Spurs accept £9million offer for Keane?


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Sunderland are reported to have made a £9million bid for Robbie Keane.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker has found himself behind Jermain Defoe and Peter Crouch in the pecking order at White Hart Lane and the arrival of Eidur Gudjohnsen could further harm his chances of regular first-team football.

According to The News of the World, Tottenham have accepted the offer from Sunderland.

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  1. I fucking hope so. I want to remember robbie keane as a legend not as the headless chicken that is running around in the number 10 shirt at the moment.

  2. could have been a legend, bailed out on us when most needed him. ihope this story is true, thanks robbie for the memories but you should have never come back.

  3. He has been a great servant to Spurs, just a shame it was interrupted by his desire to play for his boyhood team. Best of luck Keano, if true? Just remember who looked after you when you play against us. ;D

    ps. Any chance we can throw Jermima Jenas in the deal as well for free?

  4. Stratty blogs and coms all rejoiced 18 months ago when he was first farmed off. Stratty said he was sh*t. Listen to Stratty! Stratty Stratty Stratty!!! :D

  5. sorry robbie but all the comments are true you shold never have come back . Yo were a legend but you had no heart for the club that loved you . Sad to say its just a case of be careful ewhat you wish for cause one day you might get it .COYS

  6. i hope this story is true – and that harry redknapp will piss off aswel – I HATE HARRY REDKNAPP!
    do you think keano will need a lift as i am free this afternoon?


  7. keane was great for us, did dislike it when he left BUT it was to his boyhood club so i can understand it. He came back to help us and well he did do that a bit but it’s time for him to move on now

    and why do people hate harry? he rescued us from a relegation fight and now we’re pushing for 4th as we shld be… so now that we’re higher up in the league u dislike harry? SMART

  8. gooner about, wake up real spurs fans anyone can pretend to be a supporter, redknapp is great, and no one can dispute this, hes scared were going to take over arsenal, just like we nearly did, before our team was poisoned, 4th place in the league in late jan , yes please, and thank you mr redknapp, from all of us true spurs fans.

  9. Agree with the comments on Robbie. He was great, and no matter what has happened since he’s in the 100 goal club for Spurs and not many are. On his return he just hasnt been the same player then left in the summer before.
    You’ll always be a spurs legend Keano but time to move on.
    In response to the hater, fuck off to emirates you bellend. Redknapp has done an immense job here and continues to aswell.


  10. Well hear we are the witch hunt are out in force this will be the most stupid move we have ever undertaken ,Yes Robbie has not bean in form but all players have Barren spell. Defoe just gone five game without scoring and he has played regular we should loan him to Celtic if Sunderland buy him he cold score the winner against us and also Jones goes Liverpool we could get pipped and lose 50 million and our best players .We should not help any rivals till the summer just loan pav to Birmingham and they could damage our rivals.

  11. wake up Knuckle heads, are we not going into the most important time of the season in a great position and a few injured players on hand…….Do the math boys and girls…..

  12. Harry really messed up with the timing and the selection of his substitutes yesterday therefore, he is partly responsible for the dropped points. Harry has done well by keeping us up but you can’t harp on about that every time Spurs drop points when they should have had them in the bag. I am not calling for Harry’s head, I’ll leave that to the tax man but he’s got to get his act together. According to reports, Harry is happy with his squad and it is Levy who feels that ‘Spurs are a bit short’. Harry’s deluded comments strongly suggest that we can finish 4th while his solution to holding a lead is to bring on Jermain J/Penas and Robbie Keane. I have got a strong feeling that Arsenal are interested in Pavlyacenko and might make a last minute bid. I can guarantee that Harry would not think twice about selling him to the enemy nor will he be too bothered how the fans feel. Harry has kept us up which (was) a job well done but I don’t think he’s savvy enough to take the club any further. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  13. Thanks Robbie. You gave us your best years and were a top player for us. If you hadn’t taken the Liverpool offer you still would be. Hope it works out at Sunderland.

  14. I agree with the Camel- you really do get the impression that old
    man Redknapp doesn’t care that much about the club or results but
    will get indignant and sniffy if anybody criticises him or his
    motley team for ballsing it up. He’s not a manager you can support
    or embrace in any way. Basically, he’s a mercenery. I don’t trust

  15. Right time to go keano,it will be good for both parties.I agree that Harry was to blame for the equaliser,by bringing lazy jenas on that weakened our midfield, and Harry did the same against leeds.while i am not blaming jenas for the goal ,its just that every time he plays we seem to be weaker,so comme on Harry get rid of him/

  16. I agree with davspurs if its possible loan him out preferably to one of those teams where he can really do some damage to our rivals because make no mistake the sharks may smell blood in the water but Robbie is only in a slump of form. There is a saying that form is temporary but class is permanent or something like that anyway Robbie for me is class and if he does go out on loan to a rival for heavens sake have a clause written in so he can’t play against us. If he does go sure am gonna miss that rubbish goal celebration. Great servant for our club great memories thanks Robbie. Lillywhitetilidie.

  17. Just been having a closer look at some of the comments on here apart from the ones left by non spurs fans I’m amazed Harry for the door Harry responsible for the equaliser what a load of tripe firstly are the memories so short they can’t remember when we were flirting with relegation? And the equaliser against Birmingham lays squarely on the shoulders of Vedran Corluka at the time of the goal he wasn’t really marking anyone he had his back to Ridgewell who just wandered round the back and in front of Corluka to score it was a very soft goal then when the goal is scored look at Corluka’s reaction he knows its his fault his face is like oh where did he come from? Behind you matey but panto season was last month. Simple fact is Harry was right we switched off and all this talk about not trusting the man again utter nonsense what is this non trust based on? Wake up kids we have a good man at the helm a shame we didn’t get him sooner okay so he is bit Arfur Daley esque but that’s one of the reasons why we love him he is straight talking but to be honest I prefer that to someone pissing in my ears. Stand up if u love spurs. Lillywhitetilidie done know.


  19. We need a strong character on the line constantly pushing them and keeping them on their toes, maybe Jack Nicholson type, with the axe. ;)

    Arry should get of his ar5ena1 more.

  20. I like Stoney’s comment and think it’s spot on. Alright, I can understand it from Keane’s point of view, in a way, cos let’s face it, he’s been humiliated. But having said that, he also owes us big time and by Christ, he hasn’t begun to pay us for what we did for him. Let’s face it, he fucked up big time and the truth and trouble is, he brought it on himself, and I for one just wished we hadn’t bought him back.

    Yeah, Harry’s done well for us, very well, but giving Keane the captaincy is by far, for me, Harry’s greates mistake, and I can’t believe that there aren’t some players in the team who weren’t happy about that. Would you be?

  21. I have just watched on Fox sports news (here in Australia)that Keane actually rang Harry Kewell to seek his advice about moving to Galatasaray. This came from one of Kewells advisers who was interviewed about Kewell’s injury (he is in Sydney atm)and his chances of resigning with Galatasaray.


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