Spurs assistant: Every player has a price


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Tottenham Hotspur assistant manager Kevin Bond has admitted that every player has a price when asked about Luka Modric.

Press reports this morning claim that Chelsea are set to increase their offer to £30m for the Spurs midfielder.

Bond told talkSPORT: “Transfers are part and parcel of the game but you don’t want to lose your best players and he certainly is one of our best players.

“We desperately don’t want to lose him but everyone has a price.

“If somebody came along and the money turns your head and he did go – although the chairman is adamant he doesn’t want to sell him – then we’d have to get on with it.

“Harry would have to deal elsewhere in market.”

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  1. yeah, every player has a price,..
    but if the sugar daddy clubs want to poach players from our club they're gonna have to meet OUR valuation !

    Chelsea & man city are 'rich' clubs, so why embarace themselves by offering pitiful bids.

    they are the ones that started paying stupid money & wages for players, and we the punters are the ones that are paying for it. if they want to play that game then fine,.. but we should 'skin' them for all the money we can get.

    offer us £50m, and we might think about it. … we are not selling,.. you are trying to poach, so you're gonna have to pay thru the nose for our players !

  2. Really looks like Modders will leave, especially as it looks like chelsea missed out on Pastore. Still, £40-50m is a ridiculous amount of money for one player. Hopefully Kranjcar can fill the void if Modric leaves though i’ll be concerned about the mobility of midfield if VdV and Niko are playing central roles.

    Still, with £40m in the bank i’m sure we can bring someone else in who is top quality

  3. I would’nt get carried away with what Kevin Bond has to say on the Modric subject purely because he isnt the Chairman of the club but an assistant coach. Of course every player has his price, Ronaldo went for something in excess of £60M and if ever Messi became available, he would probably go to anyone who could afford him for perhaps arongd £100M which is reported to be his buy out figure. Modric is nowhere near these sorts of figures but if Spurs were to ever contemplate selling him, £35M or even £40M isnt enough because we would be selling him to one of our competitors for CL places. If we were to sell, the best for the club would be overseas whereby he cannot possibly damage us in the league and I would look forward to meeting him in the CL IF we get there which is a big if the way Redknapp is talking.

  4. Normally I'd say every player has his price but after Levy's "not for sale at any price" statement I really don't see how he can sell him now. I was surprised he didn't leave himself a get out but he didn't.

    I think this has long stopped being about Modric as a player, it's about whether the rich clubs can have the pick of our players whenever they feel like it.

    And Bondy, for Christ's sake shut up.

  5. Tell Modric that if you go to any other country club, 30M will be enough. But if it is Chelsea and competitor, it will be 40M. That is fair and not being unreasonable

  6. Sooner or later there has to be a salary cap in place. Players are earning silly money. I don't blame them – if i was offered three times my current wages then my wife wouldn't talk to me if i refused because of loyalty or some such old fashioned virtue.
    The game is suffering. A few mega rich – or maga stupid – clubs chasing success at all costs. Short term glory at the expense of the game itself.
    Stop feeding the monster.

  7. An odd request but I'm looking for pictures to publish alongside a Kevin Bond interview and would love to know where you got this photo from so I can get permission to use it!


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