The first London derby


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The first Tottenham vs. Arsenal game was played on 19th November 1887 on Tottenham Marshes. Royal Arsenal as the Gooners were then known, had yet to move to North London so it was not actually a North London Derby but they exhibited all the traits that would become familiar to them over the years and that they still have to this very day.

After arriving ‘late’, Royal Arsenal scored an early goal and proceeded to defend their 1-0 for the rest of the game. Obviously, that indicated an early preference for the song “One nil to the Arsenal” and an approach that would become infamous a century later.

However, this proved a mistake as Tottenham scored to make it 1-1, and then notched a second to lead 2-1.

At this point with 15 mins remaining the Arsenal players began to complain to the referee about the ‘lack of light’, and the referee decided to call off the match.

I wonder what underhanded ideas Arsenal have up their sleeve for this weekend’s match?

By CheekyCockney

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  1. The first NLD wasnt played until 1965 mate. Tottenham werent even a London club until then. The majority of The Arsenal`s history has been spent in North London where as the majority of yours has been spent playing in Middlesex. Maybe you should move back there when you build your new stadium, that`s if you ever get round to building it.

    • JOHNNO , first get your facts right ,Tottenham are the only North LondonClub, Arsenal are from the other side of the thames to precise South London at woolwich , have you read your history books on the woolwich Arsenal. SUPER SPURS NORTH LONDON IS HOURS.

    • JOHNNO , first get your facts right ,Tottenham are the only North LondonClub, Arsenal are from the other side of the thames to precise South London at woolwich , have you read your history books on the woolwich Arsenal. SUPER SPURS NORTH LONDON IS HOURS.

  2. Johnno, first get your facts right , Tottenham are the only north london club, arsenal are from the other side of the thames ,to be precise south london

  3. Johnno, first get your facts right , Tottenham are the only North London Club, arsenal are from the other side of the thames ,to be precise South London at woolwich . Have you read your history such as the Woolwich Arsenal. SUPER TOTTENHAM NORTH LONDON IS HOURS.

  4. Obviously Johnno the gooner has'nt a clue what he is talking about. I suugest he goes back to Woolwich where they originate from. Three cheers for Cheeky Cockney for bringing the underhanded traits of the original arsenal to our attention. Lets hope the shitty gooners dont cut the wires and cause a power cut on Sunday with 15 mins remaining with us winning 2-1.

  5. Great article Cheeky as always. It's a bit disturbing we have gooners on our site, i would'nt want to to write arsenal into my task bar at any time. But saying that, at least they can read some decent material on here instead of all the crap they would put on their site.

  6. Haha. It seems that the truth hurts you sad little spuddies. Everything I have said is true and wikipedia will back me up on it. As for Terence asking me whether or not I know The Arsenal`s history, I know ours very well my old son, but it seems that you lot dont know yours too well. The Arsenal are not a South London club, they were formed in Kent. Woolwich only became part of London in 1889, three years after The Arsenal were formed. The spuds were formed in 1882 and played in Middlesex right up until 1965, the year Tottenham became a borough of London. Those are the facts boys and girls, sorry to upset you but there you go. We have been here since 1913. You lot turned up 52 years later. Enjoy the next few days by the way because by 6pm on Sunday, things are about to take a terrible turn for the worse.

  7. You really are pretty daft to come on here and try and state facts. Whichever way you look at it, We (Tottenham) were always in the North of London (north of The Thames) and you are from the south of London – that means south of The Thames as you appear so thick as to understand. At the same time, let me also explain something. Tottenham is believed to have been named after Tota, who was a farmer, whose 'hamlet' was mentioned in the Domesday Book; hence Tota's hamlet became Tottenham. It was recorded in the Domesday Book as Toteham.

    As per your prediction, i think you could be 'Doomed' yourself this weekend.

    By CheekyCockney

    • No you were not always in the North of London, you may have been north of the thames but Tottenham were always a Middlesex club. That is an indisputable fact mate and if you knew your history you would know it to be true. I would have thought a spud would know a little bit more about their history as it wouldnt take long to research it. Anyway my old son, believe it or not, I enjoyed your article. I like reading these little pieces about the fixtures history. As for Sunday, I am really confident about getting a positive result. Keep Bale quiet(as hard as that is) and we`ll be alright.

      • Actually Johnno, if it is sheer facts you want, there is not – and never has been – an actual county of Middlesex. It is the only 'so called county' in the entire country that does not actually exist. You should always make sure you get your facts right before trying it on with Fans who actually know what they are talking about.

        By CheekyCockney

  8. Well said Cheeky. This gooner Johnno is an utter prick. Arsenal are basically footballing Gipsey's, setting up home where there were not wanted. They should all fuck off back to where they came from originally.

  9. Well said mate, Johnno is a complete retard, but there are around 50,000 others of the same ilk who go to the emirates every couple of weeks.

  10. Ps…

    This argument is done!!

    Tottenham have played at WHL since 1905, that’s “Nineteen Hundred and Five” in ENGLISH!!!

    Ar5ena1 moved to Highbury in 1913 – which to my calculation was 8 (EIGHT) years LATER!!!

    Anything to say? Apology maybe?! You cannot argue FACT!!!

  11. I agree, and also as Cheeky said, it was the First London Derby, he never mentioned it was the first North London Derby.

    If Johnno says his Arsenal facts are right, then if the originated in Kent, their 'REAL' local derby is Arsenal v Gillingham. Also, as Jim says they are even more of Gypsy's than first thought. From Kent, to south London, and then from south London to north London (highbury), and then onto another part (emirates). Obviously like Gypsy's they are never wanted in one place for too long.

  12. Well, we have just won 2-1 deservedly, i believe we wont hear from Johnno anymore. He must be very depressed (which is great news), so lets hope he crawls back to where he came from and we dont hear another word from him, or any gooner – or should we say Goner – ever again.

    By CheekyCockney

  13. I am so pleased we finally shut the gooner up. Just proves as always that they cant take criticism and also know they have no idea about facts.

  14. @CheekyCockney

    Middlesex does ot exist anymore but it used to. There was also a county named County of London. They both became Greater London in 1965. Highbury was in the County of London, Tottenham was clearly over the border in Middlesex. Sorry about that.


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