasons in a row now Chelsea have been awarded goals against us without putting the ball in the net.

The discussions in the car after the game did not just centre on the induction of Atkinson into the Clattenburg-Webb-Foy Academy of Incompetence. The make up and character of the side that two months ago seemed to have everything before them but now looks like it’s ripe for ripping apart and starting again was the main topic. Harry’s decision to switch from the formation that did so well at Stamford Bridge a couple of weeks ago didn’t pay off. Why Cudicini played I still don’t know but if Friedel wasn’t injured then this too was an error of judgment to match Atkinson’s. A good manager gets the most from his players and makes them more than the sum of their parts; this just isn’t happening at the moment.

As fans we are once again left frustrated, looking for excuses that will help us come to terms with what’s happened. Do Redknapp and the coaching staff have the ability to raise the players for the remainder of the season? Do those players have the desire to prove those of us losing faith and with doubts wrong? We’ll see. I certainly hope so.

So the FA’s showpiece to the season will see Chelsea’s charmless fans once more at Wembley along with Suarez and Terry. That lot probably deserve each other. Ourselves, we’ve got five more finals to play starting with Loftus Road on Saturday evening. COYS.


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  1. sack rednapp useless waste of space. I bet he will still chance to 442 if we are not winning even though it quite clearly doesnt work.

  2. We lost a lot of ambition since January. The transfer window was a perfect oppurtunity to show the PL that we were hitting high. Instead… we bought Saha and Nielsen – probably bringing our average player age to 32! We’ve needed a decent centreback since the beginning of the season. We can’t rely on King anymore, Gallas is not up to scratch and Nielsen… certainly not top 4 material. I hope for the sake of this club, we finish outside the top 5 this season. Perhaps then, Levy will have some ambition and purchase a player below the age of 30. Players and fans alike are losing faith in the manager and the board and this is showing in the performances since the beginning of the year.

    • Even before Capello retired, Harry was grooming himself for the England post, and so was never likely to be here next season. Are you really suggesting that Levy should give millions of pounds, and perhaps make the biggest signing(s) of our recent history when he is not going to be here next season and the new manager might want someone else? That is maddness! We were riding high in January and a couple of cheap (two frees!?) seemed appropriate to see us through. I think Levy has been very sensible and deserves credit, not ingratitude!

      I agree with some of what you've said, it does look as if King's time is finally up. Don't forget that Dawon has been out pretty much the whole season, while an error may be seen as letting Corluka go on loan,as he would have useful at both center-half and right-back. With Corluka here we could also have pushed Walker forward in Lennon's absence.

    • Redknapp can rattle on about needing the players and needing the chairman to go get them but if we’re not going to sign anyone young and gifted then why even come out and pass the buck. So far we’ve been crying out for a natural goalscorer and a centre half. Last summer we were linked with drogba, a diving pain in the arse but good lord he knows how to score goals. We should have got that aging striker back then. Adebayor has been good but he’s certainly short term cos we won’t pay his wages and at times this season his ability to be offside more than onside has frustrated me! At centre back we should count ourselves lucky that kaboul has stayed fit the majority of the season or we would be up the creek with no paddle. Injuries to Dawson, gallas and the ever worsening knees of king have resulted In a change of defensive partnership weekly. If fit I’d be going with Dawson and kaboul but this hasn’t happened much for us.

      The transfer rumours are about to start so I’ll throw the names in that I want Harry (if he’s not at the euros) to go for: vertonghen of Ajax, llorente of Bilbao, damioa of internacional! Oh wait…three names we were linked with last summer! Spend the cash this season. It’s about bloody time we showed the rest of the league we mean business.

      Oh and shoot me for saying it, but sell bale! Bring it the winger from juventus. Bale is very one dimensional and one footed! A one trick pony that has been found out in our league this season.

    • Sorry but I disagree with some of your points. Firstly I do agree that the average age is getting up there and have been saying for ages it seems that King needs to retire or be dropped. There are some great young defenders and goalkeepers around who Spurs could buy for a relatively small amount. Ádám Bogdán the Bolton keeper would be a good start, don't be fooled by BW position, Bogdán has been one of the highlights for them this season.

      As for Redknapp and the board, it will take a bit more than our current bad form to make me lose faith. We have a pay structure at the club, one that has been in place since before Redknapp. I think this has served us well, especially considering the over inflated price of players wages these days.

      I think given our pay structure to even be in with a chance at a CL spot, we've done well. I think we can and will finish in the top 4. That's the best way to attract good, young players to the club.
      Now is not the time to lose faith…

      • "Now is not the time to lose faith"..In all honesty, I think a lot of the players already have. A lot of good points from everyone. I'm sorry, but I completely disagree about Bogdan. I remember his shocker against Chelsea where he was letting everything in (think it was 4 or 5 – nil). Granted that was at the beginning of the season… but it was only a few months ago that Tim Howard put one in his net! We will get linked with a lot of young talented players this season but we will wind up with an old mid-table manager (Moyes, Jol, Rodgers) and will sign 30+ players or young players who we then loan out to the championship. We need a top top top manager who knows what they're doing. Mourinho, Ancelotti, Hiddink, all Chelsea managers I know, but all have success behind them and may want to chance the Premier League again.

  3. we've been shite since newcastle, ask yourself why, didnt the clowns of the fa offer redknapp the possibility of a job?Then he didnt come out with a yes or no. Fuck him , lets get someone who can coach in detail. Out King , out the fuzzy wuzzy (cant defend) but who looks the bizz going up in attack though.its a shambles, fing shame though cos we wwere going well till the useless fing fa got involved. im taking up a new hobby,train spotting gotta be better than this crap, how long is it since we looked the bizz, the real bizz, the Hoddle era?

  4. I think we still make top 4 with the easier schedule among Chelsea & Newcaste. The way European club football is going, big clubs need big spending so CL becomes an annual ritual. Levy is still reluctant to commit to this thought. Yeah, agree we missed an opportunity in January and we are being affected. If we end up 5th, Modric will definitely be gone, and Bale very likely. Think Hazard will come if he sees this team falling apart?

  5. Strong LEADERSHIP by management off the field and absolute COMMITMENT by the players on the field can salvage our season. STAND UP and FIGHT. As a Spurs supporter since the mid 60's I knew we had the potential at the beginning of this season. It's time for the manager and the entire team to behave like professionals and give it everthing you've got – NOW it is time to PROVE IT. Arse' opened the door yesterday – EXPLOIT IT and make us PROUD!

  6. Sibiza, I can't recall the last time anyone got so many things wrong in one post.
    We didn't buy saha or nielsen, they were free.
    Saha scored against Newcastle in the league and Bolton in the cup.
    Nielsen also scored against Bolton in the cup.
    Not bad considering their short time and limited appearances.
    Levy also favours younger players and had to be convinced to sign Parker!
    Would you rather we'd ignored that 'old' player??


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