Spurs’ 25-man squad: 2013/2014


Throughout AVB’s first season in charge of the Lilywhites he has been forming his opinions on which players are good enough for Tottenham Hotspur and which players will be shown the door at the end of the season. With that in mind, I have comprised what I believe will/should be Spurs’ 25 man Premier League squad next season.

1: Hugo Lloris. Absolutely no doubt here. A great first season at the Lane offers great promise for the future.

2: Brad Friedel. One year left on his contract and absolutely no reason why he can’t complete it. A top goalkeeper who has been reliable when called upon this year.

3: Jordan Archer. Flourishing on loan at Wycombe and definitely a young talent worth nurturing. Probably safer to have 3 goalkeepers in the squad.

4: A new full-back. Alderweireld perhaps? Cissokho. Certainly we need some experience and composure in the full-back positions.

5. Kyle Walker. Definitely worth a place in the squad. One average season doesn’t make you a terrible player; he has had to do a lot of adjusting under AVB.

6: Michael Dawson. Despite being hounded out at the start of the season, he has kept faith and now is leading by example in the centre of defence. A Spurs stalwart who will hopefully see out his career here.

7: Jan Vertonghen. No need to comment here. An obvious choice.

8: Younes Kaboul. Hopefully he recovers well from his injury and returns to the form of last season. A much-improved defender who can fill in at right-back too.

9: Steven Caulker. A mammoth prospect for the future, already a large part in the Tottenham and England set-ups. Only going to improve with regular first-team action.

10: Danny Rose. Playing extremely well at  Sunderland, and already has a place in Spurs folklore after THAT goal. A better bet for the future than Naughton/BAE in my humble opinion.

11: Mousa Dembele. Another shoo-in. A composed first season although he is slightly fading out at the moment. The tempo-setter in the Spurs midfield for years to come.

12: Sandro. This injury doesn’t hide the fact that in the games he has played, he has arguably been Spurs’ most consistent player. Still very young, and the potential to be a huge player.

13: Tom Carroll. As seen by cameo roles against Fulham, West Ham and others, this boy could be something special in the future. Too good to loan; worthy of a place on the bench at least.

14: Scott Parker. An extremely useful squad player – nothing more, I don’t think – who loves the club and puts passion, desire and leadership into every performance.

15: Lewis Holtby. A promising start at Spurs although he is yet to find his feet, he will obviously be here next year and can hopefully fulfil his true potential.

16: Gylfi Sigurdsson. Showing us what he can really do in the last couple of months, Gylfi could become one of the best attacking midfielders in the league. Also, good cover on the wings.

17: Aaron Lennon. Slowly becoming a Tottenham legend, he offers great balance and a super outlet on the right flank. Still haven’t lost when he has scored.

18: Gareth Bale. Need I say anything here? If we can keep him, he will be electric next year.

19: Clint Dempsey. I may be a minority, but I firmly believe that the American has a future at Spurs. An excellent squad player who does score important goals and has the experience to contribute on and off the pitch.

20: Emmanuel Adebayor. I think we’re going to have trouble shifting him, and as far as a squad player, I think he can contribute next year. If he gets a good pre-season, he could offer Spurs something. Don’t forget all his goals last year.

21: Jermain Defoe. Another back-up striker for next year I think, who knows where the goal is and can offer us something off the bench.

22: A new striker. Damiao? We are crying out for a 20-goals a season striker, and the young Brazilian could be the answer. AVB clearly wants him; will Levy back him?

23: A new striker. Benteke? We can’t rely on one world-class striker – we need strength in depth (just look at the Manchester clubs). This man has settled into the Premier League beautifully and could score tons with the right service.

24: Christian Ceballos. Anyone who follows our youth team will know that this guy is something special. Watching him reminded me a bit of Juan Mata, relying on skill and trickery to beat opponents. And he comes from Barcelona. So he must be good.

25: Zeki Fryers: Cover at centre-back and left-back, and looking like a good prospect for the future, if used in the right way. Could be worth sending out on loan to the Championship, I reckon, though.


So how would this come together as a team?

