Spurs: Bent deal is worth up to £16.5million


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Tottenham Hotspur have revealed that Darren Bent’s transfer to Sunderland is worth up to £16.5million.

A statement on the Sunderland website failed to mention any possible add-ons, by just deciding to reveal the intial £10million fee.

Spurs announced to the Stock Exchange: “Tottenham Hotspur plc announces that agreement has been reached for the transfer of the player registration of Darren Bent to Sunderland AFC for a total consideration of up to £16.5 million.”

£16.5million is the amount which Spurs paid to Charlton two years ago for the England forward.

Are you happy with the deal?

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  1. If that is correct then I would have to say yes, 10 million BBC are reporting no, 12m been touted I would also have reject, personally I would have wanted at least 14m but thing he is worth more, 16.5 is probably spot on, he will score them goals, he is best as a lone striker but I don’t think he will be used as one much.

  2. If its 16.5m than yes

    Despite what fans think of his all-round game he is a born goal scorer. He will get stacks for Sunderland and i wish him well

    Hope we get a forward that can dribble fast and score rather than plod arround

  3. Well done Levy!! Once again our Chairman is spot on with his ruthless negotiations. It p#ssed me off the comments of Bent being treated like a bit of meat and that the transfer had dragged on! If Im being paid £50k + a week you can treat me how you want!!

  4. Thank god he’s gone, The sight of him holding his hands to either side of his head when he missed another sitter drove me to despair.
    Been a Yid since ’61 and one of the worst I’ve seen and there have been a few . . . . .

  5. These stories are as dry as a bit of yesterday’s toast… I like the “plod around” comment, bit funny dat..
    Now just JJ and Shimbo to shift, and me mightlok like a team that gives a sh1t.

  6. Both Spurs & Cl be spinning this for all it’s worth.
    God knows what willhave to happen for us to get £16.5m – Bent makes an intelligent run once a season? Converts more than 30% of all chances? – so the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.
    Let’s assume we’ll end up with £12-14m that’s the case then I’m happy.
    Now Daniel, please go fetch Bassong, Sissoko & Huntelaar and clear out Jenas, Bentley and Pav.
    That for me would constitute a damn fine summer.

  7. I would be happier with our chairman’s dealing if he didn’t buy players who don’t work out. And as for Bent, I’d much sooner sell Pavlocenko and keep him. Bent has a better record, speaks the language and is motivated. Pav is not really interested, and takes six chances to get one goal ……. Bent is also much more of a team player than Defoe. Oh, and we also lost out on Arshevin who was the REAL player worth buying, because of our chairman’s great dealing …. Oh

  8. Thank god for the spurs web upto sratch and on the ball .Ihave been telling the makens fake geordies that it is 16 .5 mill a bargain for spurs .NOW WE NEED TO KEEP THIS MONEY FOR JANUARY.Just incase uk sport dont stop the shite teams taking dodgy energy to make them a better team like our friend paddy ?COYS

  9. no doubt 16m includes the “add ons”….ie…. for when he gets 50 caps and they win the league /European cup…..:)…..a deal/figure so that everyone can claim as a victory….

  10. Is it £10m, £12m or £15m? Every site I’ve been to in the last hour has a different transfer fee.

    If it is a transfer fee that totals out to £16.5m then I say well-done to Daniel Levy. Now, please, please, please sort out the defence. Thank you.

  11. The Chairman does not pick the players the manager or “director of football” does. The chairmen is the negotiator. We bought Bent for 16 mill and we sell Bent for 16 mil (ok add ons involved) so a player judgement mistake maybe, financial mistake and loss to Spurs NO. The Arshevin deal was a fast and we were used. He never really wanted to come to us and too many “agents” were invloved with the deal for Levy’s liking. I trust Harry’s judgement and I trust Levy for providing funds and getting the a deal done, but with Man City flashing the cash and inflating wages its difficult to get those players we need. Top six with the current squard we have but need King and Woody available to acheive that!

  12. dj spur 1st off its huntelaar not hunter and 2nd he would be our main striking force if he came to us, he would stand out with his class from the off, a world class striker and finnisher, but will prob go to a club in the champ league as thats where players like him belong

  13. Hi folks, Sunderland fan here. The actual deal is £10 million straight up, possibly rising to £16.5 million dependent on performance. This for me, is a good deal for both teams, as if he doesn’t do a job for us, we’ve got him a lot cheaper than what it looked like he was going to cost, and if he scores a shed load of goals then we’re happy and Levy get’s his money back that he paid Charlton, everyone’s happy! One thing I would like to ask though, is what is the general feeling about him from yourselves? I keep getting seriously mixed messages, as some people think he deserved a better chance as he was top scorer and can obviously put the ball away, but some people seemed to want rid of him as soon as possible!


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