A Mug’s Game Review: Spurs 3-1 QPHAHAHAHAHAHA


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I thought about writing this article last night while the missus had Strictly on.  In the end, I opted for a bit of Aliona and some Holly Vallance.  I knew that Taarabt would be invisible, Barton would be writing no headlines and Van Der Vizzle was going to score.  I held off though, and thought I’d write it after the game and inevitable result.

It’s ok; Strictly results tonight, without the sexy Goth dancing, so it’s all win, win.  Just like Spurs, where its win, win, win, win, win for them too.

What a great first half.  Spurs came out flying, with VDV and the Mod-Father both having shots on target in the first 3 minutes!  Ten minutes Later VDV sent in a beauty of a cross for Adebayor, somehow he managed to miss the target, the fact he ended the day without scoring was remarkable.  This doesn’t reflect on his work rate, and with that said the boy from Wales finished off some fine link up play from the front four to get us on the score sheet.  Well in!

He does only have one knee, and he’s better than John Terry, but when Ledley, Ledley put his laces through that ball for what was probably his first shot in 8 years, he shanked it.  Luckily it fell to the Vaart Man, and he completely merked Paddy “too short to be a serious keeper” Kenny, and we were 2 goals up.  Boom!  VDV joined a very select group with Teddy Sheringham and Robbie Keane, by scoring in 5 consecutive league games.  Thanks mate, and yes you are a “starting player.”

That was the first half.  In your face Warlock, you absolute sigh of a man!

Now, I knew Taarabt was a chunk, and he’d never give a good performance at the Lane.  The fact that he was so lame that he was dropped for Jay Bothroyd at half time was hilarious.  England International, Bothroyd and QPR got the last laugh, when after about 15 minutes of constantly coming at Spurs, he was there to bundle the ball over the line.  2-1, again letting teams back in.

Spurs – well Parker, took the game back and put it beyond all doubt when Lennon and Bale again passed their way through hahaha’s defence and wow, Bale’s shot was so fricken sweet man!  I’ve watched it a fair few times, it’s still a little beaut.  QPR were valiant, and I respect that, but they were never going to come from this game with a point.  That’s life bro!

Metronomic, Predictable?  Perhaps.  Do I care?  Not really.  Do I get pissed off that we still choose to let these no mark teams get a good 20 minutes straight after half time?  YES!  We’ve played dross these past two games, but we all know what happened at Newcastle.  Sharpen up, and we can forget the race for 4th and aim for 3rd.  MOTM Adel Taarabt.  Consistent performances at the lane earn him the prize this week.

Next week we’re popping across to Fulham, Danny Murphy looked like he was shitting himself in the Sky Studio tonight, but I remember the FA Cup last year.

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  1. you might not know it but the championship is open now, man city will blow up for sure at some point and if we beat the dross all the time why not champions_


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