Using the new signings I have suggested above in brackets, I think it would look like this (4-3-3):


(Alderweireld)         Kaboul           Vertonghen          Rose

Dembele             Sandro                   Holtby

Lennon              (Damiao/Benteke)            Bale

Subs: Friedel, Dawson, Caulker, Sigurdsson, Parker, Benteke/Damiao, Defoe

Who would you like to see stay at Spurs next year? Who do you think should be quickly offloaded? And who would you like AVB to sign?

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  1. Some of these players will be U21 so won't need to be included in the 25. Plus, thinking that we could keep 4 strikers happy when we only play 1 is a little short-sighted. It's just fantasy football stuff.

    • Aha, the idea is that Adebayor never plays so he isn't kept happy…. :) but seriously though, if with the squad above Damiao got injured….then it would be a bit frail with just Defoe and Benteke in reserve. This gives room for an injured striker and an off-form striker.

    • Sorry, should have included him. Instead of Ceballos, who doesn't need to be registered anyway as he is under 21. But hypothetically, the players above are the 25 which we would use.

  2. not holtby dnt stick out wide to give us width, we need a out and out winger tht can deliver a cross, don't know wht assou's done to upset avb but hes so much better then naughton, so if avb is moving assou on we need 2 full backs, walker is suspect defending, we need a centre midfielder if we dnt plan on using any of are youngesters, parker loses possesion to easy, and obviously we need 2 strikers

  3. I don’t think we should get rid of BAE. Rose is not ready to play in the first XI of a CL level team, nor do I think Walker should be dropped.

    I’d like to see:

    Adam Smith to replace Kyle Naughton

    Rose to back-up BAE

    Townsend to compete for wide position with Bale central

    Top class central midfield player

    New striker to add to JD and Ade

    Solid keeper to replace Friedel (who can stay as emergency cover while he does his coaching badges)

  4. If we sell both Huddlestone and Livermore, we need to buy a replacement. Parker is 33 next season, and prone to injuries. Dont believe Holtby is fit for a holding midfield role… Carrol too lightweight. And I hope you're wrong about Ade – he needs to leave asap!

    • Adebayor has been a joke this season, lazy, useless twat. Yes he did the business last year on loan but now isn't fit to warm the bench, though unfortunately its all we have at the moment. Need two new strikers ASAP i cant believe one was not bought in January. If we fail to make top 4 it will be down to a lack of strikers.

      • Sorry Michael, I just got a sense of Deja Vu.
        4 years since Berbatov left and we've been limping on. Imagine where we could've been if we had a striker!!!!

  5. We don't need to buy a Rb with Walker and Adam Smith. Fryers next year should not be any where near the first team squad (maybe only for league cup/fa cup) he has a lot to work on and isn't even in our top 5 prospects, which isn't a big knock against him he's just not as good as people think he is. Personally think that Benteke and Damiao r overrated in a sense that there in there asking price. Wouldn't mind getting any of them but there not a pair of strikers that i believe in. You see who ever we buy at striker should be the icing on the cake and Benteke is to raw and Damiao doesn't look that special in Brazil. I liked that dutch striker that Norwich signed, the striker who is at Watford on loan could be one for the future but I really don't know anybody that I look at who is available to spurs and think this guy is going to be massive. I love Lewandoski but know better! whatever in levy I trust!

  6. 1. Lloris
    4. Kaboul(remember the back end of our first 4th placed finish?) 20. Dawson 5.Vertoghen 32.BAE
    30. Sandro 19. Dembele
    7. Lennon 11. Bale (10. A new winger, Isco? u21)
    (9. A new striker, Benteke)

    13. Gomes, 12. smith, 16 naughton, 6 caulker, 3 rose, 22 Sigurdsson, 29. Livermore, 8. Parker, 23. Holtby, 2 Dempsey 18. Defoe.

    Sign – Alderwierald, Isco, Benteke,
    offload – Friedel, Walker, Khumalo, Gallas, Bentley, Falque?, Bostock, Adebayor, Kane
    up from the youth/ U21s – Archer, Fryers, Carrol, Ceballos, Pritchard

  7. A lot depends on where Bale plays next season.
    He has been exceptional playing the no. 10 role behind the striker. This of course has left us unbalanced on our left side where we have been playing Siggy who's not a natural wide player.

