Spurs 2–2 Everton: Player Ratings


A very spirited display left us rueing what might have been as a dogged Everton held us to a draw. Adebayor had his first great game for a long time and players like Holtby, Walker and Sigurdsson also impressed. A point doesn’t help us too much in the table; but the manner in which we got it, with Bale, Lennon, Defoe, Kaboul, Gallas and Sandro all injured, will give the team immense heart and confidence going into Switzerland and the rest of the season.

Hugo Lloris – 7 – As usual, a very composed and confident display from the Frenchman. Poor positioning for the first goal; but our defence shouldn’t be allowing headers to be won on the edge of our 6 yard box. A couple of excellent stops, particularly from Anichebe late on.

Kyle Walker – 8 – An excellent game from the under pressure full-back, showing great attacking promise – particularly for our equaliser – and solid in defence. Proving that he is the best right-back in the Tottenham squad.

Michael Dawson – 7 – Had a tough challenge in the air up against Anichebe but handled him very well, winning the majority of headers and generally nullifying his threat.

Steven Caulker – 6 – Largely anonymous – but that is supposed to be a good thing for a defender. Solid.

Jan Vertonghen – 6 – Struggled a bit today, partly to blame for each of the Everton goals. However, an unbelievably good cross for Adebayor’s goal in the first minute lifts him to a 6.

Scott Parker – 7 – Very good today, getting the ball moving in midfield and breaking up Everton attacks effectively. Inconsistent since his injury, but this was definitely one of his better days.

Mousa Dembele – 7 – Another good performance from the Moose, setting the pace in midfield and getting our attacks going. Very unlucky not to score a deflected strike which hit the bar.

Clint Dempsey – 5 – Did absolutely nothing, got booked for diving. Not the best afternoon for the American, but it doesn’t make him a bad player – he has been a decent servant for the club this season.

Lewis Holtby – 7 – I don’t understand how this man can run around so much and yet last 90 minutes. Every single throw-in, he would sprint towards the taker and provide an option, and he linked up well with Adebayor and Sigurdsson.

Gylfi Sigurdsson – 7 – Another good performance capped off with a goal; he did well to get to the ball first for his strike. Always looks like a threat when he has the ball, and I can’t wait for him to get going next season.

Emmanuel Adebayor – 9 – A superb performance from our favourite Togolese person ever. Not just the well-taken goal, but the sheer work rate and desire, running to get the ball for every Everton goal-kick, was admirable. If he plays like this every week, then who needs a new striker?


Tom Huddlestone – 7 – Considerable derision when this man came on for Dembele, but he was largely (get it?) very impressive. A great ‘quarterback’ display, pinging balls out to the wings and generally dictating the play.

Tom Carroll – 6 – Didn’t have do much to influence the game but did get some passes going.

So, whilst it is a disappointing result on the surface, there are a lot of positives to take from it. We were missing 6 first team and experienced players, yet we held our own against Champions League hopefuls and crucially, showed the desire and willingness to try to win the game. A LOT of promise for the coming weeks.

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    • Agree, looked like he was playing in boots made of lead. Dawson still looks a liability with a mistake in him every game.

  1. So Adebayor has one good game in a season. Doesn't mean Spurs should keep him. Maybe he is going to play well to convince Spurs to keep him and then play rubbish again next season. It has taken Adebayor 8 months to finally make an effort and the season is almost finished.

  2. A copule of poor goals given away but plenty of spirit shown. Disappointed by the atmosphere at the game though. Vitally important match and yet as supporters we failed to be the '12th man'. Too much negativity/apathy from many sections of the crowd. Supporters need to drive the team on and didn't feel that happened this afternoon.

  3. Squad simply not big enough to fight right to the end, too many average players. Levy needs to learn this lesson from the last 2 seasons; not 'arry's fault last year – he got us 4th and did his job. Shouldn't have been sacked – I wish levy would bugger off instead.
    Having said that avb has done a good job considering the players he wanted were not provided for him. In fact avb has performed miracles with what he's got, and bale's fantastic run gave a false hope that it could happen.
    With this lack of ambition from our "board"we will NEVER be a consistent CL team.
    But its not all doom and gloom; being a regular CL team hasn't helped arsenal much – they seem to be getting worse!
    Okay so we're not going to attract the really big stars but can we actually afford them?
    Big worry now is bale. If we lose him because of failing to get top four then I'm holding levy solely responsible. I mean for chrisake surely we could have got remy in january at the very least?

    • Squad would have been fine but for allowing Townsend out on loan and leaving Danny Rose at
      Totally agree that Levy has created this by not doing any business in January and keeping the money from Modric and VDV sale. Dempsey was a poor gesture.

    • What are you on about? AVB said the squad was too big when he joined. He wanted to get rid of Dawson and Hudd too without even looking at them. The squad size is his doing. He plays just one striker, so he was content with Defoe, Ade, Dempsey. Lack of ambition? We spent over 50m in summer. What lack of ambition? Arsenal getting worse? What are you on about? Arsenal have won 7 of their last 9 games…. With Norwich at home next. They will get 3rd I'm afraid… As for Remy, perhaps AVB did not want Remy. Perhaps Remy is getting a higher salary that Spurs are willing to commit to and we got blown out of the water by a nutty QPR owner.

      • Did you read the bit about "too many average players" ?
        I could spend 50m if I had it, it's not the money its what you buy with it.
        Obviously if you'd taken the time to read it properly you'd have understood that I meant Arsenal are getting worse season on season – hence the reference to their regular CL places each season not being reflected in any improvement – the opposite in fact.
        Now calm down and give avb a chance next season. Hopefully levy will leave the new signings to somebody who knows what he's doing.
        We will bounce back if levy takes a back seat (I could recommend outer mongolia at this time of year and the mobile phone signal is poor there too).

