Spurs to bring in two big signings to convince Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham news

Harry Redknapp has urged Luka Modric to be patient as Spurs try to match his ambition.

The Croatian midfielder is desperate to move to Chelsea this summer but Redknapp wants Spurs to show Modric that they also mean business in the transfer market this summer.

“I can understand how Luka feels in all this,” said Redknapp.

“If anyone offers to treble your wages you’d be interested and Chelsea are a big club.

“Everyone wants Luka. Just ask Alex Ferguson what he thinks of him, ask Roberto Mancini at Manchester City – they all want him. He could play for Barcelona.

“Luka wants the chance to win things and he is ambitious. All I’ll say is that we are too at Tottenham.

“It’s early days in the transfer market and no-one is more ambitious than our chairman Daniel Levy.

“Luka wants to know that we’ll be right up there challenging next season and we are working hard to bring in a couple of big signings that may convince him to stick with us. I hope so.

“I have sympathy for Luka and his character has shone through in all this.

“He’s a fantastic bloke and a genius of a player. I’d just ask him to be patient.”

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  1. Indeed we require new signings to fill in the areas where we failed last season. However, the prime reason is to rectify the flaws in the team & not to please lord Modric

  2. Why only two, as we could do with more than two signings, for as I see it we need a central defender, defensive and attacking midfielders, wingers and strikers. If we are to sell the deadwood on the books.

  3. We can buy eight players but unless the energy cheats are stopped then this will be a waste of money and trust me the team who won it last year are slim trim and flying the evidence is there all over the north west and beyond.

  4. Why do we want anybody who does not want us?!

    If Luka doesn’t want to be part of what is happening at WHL then call all of those “interested” clubs and see what they have.

    I will even take Diver Drogba and cash to get a few in the net and an Earnest Mentor for Souley-man. There is more good than bad to Modders leaving. vDV gets room, Kranjcar gets the chance in the middle that he deserves, and the sanity of our locker room is preserved. What “character” has Luka shown?! One of a young ego-centered, self important child without a clue of the whole….dare I say Berba? We gave the armband to this?! No sir, for me, Luka is black stuff on toast-it would never be right so you get a new piece of bread.

  5. Edwhite: are you mad or stupid? you are actually stating we need a whole new midfield which is rubbish, it’s our strongest area, we need a defender and two strikers and that is it.

    • completely agree. 2 new wingers???? Bale and Lennon are one of, if not thee best pair of wingers in the league. New strikers is a must the 2 friendlies so far have shown it was just a freak of nature that all our strikers had a "off season".

  6. Ditch the little overrated shite! making him captain the other day was bit desperate for my liking!,really dont think we need him,we need goals and sadly he doesnt really give us any!,get couple of big name strikers,make VdV captain and lets move on!! (so should of got Shay Given tho)

  7. Luka is worth fighting for ,what makes anybody think it is below us to be fighting to keep our best players when utd had to fight to keep Rooney ,who would replace him anyway ?Scott Parker? anybody who thinks we can just find a ready made replacement must be joking or deluded ,players like him come along once in a generation and losing him will put paid to our ambitions of finishing in the top 4 ,if all spurs players were as good as he is we would win the league no problem .

  8. Bugger Modric!!
    WE have been waiting for a DECENT striker since Berbatov left.
    Had we had just ONE striker capable of scoring(and if in doubt go an look
    at the number of chances we spurned if you disagree) we would have even hit 3rd.
    How much patience do we have to have ?

    BTW main reason for leaving WHL was the naming rights bonanza and IF we stay
    in N17 the odds are against a WHL redevelopment because of this.

  9. Modric isn’t over rated, have a laugh, I watched the game against the pirates the other day and he just oozes class, perfect ball retention at all times.

    To be fair for 2 years we have shown a lack of ambition, teams like Villa, Sunderland, United, Chelsea, City and Liverpool have spent big money on players, its time they did show they we arent looking to get left behind.

    These 2 signings that Redknapp speaks of and with the ITK’s saying movement will happen this Friday is very interesting if I could have 2 it would be Benzema/Higuain and Hazard/Marin.

    I think Lennon, Keane and Defoe have underperformed soo badly that these above 2 will solve all our problems

  10. Damn right Hyseyin! Harry is also absolutely right that we need a couple of players in to match the ambition and attitude of players like Modric. He played his heart out last season pretty much running the whole team, defending and attacking. If I were him I wouldn't want to put up with playing with players like Jenas who have no ambition and just let markers drift past them (Inter anyone), or Palacious who just give the ball to the opposition. Modric ran himself into the ground on many occasions last season and that should be appreciated!

    He was playing as deep lying playmaker, his role in the team was not about scoring goals Paulio! That's the jobs of the strikers who consumately failed! Not one of our strikers has the drive, ambition or quality of Luka! Modric has previously said that he believes he can fulfill all his ambitions at Spurs, Daniel Levy and Harry have the same ambitions, but that isn't shared by all of our players, particularly our strikers!

    Harry is right, we need to bring in one or two who match the ability and ambition of Modric to cement that ambitious attitude to win in the squad!

    Given??? twat!


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