    I personally think we will sign a forward and a left midfielder, bring back Townsend and Rose into the squad and shift out Gomes, Gallas, Huddlestone, Bentley, Kane, and Obika.

  8. Funny how Spurs fans on every forum are so hard on Walker/Naughton while they speak warmly about Adam Smith. You are aware of the fact that Smith made so many mistakes for Millwall earlier this year that he was dropped, and for instance didn't play in the FA Cup quarter-final? Smith might come good yet but for next season the two Kyles are still better. And what exactly has Danny Rose done to make him deserve a starting place with England international Walker being left out?

    • Smith looks to be a capable player, yes he'll make mistakes, as has Walker. Walker, however, seems to make the same mistakes so it looks as if he's not learning form them. At first his speed used to get him out of danger but opposition are wise to that now. Naughton has been played out of position on the left side but the fact that he's not been able to get in in front of Walker (and his mistakes) on the right shows me that AVB doesn't really rate him.
      Rose has probably been one of Sunderland's best players this season so I wouldn't begrudge him a chance, at least. Dunno whats happening with BAE!!

  9. I dont get all this Benteke hype- he has had one good season in English football then all of a sudden he is good enough to lead us in the kock out stages of the Champions League? Look at Cisse from Newcastle- Benteke could be like him so we should at least get someone who is world class especially if we get Champions League football. Seriously guys- I mean chances are he is probably going to cost at least £20million as he has just signed a contract like 8 months ago and who said Villa are going to get relegated to sell us their best player.

    Guys we have Gareth Bale- After Messi and Ronaldo- people want to play in the same team as Gareth- we need to use that to our advantage and also the fact that we may have Champions League football is a bonus- use it…Christian Erikson- world class talent- has a year left on his contract- he is like Modric but better and younger- get in there Spurs- Robert Lewandoski- he wants to play in the Premier League and also has a year left on his contract…Dortmund play in a similar style to Spurs- he would fit in perfectly and is world class- would probably cost £25m but we need to show intent- get in there Spurs- Andre Schurrle, Stefan Jovotic, Hung Min Son all world class talents that will not break the bank (when i mean break the bank im talking about signings like Aguero, Torres etc) I mean Villa brought Bent for £24million- if Spurs cant spend that then we might as well give up on being a top club- top players cost money but you can be smart e.g. buying players with a year left on their contracts. Levy would not sell our players for silly money so he should not expect other clubs to do so either so if he wants Spurs to be a top club, he might want to start spending a few ££££!

    First team next season:
    Walker Dawson Vertonghen Assou-eketto
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Erikson Bale
    Second Team
    Naughton Kaboul Caulker Rose
    Parker Holtby
    Townsend Sigurdsson Hun Min Son
    Defoe/ Adebayor (lets face it, who is going to buy a striker that has only scored twice this season)

    Obviously if we dont get Champions League, then our transfer targets change so lets hope we do!COYS!

    • Benteke 20m? It sounds like you are hyping him up, not us. Benteke cost Villa 7m, they would accept around double-your-money: 12-14m. "World class" striker, people were calling Adebayor world class last season…from which I was bemused! Spurs should not be spending 25m on anyone. We are still reeling from the Bentley debacle, and that was 17m. Only clubs that can absorb 25m wastage should sign 25m players….that ain't us.

  10. I think Walker needs to just focus on being a good defensive full back. Stop the party tricks. Naughton equally should stick to what he's paid to do. Personally I'd give Adebayor away with a half-time pie, buy a striker or two and we're set.

    With a spine of Lloris, Vertonghen, Kaboul and Sandro with Bale and Lennon behind a genuine striker we're sorted.

