A Chelsea fan’s eye view vs Spurs


We host the European Champions on Saturday in a lunchtime kick-off. During the week I helped a Chelsea fan still picking himself up off the floor after last May’s result to his feet and posed him a few questions about Saturday’s big game.

Hello. Well my guess is that you’re pretty pleased with the start to Chelsea’s league season? Six wins from seven games is a better than healthy return.

Great to see we’ve hit the ground running, all the new blood is really gelling. Still early days, but expectations are rising.


And yet the rumour is you still have a dodgy defence?

Defence is fine. Think we are attack minded so will concede a few more, as 4-1 is more likely than 2-0. But def is fine. World-class keeper, world class LB, Ivanovic on the right in the form of his life, and then the centre. What was missing in the Eng Poland game? JT’s leadership that’s what. Ain’t gonna get mired in the bollox of his trial, but he is a natural leader. Wasn’t that Ledley’s big strength – speed gone but a great leader, communicator, general. That’s JT. And now his focus is on the Blues.


I’ve seen the term ‘playing like Chelsea’ used in pejorative terms (by Pirlo, Evra and even Hazard needed assurances that last year’s tactics were pragmatic rather than permanent before he signed). I presume the purpose of mopping up the likes of Marin, Oscar, Moses and the aforementioned Eden (son of Mickey) in the summer was to make sure this particular impression of the way you play was nipped in the bud? (Long question – sorry).

I think RDM Last year had to play one way. Due to the players we had, the opposition, the morale after AVB. It was never our intent or desire to play that way week in, week out. You are now seeing what most teams aspire to – fast, skillful, entertaining football.


From what I understand if Terry doesn’t appeal then he’s not playing on Saturday. Does that concern you at all?

Obviously I’d like him to play every game, but we did alright in Munich without him!

Mark Twain was famously quoted as saying that rumours of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Does the same apply to Fernando Torres or is it time to call it yet?


He’s a different player from his early Liverpool days. Still expect 20 goals from him; he’s still a force.


AVB’s Blue and White Army! Not many of us saw that coming. Long way to go obviously but he’s making friends at the Lane currently. Are you surprised?


AVB! Not too close to it obviously, but back end of August I thought he was going the same way – trying to sell the wrong players or in the wrong way. Recently changing the keeper is another opportunity for his man management skills to shine. Think he’s a time bomb waiting to go off……


And how about our new signings? Dembélé, Vertonghen, Dempsey and Lloris have all slotted in nicely so far.


Fair play, signings seeming to do well. Lot of players to juggle thou – Siggi not getting much time yet, so still time for AVB to mess it up.


And a few quick ones –


Martin Atkinson or Rowan Atkinson?


Can’t decide which Atkinson is the funnier – probably Martin.


Ghost goals or Ghost the movie?


Ghost – getting a Demi just thinking about it.


Goal line technology or rely on players’ integrity?


Player’s integrity every time for me!


I asked Pete for a prediction for Saturday, but he heard that celery was being sold off cheap at Lidl’s and made a dash for it.



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  1. Chelsea fans make me laugh, they honestly believe they have the best team in the league.

    Didnt they finish 2 places below us last year and we were absolutely terrible for the last 15 games???

    They are over hyped, they have Mata and Hazard who can be lethal but they dont defend and we are too physically strong for them, Hazard will be spending more time going backwards than forwards.

    Oscar is clumsy out of possession, Torres is wasteful, Ivanovic hasnt been tested Bale is the only top class left winger in the league other than Hazard, Luiz is a liability and Obi Mikel is dreadful.

    I will be very surprised if we dont win this one, I think Chelsea will score but I just see us being too strong……outside of Lennon we have a huge team…..im sure Ade will start ahead of Defoe……..Chelsea now carry 3 skillful but small players.

    Sandro and Dembele to boss it again

    • When did I say exactly that we have the best team in the league? I happen to think that's Man City.
      However I'm very happy with ours thank you very much.
      Oh, and our little gold star…..

    • Take it on the chin spuds..You have a good team that were taken apart by skill and experience…We are the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE…You are mediocre

  2. We will need to do something we have yet to do this season and thats play well both halves. An early goal would go down well. I think with our strength and power in midfield we can bully the 3 attackers and cut off the supply to torres. 2 0 spurs ade and bale. COYS


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