Spurs to announce two transfer deals this evening?


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Reports from the aptly named Mystery on SC claim that deals for Emmanuel Adebayor and Lassana Diarra will be announced by Tottenham later today.

Obviously there are a lot of people who wait ‘until they see the player in the shirt’ but everybody knows that both deals are said to be at advanced stages and it looks as if we could have a couple of new players on our hands.

How about we just wait and see what unfolds this evening!

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  1. For two transfer windows now we have been linked to a lot and received little. If we really retain Modric and land Adebayor & Diarra, this summer will not only be a massive success but a shrewd one as well. Bringing in Adebayor, Diarra, and VDV on the cheap, signing Modric and Bale to long term contracts thus bringing in big time funds if we ever decide to sell, all while improving a top 4 quality side is commendable. If Levy gets this done he is brilliant. They may not be the names that we all wanted but they fit the squad, are top class, and are fiscally responsible.

  2. We still need another striker and central defender. Then sell palacios, crouch to stoke and bassong to blackburn/or/bolton plus cash for samba/or/cahill. Flog bentley,hutton and dos santos and we will be sorted.


  4. Will belive it when it’s on the club web site and they are sitting next to Harry in front of the Sky sports news cameras!

  5. two good signings just can’t understand Redknapp’s change of stance on modric i think a storm is brewing regarding the modric saga, by the way wtf is SC?

    • how i see it is that levy knows chelsea are chasing after mata given that he's a cheaper option to modric. with that said, redknapp is now playing the good cop as to not have a disheartened player in the squad. there you go, two birds with one stone, we not only keep a content modric but also show him that spurs aren't stopping him career wise.

      • I think u credit redknapp with a wilyness he really doesn’t have. I like Harry but it’s a fact that he just can’t keep his opinions to himself. He is compelled to answer every questions he’s asked. I saw his quotes this morning and completely ignored them. I knew the media would try to make out the comments mean modric is being sold, but those of us that have followed redknaps career know better. It’s meaningless.

  6. sc is spurs community, its a website, with an itk forum, i hope this is true but il wait and see them in a shirt, still would need cahill, and another striker, get rid of modric for £30m plus sturridge, and get in another mid.

  7. Harry has put his Chairman in a tricky position by doing what he does best singing to the media he is doing this to show his son and Wilko he wont hang on to a unhappy player.. What Harry should relise players have to much power and its time fans and clubs hit back at greedy selfish footballers. Just look at Arsenal and the Fabrigas fiasco so Wenger said no one was leaving and young and old put Fabregas on there new expensive club shirts and Nasri now one has gone and the other is leaving. . Now and the shirts are ruined Arsenal have told the fans they wont refunded the poor fans . Arsenall got 38 million and five of it was from Fabrigas who bought the rest of his contract of Arsenal so he could go Home i wonder would he have left if Barcelona where not very good my guess is no once again fans are kicked in the teeth and when Modric goes my Sky subscription will go with it because i cant subsidies Greedy footballers with no morels. and our fans should demand a refund if there children h ave put Modrics name on there new expensive shirts and let Modric pay for them by buying out his contract. I believe Chelsea will be Kicked out of the camps league ad ruin Modrics ambitions unless thney do what City did and give themselves a big naming rights , football is heading for the big bang and fans will start it of by turning off there live line Sky. We don't need signingjust better testing and just like the stupid kids got four years for words then Toure should have got 2 years for being a cheat on 100 thousand a week. Crouch should stay or we can forget six points against Stoke with his height and Delaps throw we would get beat and Modric to Chelsea six points that is 12 so we should sell Pav abroad or loan him.

    • some gibberish as usual but i'm shocked to agree with some of your stuff. redtwat should manage our club and not manage the media – if you want the england job just go now but he wont as if they dont selectbhim – which i hope they dont – he stil wants his paycheck. cnut.

  8. Sorry lads for my mistakes my computer is playing up and the space bar is jumping the curzor allover the place its like our team fucked sad to see Crouch go and the the amount of clubs in for hi show me we are wrong and he will haunt us sad mad DAVSPURS.

