Spurs agree to cap on ticket pricing

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It isn’t easy as a fan to follow your team on the road. You might have to drive for long distances, often losing an entire day and part of the next one as well, all knowing that your team might not come away with a good result and that is without factoring in the expense.

This is why it is often said that the fans who travel away on a regular basis are the real die-hards. Spurs’ away contingent is no exception as you can hear them singing their hearts out and making their voices heard above the home supporters in every game.

In no other country do supporters of every club travel in such large numbers for every single match, and this is one of the characteristics that makes English football so marketable around the world.

It was universally welcomed when Premier League clubs agreed to cap away ticket prices at £30 at the start of 2016-17 season. It is now been revealed that all 20 top flight clubs have unanimously agreed to extend the £30 cap for three more seasons.

A statement released on the Premier League’s official website today read: “Premier League clubs have today unanimously agreed to continue the £30 cap on away ticket prices for the next three seasons.

“All clubs know the crucial importance of away fans in generating the best possible atmosphere at matches and recognise the additional travel costs often involved when following a team away from home.

“For the last four consecutive seasons, Premier League crowds have reached record levels with 96 per cent of tickets sold. This is testament to the compelling football and dedication of fans, and the League is committed to maintaining these high attendances.”

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