  11. Squad- Lloris, Friedel and up and coming keeper
    Walker, Smith
    BAE, Rose or A.N.Other
    Kaboul, Dawson, Vertonghen, Caulker (personally would prefer 5 CB's, AVB doesn't!)
    Sandro, Dembele, Parker
    Sigurddson, Holtby, Carroll
    Bale, Lennon, Townsend (plus winger who can play both sides)
    Defoe,Damiao, Benteke

    Offload Khumalo, Gallas,Bentley, Falque, Bostock, Adebayor, Kane, Gomes,
    Borderline decisions on Livermore, Huddlestone, Naughton and Dempsey

    Livermore, Townsend, Naughton and Rose haven't quite proved themselves- will they improve sufficiently? The fate of some of the above is dependent on whether better alternatives become available at the right price. Some will have a stay of execution if our Danny can't move them out for the right price.

    • Townsend, Naughton and Rose have not proved themselves in a Spurs shirt, you mean. Townsend is worth keeping for his almost mindless have a go attitude – plus his QPR stats are good. Rose, Naughton are worth keeping because our full backs are under review. The use of full backs differ greatly between the old and new regimes. Bae & Walker flourished in the past regime. Jury is out right now. Cannot get rid of Adebayor. It is as simple as that. We are stuck with him. Get rid of Defoe instead – who could get a reasonable fee. Why shed Dempsey? We can't get rid anyway so soon – we would lose money. Better to get money's worth.

  12. can't belive people putting walker in there side awful at defending his positoning sense is shocking, adam smith NO! millwall hve even dropped him, BAE takes risk but better defender then naughton.

  13. This would be my team:


    Kaboul Caulker Vertonghen Rose

    Sandro Parker

    Lennon Dembele Holtby


    Sub XI: Friedel…Smith-Fryers-Naughton-Townsend…Carroll-Parrett…Ceballos-Falque-Pritchard…Kane

  14. Walker is an asset, because he could move to Man C, Chelsea or someone and excel. However, I cannot see him succeeding in AVB's system. It looks like AVB is here for the longer term, so it could be a case of AVB or Walker…. We could optionally keep trying with Walker, and see if he gets it….however if he fails, his inflated value will rapidly diminsh (2 poor seasons in succession). If we cash in now, he could fetch a good fee. It is not a drastic as that, but it is something to think about.

  15. Dont think we need a 25 man Squad only a improvement in quality especially in the final third. Moore importantly i think we should sign whoever AVB sees fit really, so far i dont think weve signed a player who may of been on AVB scouting list. But by looking at the way he has set us up i think the following should more than suffice:

  16. IN:
    1)Marouane Fellaini – A top 5 EPL players consistently for the past 5 years. His versitality can allow him to play in either our attacking 3 or the holding 2. The only quetion being is will Levy be willing to pay £22+mill for him. Maybe a Dempsey/Siggy+ cash PX?? 2)Christian Benteke – His has something our strikers seem not to have…Consistentcy! Big, Strong and most importantly has plently of goals, got epl defenders fretting at the thought, the misssing piece of the puzzle if u ask me and would settle in well with the reat of the Belgs'.(lets hope villa r set sown hey! 3)Antoine Griezmann – After checking reports Real Sociedad are on a 11 unbeaten run and this guys the main reason, can play anywhere across the top 3 his form atm is compairable to Bale and hes even styled his hair the same as Gareth. A REAL diamaond in the ruff and certainly wouldnt be a squad player rather a first team starter. Failing that option i'd go for Heung-min Son alll day long! 4)amuel Umtiti – Saw him Live and was impressed. A physical specimen great awareness and positional sense something the likes of Rose and Walker can only dream of at the age of 19. Kept Azza relatively quiet!

  17. OUT:
    1)Dempsey 2)Siggy 3)Huddlestone 4)Ade 5) Ekotto 6)Rose, 7)Livermore, 8)Gallas and 9)Bentley

    Regarding Walker i think we should be patient with him. He potential outweights his fault and im sure with the quality of the first XI shoukd be able subside that but we couldnt afford another players like that in the XI hence why i think we sell Rose and maybe stay with the experience Ekotto provides but you get the feeling hes not an AVB fan which is such a shame. Dont think Siggy & Dempsey are AVB type players, they just dont look like they're fitting in, I'd even add Holtby to that but am prepaired to give him some time yet.