  9. No announcements, have I missed something??? Oh, that s right, its the normal BS that gets spouted.

    Spurs played very well against a average/poor Hearts

  10. Seriously people,peter croiuch is a good footballer but he is holding spurs back.all the players just try to feed it to crouch instead of creating chances,that prevents our flamboyent midfiel play.put crouch and palacios on the first bus to stoke,use the £18 to land lass diara.adebeyor can do much more than crouch.he’s goals will surpass his reputation as he would fit into our squad magnificently. If diara doesn’t go through bring in parker and don’t forget kranjcars ability as backup. Cahill and then anelka/kalou would then drive us into the top 4. In harry we trust

  11. Well, it wasnt announced, but Redknapp practically said that the Adebayor deal is done at the Hearts post match interview! Not sure if we need 'Lass' – thought Livermore had a super game tonight!

  12. I want to know why man city wouldnt let Bellamy come our way but will help us have ade by paying half his wages?? Doesn’t make sence! Is he that disruptive it’s worth helping us have him??

    • because we tried to get bellamy last season, when we were challenging city and were their biggest threat to a top 4 place…but now city believe we are no competition for them, so if we tried we could get bellamy now…

  13. For my tuppence worth I'd have to say that this news is mixed. I'll only believe it when I see it – though it does seem possible unlike some of the other reports I've seen over the summer.

    Adebayor is a mixed bag. Proven goal scorer. Proven trouble off the pitch. It'll be a huge test of Harry's man management skills. Spurs do create plenty of chances though so he'll probably do well. You have to hope that he won't poison the dressing room.

    Diarra is a quality player who won't like being on the bench, so where will we play him and who will miss out on a game? If he joins then you have to wonder whether Modders will go. Certainly it'll be the end for Palacios and possibly Jenas and Nico too. Not only are these players surplus but they have big wages and they have to go to pay the wages for these two big money players.

  14. Going on from my last posting……

    It's a huge shame to see Nico go but I can't see anything else happening.

    One other point is that I thought Huddlestone was good last night, so we're not desperate for Diarra. He and Modders are a decent midfield pairing. We do, however, need a target man and Adebayor seems to be Harry's choice.

  15. The main thing is to give Krancjar alot more games. He demonstrated last night what a brilliant footballer he is. It was so easy for him. A midfield of Huddlestone and Krancjar with Bale and Lennon on the wings and Van der Var just behind Defoe or Harry Kane would be unstoppable.





  17. If true all well and good two good players but frankly I don't bother reading too much into who sadi this etc.it is what is announced on our official spurs website that counts. Regards not selling us Bellamy last year, last year Man City were not in the CL we were and I dare say the night we beat them to get into the CL the owners were non too pleased to see Bellamy exchanging a few smiles and handshakes at the end of the game with our own HR – this year Man Cty are FA Cup holders, were 3rd in the league on merit and have increased their already inflated squad of world class players so the likes of Emma and Bellamy are surplus to requirements. Our lillywhites on the other hand are in need of the following to be in a position to challenge for a top 4 spot and Europa League – solid goalkeeper, striker, midfielder to replace LM, and top class central defender.

  18. Bellamy has dodgy knees and rarely plays 3 games in quick succession..PLease lets move on from this guy!! I cant belive this guys name is still croping up..Yes, he is determined, aggresive etc but he did ok and was nothing special in the championship and I’d rather keep crouch. At least you know he will be available to play and not nursing his Knee..

  19. Ade and Diarra would be exeleent signings for Spurs but AFAIK it is just an intrnet rumor that they are signing today and just beucase somebody says something is going to happen don’t make it true. My bet is that neither will be announcd today, tomorow, next week, next year, or ever.

  20. i announce that there will be an announcement soon, as far as announcements go it will be an announcement, among announcements.

  21. I am one of those persons who ‘until they see the player in the shirt’, I won’t believe anything.

    These are solid deals, IF they come to fruition. Diarra adds strength to the midfield in Sandro’s absence. It also allows the club to sell Sgt. Wilson, who unfortunately has been hit and miss since the death of his brother. It also means Spurs can finally rid themselves of one JERMAINE JENAS. Diarra covers that coveted spot of a box-to-box player. Now, if Giovani Dos Santos would conclude his Sevilla switch, David Bentley moves onto Fulham, Seb Bassong goes somewhere, then that would go a long way to freeing up salary room for another defender, a good one at that.

    To the powers that be. Please make this happen.

  22. One of the latest rumours I heard was Sturritch (Please ignore spelling) and 27Million for Modders. I know it sends a bad message but would this be so bad? The only thing I see as a positive to keeping him is that we would deny anyone else using him to that end it wouldnt matter if he had a thigh/groin/huff injury he could sit on the bench as Levy originally said.

  23. sack rednapp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    has been telling mods to leave do not sell mods at any price some of u people are mad selling to the chavs


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