Let’s not blow it again


It is absolutely great to hear the Woolwich Wanderers fans moaning about their club and manager. Arsene Wenger has obviously ‘lost it’ after his press conference and it does make a really nice change to see their supporters suffer – as we have for many years.

Last season, we had three opportunities at the end to secure 3rd place and a guaranteed Champions League place. Each time we blew it. When you get one chance you should take it, but we had three and still blew every one. The Gooners still ended up above us and were laughing in our faces. A few seasons ago we only had to beat West Ham to secure 4th (and even though we had players unwell on the day), we still should have been good enough to beat a second rate team, yet again we blew it.

So, it’s the same again this year. The Gooners are in turmoil and West Ham are not really a force in the premier league. And again, we play both in the next couple of weeks. Once again we have the fantastic chance of putting a good distance between us and the Gooners and their two-faced fans and leaving them in misery, while also heaping more problems on the Hammers.

We really do have a great chance over the next few weeks to cement our chances of finishing in the top 4 and having Champions League football next season. For the sake of all of us at THFC, lest just hope and pray we don’t blow it yet again.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. It's certainly a tense couple of weeks coming up ! West ham away followed by two massive games againt Arsenal at home and Liverpool away who seem to be turning the corner slowly but surely. I feel 7 points against these three are a must at least.

    My only concern is we are not scoring enough and I feel we will need to score more than 2 in each game.
    Certainly Squeeky bum time but I have faith COYS !!

  2. Every Game Will Be like A cup-Final,Some Players in my Opinion i Have Concerns About,Ade,Scott,Benni & Dempsey,Not Setting My World Alight !! When Youness Is Fit,His First Game,Midfield,Obiki I Prefer To The Donkey,Defoe Ok,BUT ?? Don`t Rate Him,Glyf,Might Suddenly Produce The Goods,Can see Another youth Player Finish In The First Team.Lewis Must Start All Matches.,A Winner !! Benni Attacking Good,Defending,No !! Scott Mr Negative & Slow !! I`m Never Wrong But Prove I Am If Those Four Mentioned
    Play !

  3. It would be lovely to finally rub those horrible arsenal fans noses right in it, just as they have rubbed ours in it over the last 20 years. They are undoubtably the worst fans in the world.

  4. Crikey, are you feeling alright, where's your usual doom mongering?

    Yeah, it'll be tough. We've looked a little lethargic of late, hopefully Ade, Defoe (coming back after a small injury break), and a few others can find some good form. Most people seem to be putting their hopes into Holtby and Siggi, while I think we could also see a contribution from defence as Benny's returned to full match fitness, Walker's form has lifted, and Vertonghen's had a little rest.

    Hurry up Thursday night!

    • Alexiswolfe. I am feeling very well thanks lol. It is nice to know you continue to read my articles and although it's clear you do not always agree with what i have to say, you are certainly one that always gives an objective opinion and has constuctive criticism, and that is appreciated. Saying that, it is good to know we agree on this subject lol. CheekyCockney

  5. It's not a question of 'blowing it' this season ..it's a question of 'securing' a top four finish at all costs from now on to the season end.
    We certainly DID blow it last season, when we had a nailed on third and, at this stage in late Feb, were about 10 points in front of the 4th placed team. This season, however, it's harder with the ever present competition from Arsenal and Everton, and, who knows(?), Liverpool. The Modric/Parker axis that performed so well for 2/3 of last season, and helped to make us the most attractive PL team out there, has gone.
    What worries is me that we're currently running over-reliant on Bale at present and we need to get our midfield form back as well as for our strikers to start scoring again! It didn't thrill me to see our rivals lose convincingly to Bayern. If they have a mindset that they're already out of the CL, you can bet they'll bring their full A game to Spurs with 100% concentration on that, and getting that 4th spot, rather than the return in Germany a few days later.

  6. Subsequent to my above comment, I look at Arsenal and, although they're losing important games, their play through midfield is currently better than ours. The goals scored (and difference) is better than ours, and in many PL games they're still playing like a contender. If Defoe's not ready for that game, I'd drop Ade and play Dempsey up front with a loaded midfield, and a wandering Bale and Lennon. We must not lose that game if we're to keep tabs on 4th. That doesn't mean we play to draw because that's never been our way. If we push through midfield and press high like we did with Man U in the 2nd half at home then we should win …but it will be close, because the Arse no longer see us as anything other than a priority to beat! Meanwhile, let's see if we can profit from a tricky trip to West Ham ..and concentrate (after tonight's hopefully positive result) fully on that match first.

  7. I certainly hope we dont blow it again, Cheeky is rght that we have messed up over the last few seasons so come on guys, do it for us fans.

  8. I don;t think we have messed up at all over the last few seasons…We have improved and closed the gap on Arsenal..So how can they equate to messing up?
    The last three seasons , we have finished 4th , 5th and 4th…..which is progress from where I sit.

    Furthermore, technically, last season, we finished in a Champions league place, only for our celebrations to be short lived, by Chelsea winning the Champions league.
    This time last year, Mr. Redknapp, had his eye turned towards the England job, hence why we only won 4 of our last 13 Premier league games, otherwise, in hindsight, we could have finished in 3rd place.

    This season, after a nervy start , we have gradually improved in all aspects of our game.

    We have even progressed further this season in the Europa league, than we did under Redknapp.

    I see a bright future, with a young manager, who is capable of achieving success and has done so, with his former club FC Porto.

    • How can you say you dont think we messed it up Colin. Cheeky got it right when he said we blew it. It was'nt a point of 'thinking' as you said, we deal with FACTS. The Facts are as Cheeky said, last season we had 3 opportunities – to make sure we finished 3rd (guaranteeing Champions League) yet we blew it each time. We had 3rd position in our own hands and let it go. So dont think Colin, deal in facts.


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