Should Spurs accept £27m and Sturridge for Modric sale?


Chelsea are poised to test Tottenham’s resolve to keep Luka Modric by offering £27m and 21-year-old striker Daniel Sturridge for the Croatian playmaker.

That is what is being reported in the Daily Star on Sunday. Spurs boss recently said that even a bid of £35million would not be enough for him to part with Modric.

Sturridge enjoyed a successful loan spell at Bolton last season and would apparently become part of a deal once Chelsea have signed Romelu Lukaku.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is likely to once again stand firm and tell Chelsea that Modric is not for sale.

“Daniel is adamant that Modric won’t be sold, no matter what Chelsea come up with in terms of a package,” a Spurs ‘insider’ told the Daily Star on Sunday.

“If he were to sell him then what would someone of the calibre of Gareth Bale think?

“Chelsea’s first offer was derisory to say the least, especially when a largely unproven player – such as a Jordan ­Henderson, for instance – is bought from Sunderland by Liverpool for £20m.

“Modric wants to leave the club but he will just have to knuckle down and work hard for Tottenham.

“We are paying his wages after all and gave him his chance in the ­Premier League. He has to show a bit of loyalty.”


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  1. Don’t worry kids,you won’t even get the offer.Sturridge is valued at 20mil,not 10mil and Moutinho is free for 30mil euros.The simple fact that Modric has opened his mouth to say he wants to leave Spurs for Chelsea is more than enough,I look forward to seeing him play crap for his salary payers this season.Ciao.

    • I wonder when Abramovich will cut his losses and sell his stake in Chelsea. Of course Chelsea will become a mid table club again as was the case historically. Remember that Spurs have won the 4th most trophies of all time and have never had an Abramovich or Man City billionares. Remember that any side not making a profit (no funding by the billionares) in the season after the coming one, will not be allowed to play in Europe!!! Chelsea & Man City are definately making losses with their massive wage bills.

        • But the day is getting closer when he will leave, it is inevitable. Who knows, maybe if you win the champions league and he is satisfied, maybe thats when he calls time on his chelsea adventure. But one thing is for sure, he will eventually give up ownership, for whatever reason, and that, my smug friend will be priceless!!!

  2. yes ..if the player wants to go then i think we should ..coz he will not play the same next year..

    sturridge is promising player ..after all we have niko..who can play better than this modric

  3. Yes.I would do that deal.

    Modders wants out so let him go, and Sturridge is a young, Prem league experienced striker.

    We need strikers, and he is English as well.

    Modders is great, but the stats show we won more without him than with last season, and we do have loads of midfielders (just a shame Sandro is crocked for a bit).

  4. Yes 100% great deal. Modric wants out, we need a decent striker, and he is that. 27ml will help in rebuilding plus whatever else we sell. I said this from the start if we get Sturridge as part of the deal it would soften the blow a lot.

  5. If Spurs can get £30mill and Sturridge I would do the deal. If he want's to go to a smaller but richer club then sell him – one rotten apple spoils the barrell. Personally I think he's a very good player but too lightweight for the prem.

  6. You don’t sell your best players to rivals! It’s as simple as that… If they want him it should be for £40m+ or if wee sell him it should only be to a club abroad – end of

  7. "A Spurs insider", means absolutely sod all in terms of fact. The only quote apart from those Harry keeps churning out is from Luka's agent and it goes like this… " Yes, of course Luka is going to South Africa, he under contract to Tottenham Hotspur" Anything else is made-up fiction, including this supposed bid! As for the other fact "Luka isn't for sale to Chelsea or anyone else" Sort of holds firm, doesn't it?

  8. If that deal was offered then yeah we should accept it imo. we could then fund adebayor and diarra on proper deals. along with Sturridge that should give us the pace, strength and directness we need thru the middle. Modric is a wonderful footballer but we need a cutting edge in the final third more than anything else. and if the bloke is genuinely unhappy, at the end of the day, whats the point. COYS

  9. tbh watching chels in preseason they need alot more than modders. Anelka, malouda, lampard, essien, mikel, ivanovic and kalou are all no longer good enough to challenge for the prem let alone the cl. They have an over ther hill squad with 0 pace that needs a complete overhaul. Dont think that modders would help them much at all as he likes to slow play down not speed it up

    • Isn't this the exact reason not to sell them an established Prem and CL performer at any cost?

      They need him more than we need the money or Strurrige.

      Sturrige isn't the type of striker we need either – altough of course, very little could be an improvement at this point.

    • To Iain
      Exactly right.Personally I wouldn't allow him to go ..full stop,but if he's gonna do a Berbatov and throw his toys out of the pram..the only deal Spurs should be doing is with a European club.End of story!!!

  10. Why sell one of our best players to a rival, if he has to go sell him to a Spanish or Italian club. Is Sturridge a proven goalscorer, or would we get another one who is impotent in Spurs colours?