    • arsenal's limits 1; qualifying for the CL and celebrating like they've won it! Bet arsene whinger's has even got a place on the dusty trophy cabinet shelf for a piece of paper that says "we qualified again".
      arsenal's limits 2; never winning the CL, or anything else for that matter.
      arsenals limits 3; only playing well at the end of each season to, well rinse and repeat over again.

  4. We just seem to pass the ball sideways or backwards too often. We create very little momentum and fewer scoring opportunities. We need to learn how to play football once we have the lead. Some good individual performances but not a good team performance.

  5. Yeah, agree Adebayor had a great game. But 8 for Kyle Walker – he constantly screwed up while being fed the ball in acres of space not to mention needlessly getting booked + his end cross was invariably weak when it came.Dembele 7 – yeah he's got talent but kept running into trouble – maybe why AVB took him off? Dawson was mostly good but a bit rash at times which nearly cost us. Sigurdson – fine maybe but what about all those balls straight into Howard's arms?Liked Hud's passing, thought it opened things up-he should have been on longer.

    Agree with the_unchosen_one regards too many average players. If the second styring were gong to step up today they needed to be far more purposeful and considerably less ponderous ending up farting around Eveton's defensive perimeter & plonking a half shot/half paced attempt at goal

  6. Agree with Andy about the WHL crowd…surely the quitest and most lethargic home crowd in the League? Andre Mariner had a poor game and Spurs never seem to get the advantage that many home teams get, but I blame the WHL crowd for this…Imagine the crowd at Newcastle, Anfield, Old Trafford etc if their team was getting treated the way Mariner did Spurs? A near riot….and a distinct lack of vocal encouragement going forward.
    I live o/s now, and ony made a few WHL games in the early 2000s when Spurs were nowhere near as competitive but the crowd was alot more supportive and vocal than now…its quite strange watching live games on tv and comparing the difference in crowd noise at WHL to other grounds, deathly quiet in comparison to others…C'mon WHL regulars, have a shout for us all who wish we could be there singing our hearts out for our team…COYS!!

  7. Ade did have his best game and tried hard..Dont agree with scores for DawsonCaulker both very poor…Unfortunately Jan had is worst game in this one, not seeing the run of Miralles and outjumped by Jadielka…In a game where we were already lacking pace and width on the flanks, BAE was missed – AVB got hi selections wrong again with Vertongen strong in the middle, lost out wide…
    Overall, a point is dissapointing but on a positive, I believe it ends the Everton top four threat as they have the hardest run in. The Gooners are looking strong despite being without Wilshere/Walcott showing the better quality and depth they have in their squad. For mine, its between us and Chelski for fourth…If we throw the EL and concentrate on the league we can do it. Try for both, we will miss both…Chelsea have a tough run in also, as well as FA cup and EL, with the possibility of playing Spurs a few days either side of the EL final, a pivotal game….play them with a fitter/fresher side who is only playing one game per week and i could be the difference between CL or not…

  8. Im not sure if I agree with these ratings.
    Has a memo been sent out to Tottenham supporters telling us not to be critical of Dawson and Parker?
    I must have missed it. Because no matter how poorly they play,it seems certain people will never mention it,like it is taboo or something.
    Dawson actually had a rather poor game.He was second best to Anichebe all game and his passing at times was very poor.
    Walker wasnt as good as you say also.His attitude was wrong, throwing tantrums when he didnt recieve the perfect pass. This from the most mistake prone player in the team (alongside Parker). He done a lot of attacking,but his decision making was often poor as was his final ball. The only reason he didnt get exposed as often as he normally does is because Everton rarely attacked down their left flank. When they did,he was more often than not out of position in the middle,using his speed to try to get back where he should have been in the first place. He has a VERY worrying tendency to drift towards the center of the pitch when defending leaving his fullback position wide open. On many occasions this season being the cause of goals.
    If you consider running around a lot good then I guess you can give Parker a high rating. Parker constantly gave the ball away and his defensive work for Evertons second goal was abysmal. He has been really poor since his return, There seems to be a concensus amongst Tottenham fans that you are not suppossed to criticise Parker.
    He is a highy paid Tottenham player who should be judged by the same criteria as the rest of the players.
    My judgement is:
    HE HAS BEEN VERY VERY POOR. His strength is suppossedly his defensive work and his ball winning skills,neither of which have been in evidence since his return. His passing is ATROCIOUS.Arguably the worst in the squad. He should not be an automatic starter. It seems to me that AVB has also bought into this British bulldog nonsense about Parker and not judging him on performances as should be the case with ALL players.
    I have been a big critic of Adebayor his season,but yesterday to be fair. I was impressed. He worked hard,he scored and he ACTUALLY took shots. Something he has been reluctant to do all season. Hope to see performances like this for the remainder of the season Ade!
    To cap this off. I have to say,losing Sandro has been the biggest blow. Also Kaboul has been a massive miss.
    In my opinion he was far and away our best and most consistent player last season.
    For the life of me I cannot understand how Parker won the vote for best player of the year.
    His second half of last season was abysmal!
    We can still finish second or third.
    With a few quality additions come next season we should actually challenge for the title.
    Keep the faith.

  9. Very impressed with Huddlestone’s limited opportunity, why he hasn’t been given a chance in Europa Cup surprises me. With our well documented difficulty of providing attacking passes in final 3rd I thought his contributions could be important to us. It’s a pity many others disagree. Big Tom’s weaknesses are more than offset by his strengths. Our teams main weakness at the moment is that most of the mid-field have a similar weakness; playing a telling pass.


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