    But if we we're to sign those four players.. well… um… you can call it day! But we're only dreamin' right?

  18. I would like to see us force Coleman form Everton for the RB slot, Capel on the wing, Benetke and Michu up front. Diamiao is a pipe dream. A world class attcking CM fielder if available. get rid, Ade, Dempsey, JD, BAE.

    • Kyle Walker will come good, the dude has it all, but tries to do too much, coleman only recently come so good for everton, he suffered a bad dose of second season syndrome too….Agree on Benteke and Michu, but only cause Michu works hard with return for effort! Defoe is still better!

  19. Alderweireld is a centre back, Danny Rose ain't a starting LB for a Top 3/4 team, and we can't afford to sign / pay 4 International Strikers to cover one position.

    The solution is 2 Strikers who can play number 9, and a 3rd who can cover wide positions. Much like City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and United's front lines.

    Carroll needs PL games to progress. Parker won't be happy being back up to Sandro nor will Levy pass up the opportunity to get some money back for a 32 year old in his last year. Nor is he AVBs ideal centre mid.

    ..and Dempsey is neither quick enough nor clinical enough to offer anything in any position to this squad.

    Otherwise flawless! I expect AVB will put his stamp on the squad. 5 in 7 / 8 out.

  20. I think Naughton is steady now, and likely to become a top top player. in 2-3 years and maybe one of the best full backs around. I hope Townsend will come back and I hope he will improve too. Him Bale and Lennon would be a handful, too fast for most if not any teams. We have a great squad, especially with young guns coming through (hopefully) maybe could do with better return from the strikers obvs. I would like Michu and Benteke, michu works hard too, or anybody who works well with team and scores goals

  21. Give Walker more time, he is learning a tough trade, a full back in a team of speedy wingers, if he relaxed a bit more he probably wouldnt get caught out so often COYSSSSSSSS

  22. Anyone remember the Defoe – Falcao comparisons….pity i hoped this was his year, out for 3 games now too….is is 30 right?

  23. Siggurdson – waste of money – no pace. what exactly has he contributed? Benteke – unproven not top class.
    Adam Smith + Townsend definately.

  24. I dont get all this Leandro hype Lewendosky, Dzeko,Higuien,Eder ,Benteke( at a good price.) . Dempsey needs to go Ade def needs to go Danny rose not sure he's good enough we need another winger maybe Townsend.

  25. GK – Good team of Lloris, Friedel and a youth player (Archer).
    LB – If Benny is leaving, our options would be Rose, Fryers and Naughton. Maybe one would pan out.
    RB – I like Kaboul partnering Lennon on the right. Power and pace. Tracking back with Lennon while Kaboul charging up. Unless the opposition has Bale on the left wing, I believe nobody has the speed to outrun our right defence. Walker can be an understudy again or rotated to get his head back.
    CB – Caulker, Vertonghen and Dawson. Great core and maybe an addition to back up this trio.
    RW – Lennon then Townsend on the right. Maybe (just a thought) Walker.
    DM – Sandro with Parker.
    CM – Dembele, Holtby and Carroll.
    RW – Sigurdsson, Townsend
    AMC – Bale, Holtby and maybe Dempsey.
    FW – New Striker, Defoe and Ade. I am sure Ade would like his role as an overpaid reserve player.

  26. As a squad we are going to be spoilt for choice next year! The league will not know what hit it! Players from the U21's like Carrol, Ceballos, Coulthirst, Fryers, Pritchard, Byrne, McKevoy, bentaleb.. not to mention the young players we have out on loan like townsend, rose and coulibaly and i almost forgot the mountainous steven caulker, who it is easy to see is going to be a massive part of tottenham's future.. We could field a team that would easily stay in the league just from our youth set up, safe to say i am VERY excited to see some of these lads play in the first team! And even if some of them don't make the grade we will make millions selling them, they have proven their talent and superiority in the U21 premier league. The future is extremely bright! COYS!

  27. enjoyed reading the replys to your question and agree with most,what we seem to need is a winger in the same mould as lennon as we are very weak on the right side when he is out


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