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Spurs vs Chelsea

We were only at our best in this game for the first ten minutes and thankfully scored during this period because we were below par and marginally inferior for most of the rest of the game. It was a stuttering performance in a stop start 90 minutes full of interruptions as Chelsea players periodically collapsed to the floor with mysterious injuries whilst referee Webb fell for every dive and theatrical tumble. We started full of confidence and purpose with Bale looking unstoppable. After eight minutes Sandro won the ball from Sturridge and moved it on to the imperious Welshman. He sped off towards Bosingwa whose tactic of showing him the outside backfired when Bale found enough space to curl a lovely cross in front of Adebayor who beat Cech with one touch.

Chelsea responded well and whilst we created hardly anything else in the half, they equalised and created several other opportunities with Drogba smacking the post with the best one. The second half followed a similar pattern but in reverse. The visitors began on top and created openings but we could and should have scored on several occasions in the final few minutes as Bale, Sandro, Gallas and most agonisingly Adebayor all went close.

There were good performances throughout the side but the lack of an adequate replacement for Lennon was an obstacle we never properly overcame. Van der Vaart started nominally on the right and Modric finished there. All this meant was that two of our main creative influences were once again largely peripheral to the play unless they came inside into an already overcrowded midfield. Kyle Walker was exposed for Sturridge’s goal as Rafa failed to track Ashley Cole’s run into the area, his arm assisted control of the ball may have been given as a free-kick by some officials, not this one though, oh no. Walker though was a huge influence in the second half as he at times appeared to be alone in carrying our attack forward down his side. His runs are often as full of aggression and pace as skill and artistry but their effect was to keep Cole on the back foot as he dared not give the youngster too much room.

Bale was the best attacking player on the field by some distance, the ball sticking to his magic left peg as he slalomed and hurdled through the Chelsea midfielders and defenders. Their tactic was to try and crowd him out; he made one goal though, might have had one himself and so nearly created the winner for Adebayor at the death. As the stand out Spurs player Sandro was not far behind him. He and Parker in the middle together look on paper like a formidable pairing, in this game though and it was the same at West Brom, it was clear that something’s not right. Whether they’re too similar or not I don’t know but there often appeared too much space in front of Gallas and King for the Chelsea midfielders to move the ball about and run in to. Again it’s probably all down to the balance in the midfield.

Friedel had no chance with the goal, made a couple of handling errors but also made an outstanding save at the feet of Ramires in the second half. Gallas was excellent and King once again a marvel. Benny coped with the dangerous Sturridge pretty well, his distribution though was well below par for him. Parker was his normal self and Sandro a growing influence on the game as it went on. His determination at one point to keep the ball in with his head despite lying prone off the field roused the crowd and triggered the wave of attacks near the end that so nearly led to us snatching a win that had looked unlikely for a lot of the game.

Another injury, Van der Vaart out again with his hamstring, and only a point but with a number of home games to come punctuated by two trips to newly promoted sides we can’t moan too much. At the moment the Moneybags League spots look like they’re heading to Manchester and two of us, Chelsea and Robin Van Persie. Not even halfway through the season but tension is already mounting.


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  1. When is a handball a handball? We haven’t had the best of luck with decisions from the officials lately, to say the least. And Webb was a complete sucker for a Chelsea dive. In the end I’ll take a point because Chelsea had a far better second half and squandered a couple of glorious chances, real sitters, I thought we were done for as I watched on from the Paxton as Ramires, with enough room in the box to hold a Christmas party, tried to be too precise with a header but somehow put it wide. We were terrible in defending corners and free kicks that came into the box. Hey ho. A point it is. Going to my sister’s for Christmas, my brother-in-law is a Chelsea fan, he’s born and bred in Hull! He can’t name a player from more than 8 years ago. Says all you need to know about Chelsea and their fans. The family will be pleased with the 1-1 though as it means the piss take and gloating will be kept on ice, so peace and goodwill to all men it is, although I will point out they’re cheating diving pansies who wouldn’t have scored had cashley not handballed it. Christmas my arse!

      • Yes mate, absolutely, but I don’t know why that it is. We were atrocious at picking up the opposition at set pieces that are put into the box. Terry won far too many headers, mostly unchallenged, and every time they had a set piece all the air in the stadium was sucked up by the sharp intake of breath from all the faithful fearing the worst.

  2. I thought VdV, Parker, BAE all had below par games. With Defoe and Lennon absent as well we were still nearly Chelsea's equal. The forums have had lots of people talking about Lennons absence and what we could do to get the balance right, I don't think Harry came up with any answers for that last night. For the next game give Parker a rest, play Modric and Sandro centre, Defoe and Ade up front and give townsend a go on the right. He is the nearest we have in the squad to replacing lennon.

    • Spot on managers earn there reputations on bringing talent through Townsend with a more blanced set of players could be a sensation the problem is Harrys last sensation was Rose whose goal won us the Arsenal game.

    • Spot on. That’s what most people in the Paxton were saying last night… Or alternatively play walker as right wing and kaboul at right back.

  3. Well what did i make of the game i said before a ball was kicked Chelsea would come too the lane in 6th gear and bang on time after 15 to 20 mins they then played like i said they would even down too Terry's clapping. You may ask why i knew Chelsea would play like this and how they came out in the second half full of energy. The answer lies at Wigan and there defeats by Arsenal and Liverpool who matched there Tempo and beat them and drawn Chelsea had two players in the team from a team i no got reported for energy giving substance that helps you chse the ball like a snapping terrier defend in numbers and attack with the same ammount. What amazes me no other fan can see this snappy tackling high octane induced form of cheating Terry's block was one of many performed by players full of this false tempo. The laughable thing is teams play the same way watch the game again and look how many defenders are in the box when we attack and it will stagger you how quick the same players who where attacking get back to cover there back four. We need to find this tempo or like the Arsenal stopper forecast we will start too slide backwards towards 6th gear Liverpooly Chelsea Arsenal and Man City and Utd will be away in the distance.. Liverpool had 17 shots on target and a penalty saved by Wigan who started too up there work rate when relagation loomed. Chelsea gave ther new found form down too working on the training ground so did Newcastle when they when they where riding high. If more fans question how a team can suddenly up there work rate when on paper there team is weakened then Spurs will have a chance of Glory. If not i fear Norwich and Swansea will chase the ball like there lives depended on it,. this is because this killer tempo will increase the more teams chase those valuable points . Our speedy attacks good enough too beat any team our overall work rate and defending is not .

  4. Harry gets a 1 out of 10 for this game.
    Parker and Sandro do not compliment each other at CM. Play either with Modrić and they are great, but play them together, with VDV out of position, Luka out of position and we suffer. Didn't work against Sunderland, didn't work last night. We could however have played them together 1st half at Stoke and then changed one for a fresh Luka. If anything stick Sandro out on the right so that Walker has a defensive midfielder ahead to allow him to get forward freely.
    Pav has had the mushroom treatment for so long that the bright lights blind him. We played with 10 men second half.

  5. 1-1 is a good result given the play but if Ade scored at the end, that will be wonderful. Next will be against canaries where we need tall defenders so Sandro should play instead of Park. We MUST move Modric back to CM; that is where he attracted all the chelski and manu interest, not the right flank! for the right, we can do Andros as Steve mentioned or Pienaar or Kranjcar. Or we can have Corluka back or have Rose at RD, have Walker at RW. I guess vdv injury is a "good" problem after all. Pav should play since the next opponent is taller; he must be more committed though


  6. we were better because the ref is a total wanker, who saw the world cup final with that total tosser. hull is the nancy boy capital of the north so anyone going there is suspect

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