  11. No, he should not be sold to chelsea at all. Again they are playing dirty tricks waiting for that spurs plane to land then they prob will throw in another bid to blow the situation all up again. He aint for sale, especially to chelsea at any cost. Remember when they wouldn’t sell us parker, bridge etc because we were a london rival. We should take the same stance!

  12. I think it would be a big mistake to let Modric go.
    We'll miss his commitment to play and win trophies and championships with Spurs, his leadership, his creative game, his spectacular performances, the high accuracy of his long ball passes, his assists and the satisfied number of his goals.
    Also we shouldn’t forget that his contribution to the vital wins specially against all bottom clubs last season was decisive.

  13. This “rumour” has to be a joke. £27m alone for Modric would leave me feeling mugged let alone including Sturridge. Any deal involving Modric and Sturridge swapping clubs should have any additional funds moving from Spurs to Chelsea not the other way around.

    • No Norman..don't think so somehow.Money should be going from Chelsea to Spurs.. NOT the other way round.Are you having a laugh?
      ( is he havin a laugh?)

      • I'd admit to a slight overstatement as I was attempting to counter some of the comments on here to give a more balanced view overall. Sturridge is just 21, showing quality already and has bags of potential. Modric is 25+ and a more than decent player but that's all. Harry Redknapp and some of you folk seem to have him confused with Lionel Messi.

  14. If we get Sturridge too, the cash should be 30 million. Sturridge is surplus to Chelsea after their recent signings, and so we must also ask Roman to delve into those big pockets and give us reinvestment money.

  15. Absolutely not. For a start Sturridge is no better than Darren Bent so if he’s not good enough for us… Plus it sends completely the wrong message, not to us the fans, or other clubs but to the current squad. If Bale see’s us sell one of our best players whilst on a 5yr contract, he’ll be off next year unless we get CL. Let’s build a team! We need a new striker or 2 and some cover for our wings, every else we can survive. I say let’s buy Affellay or Robben plus a striker who can play up front on their own eg Llorente, Adebayor and get points on the board in the first 7 games. If we get off to a flyer we’ll be sitting pretty.

    Ps Mark, we are funded by Joe Lewis majority shareholder of ENIC who is mos def a billionaire…

  16. No way under the sun should Spurs even toy with the idea of letting Modric go and especially to Chelsea…..and they want to throw Sturridge in? Do me a favour .If they thought that much of him they wouldn’t include him in any deal.

    A good player but Modric is differnet class.

    My message to Chelsea is get stuffed…. and get real.Look elsewhere.

  17. WTF are lot of u idiots or watfirst arseall is the webpage for printing crap and plenty of u lot believing it

    I Believe the DAILY STAR have put it in their paper a BLOODY COMIC any where else, also the havnt bid it THEY said chavski COULD DO and as for u lot say sell him what is it u lot are u all so thick as to believe every paper u read

    WHo will they F********G buy morons pry tell us Udo not sell to so called RIVALS that only been existing since 2004

  18. WHAT??? You mean to say that the Daily Star prints things that possibly may not be based on fact???

    Your having us on.

  19. 30 mill and sturridge would be a good deal modders only scored 4 goals last year and not too many assists h is to light weight for the premiership i think he was the reason we gave so many goals away last year we need a steven gerrard who is tough scores loads of goals and plenty of assists modders wants to go so let him go no good keeping an unhappy player u will not get the best out of him look at berba let him go get the best deal possible and replace him with a stronger midfield player who will score more goals from midfield

  20. Chelsea are gettig closer but it will take at least 35 million PLUS Sturridge AND McEcheren and a one million donation to the Spurs development fund, together with a written published apology by Chelsea for their behaviour during the pursuit of Modric.
    They should feel free to keep Drogba and maybe sign Parker so they can keep each other company in their old age.

  21. Take it. We will lose a player who’s heart is not with the team, and we will gain a player who is out to prove his worth. Not to mention 27m which can be used to strengthten the sqaud!

  22. Yes! I would accept it- Modric wants to go- which means it is unlikely we will get 100% from him all season- I think Sturridge is young, skilful & hungry. But Chelski should be leaned on to pay more for offering the derisory £22m. We should offer peanuts for their up & coming stars; or even Drogba.

  23. I'd take 35Mil + Sturridge! Use the money to buy Diarra! Then VDV could do that roaming role, whilst Diarra snuffs out any attacks! We'd have more potency up top and more directness with VDV. I think Modders is great and would love him to stay at spurs, but if his heart is not in it, then its better for SPURs to move on!

  24. I'd take 35Mil + Sturridge! Use the money to buy Diarra! Then VDV could do that roaming role, whilst Diarra snuffs out any attacks! We'd have more potency up top and more directness with VDV. I think Modders is great and would love him to stay at spurs, but if his heart is not in it, then its better for SPURs to move on!


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