Spurs to bid £30million for Andy Carroll?


Tottenham are ready to step up their attempt to sign Newcastle striker Andy Carroll and could make a record-breaking £30m bid for the 22-year-old.

That’s what is being reported in today’s Sunday Mirror – Newcastle have already stated that the targetman is not for sale but Harry Redknapp is looking to bolster his attacking options and could double Carroll’s wages.

Do you think that £30million is too much for the player who has not played regularly at the top level?

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  1. Strikers are a different breed. What is a right price for a top player is determine by what was paid in the market. If Dzeko is worth 27million, its not out of the question to pay a English player of similar potential a even higher price.

  2. You have got to be joking, i hope this is bad reporting, £30million would get a world class striker which carrol is not.

    this must be rubbish, i cant belive spurs would pay that sort of money on carrol.

    no smoke with out fire i suppose?

    come on arry sort it out carrol is not the striking answer to spurs scoring more goals, atleast i dont think so.

    3-0 to spurs today!


  3. Useful player, but such a risk with that sort of money. To be honest I think he's nothing better than Kevin Davies (at Bolton). I value Carrol between £8million to £15million, anymore and you have had the wool pulled over your eyes harry!

  4. Dont make me laugh. Carrol has played less than 20 games in the premier league. Admittedly he has hit the ground running and impressed, but i seriously doubt whether levy would consider spending 30m on a guy who is unproven over any length of time. The same money would get Benzema with plenty of change i suspect. Harry would bring the best out of him and return him to his french league form. Levy will not waste 30m on this ill disciplined chump.

  5. Obviously one can more than appreciate the talent that this player is showing but he’s far from the finished article and to pay anything near the money that is being mentioned would be an absolute nonsense. We’re carrying on like we don’t have strikers at the club and to be fair the strikers we do have haven’t been bulging the nets but we do have goals coming from other areas, is one man going to shoulder all burden of being the sole goal machine for us? I don’t think so. The powers that be at my beloved Spurs are even offering Pav an improved extended contract, JD as we know can do the job and even head on a stick ‘Crouch’ gives us different options and his assists have been invaluable not to mention the goals in the champs league. No stop all this talk of panic buying because there is no panic. As we must replace Robbie then it must be with someone who compliments what we have and gives us a different dimension bit like erm Darren Bent. Said it before will say it again Darren Bent should still be at this club scoring goals for us as he did and continues to do for Sunderland. The problem with the Darren Bent thing was the price tag yeah maybe we did pay four million too much but he still scored goals and if the £16 million pound price tag was a problem then how much more is £30 million going to be? At that kind of money you’re basically saying that player is going to be starting every game barr injury or suspension so what happens to the other strikers especially if the goals dry up from your £30 million pound White elephant who can’t live up to the huge price tag? Don’t know if he’s available but what about Kanoute part two? He’s played with JD before they know each others game and he wouldn’t be costing £30 million either. Just a thought. Lillywhitetilidie

  6. NO WAY HARRY! For 30mil we could get a properly world class striker…Forlan(despite his age…) Aguero, Suarez, Benzema! Or what about Higuain? Real have a wealth of attacking options…they can’t all play! Carroll is good but if we’re gonna splash out let’s do it properly…

  7. Would rather have aids than watch that man play upfront all we would do is play long balls like we do 9/10 with crouch why can’t we have some ambition we have bale modric van de vaart why can’t we get an equally good striker ?

  8. I want Luis Suarez from Ajax he looks quality up front or even try and buy benzema and if we get carrol give 10million plua crouch and dos santos

  9. Carrol is out with a thigh stain I believe. As for signing him, I think the 30m is over the top paper talk and it will be 20-25m. Bloody hope we sign him, closet striker to shearer since shearer. Top class player. Oh and if crouch is worth 8m Carrol is worth 100m

  10. We won’t be bidding £30 million. Just a figure dreamy up by the papers. Harry doesn’t buy the players, Levy does, Harry just says who he wants so it isn’t wool being pulled over Harry’s eyes.

  11. Oh and as for him not being the answer to us scoring goals. He has scored more in 1/2 a season in the prem., than Crouch has in 1 1/2 seasons

  12. Whilst i agree with your comments that 30 mill is a lot for a 21 yo with not too many Premier League games, i take it youd also agree that 30 mill would be far too much for Bale were anyone to come in for him.


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