Spurs in Diarra talks, Bale clause not dependent on deal


Lassana Diarra - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham Hotspur are working on a deal to sign Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid.

The former Portsmouth midfielder is wanted by former boss Harry Redknapp at Spurs to bolster his midfield.

Real Madrid are willing to allow the French international to leave but are pushing for a clause which gives them first option on Gareth Bale when his contract begins to run down.  We hear (from the well respected CorlukaModric via SC) that Spurs are so far refusing to add this clause into the deal and that the deal is not dependent on this clause.


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  1. You should give credit to the ITK who posted it. After all, you’re getting hits off using the information you got from them.

  2. I do think that such a clause would be a a great idea especially if the fee was set at say £60 million and we also got karim Benzema in on loan as part of any deal which would take place this summer. As a result we would have the world class striker and midfielder we need whilst at the same time keeping Bale and also making sure that our prized asset doesn’t go on the cheap if we fail to make champions league. I also believe that by Saturday evening we will of announced the signing of Llorente for a deal of approx 28 million pounds. Such a deal will give us that chance to get into a position where we won’t only challenge for a top four place but can push on and have a real crack at the title. First four games are vital. If we can take 5-6 points out of the games between everton, man utd and man city then we put ourselves in a very strong position and we will create a bit of confidence in the side and most importantly us fans!!!!

    • I bet you by Saturday, Levy will NOT have sanctioned the purchase of Llorente for £28m, maybe for less but not £28m…where do you get this garbage from, we are not White Hart City last time I checked !?!

      • Exactly, I bet you that maybe by the last Saturday in August we'll be offering a by-then desperate Adebayor a home, but Llorente for £28m – what a waste of money that would be. He's ok, but that's silly money for the next Pav.

  3. would be a very useful addition. much is said about the quality of our midfield. well we’ve got quantity but I’ve always doubted the real quality of the centre of midfield which I feel is the most crucial area of the pitch. many of our midfielders operate better on one of the wings – kranc, modric, pienaar, dos santos or are not good enough eg, palacios, jenas which leaves just sandro (injured) and huddlestone (good but not top 4 class). adding diarra here along with modric would give a much stronger central midfield than we have now, hopefully aiding the defence and allowing modric more freedom to create goals both of which we need.

    • Mate, Huddlestone was one of the reasons we got into the top 4- Modric was injured for half the season and played on the left- it was the combination of Huddlestone and Palacios who got us 4th!

      • I thought it was the combination of Huddlestone and Modric that got us 4th. Yeah, I suppose it was Hud and Pal first half of the season, Hud and Mod the second. Our big results came in the second half of the season, admitedly with Bale's emergence.
        Big Tom is vital to how we play.

  4. There s a third way a knew way of letting players win medals yet stay loyal to there own club and be happy . We could loan Modric to Madrid and in return loan Benzima and Granearo or others Modric would play in the champs league and not help Chelsea to rival our campain and we could get into fourth or better with Benzima and co. They would get used to energised shit players on paper who play better than there price in the faster premiership to help them progress in eourope next year with Madrid. We would get a sun tanned Modric with his spaanish medals back or we could keep Benzy who may be better suited too the prem.

  5. @John Doran

    Signing Llorente at the weekend would be just in time for him to play against his current team.

    machinegun – Huddlestone “not top 4 class” You may remember that Huddlestone played virtually every game in our top 4 year. If you look at our demise last season it coicided with his absence (along with others) through injury. IMO Huddlestone is a top class player and in a 4231 alongside Sandro, that pairing would be immense.

    • Couldn't agree more.

      @John Doran, isn't 28m quite a lot for someone who didn't set the world alight last season?
      – That said, i'm sure we'd take almost anybody half decent at the moment if only to shake the current lot up a bit.

  6. Everyone seems to think that Diarra is this amazing midfielder. As far as I can tell he had one good season at Portsmouth, was sold at an inflated price and has never reached the heights again.

    Central midfield is not a problem area for us, and there are better and cheaper options out there if we want some back-up/ competition for Luka, Tom and Sandro. We should not even be looking at this until we shift one or both of Palacios and Jenas.

    Personally, I’d keep Wilson and focus on getting that striker in (which i’m sure is what is actually happening)

    Harry will forever be linked with his ex-players – so the press will always assume that it is Diarra we are discussing with Madrid – but it could be anyone. Well, almost.

  7. What a load of unadulterated crap. Why do people continue to spread completely made up rumours around?

    This masterpiece consisted of some nonsense about Madrid asking for ‘first refusal’ on Bale. Sorry – what is that exactly? What is the legal definition of this? Are we to assume that they are willing to pay us to tell them when we want top sell Bale? And what, they then get the ‘option’ to bid first? Does this sound realistic to you? Does it sound enforceable to you? It is fucking nonsense. Some 12 year old kid at his computer made it up.

    As for the other part of the rumour, no thanks to Diarra. Failed at every big club he’s been at. He never made the transition from promising youngster to being good enough. Perennially on the sidelines, running out in cuop competitons and at home to really weak sides from the bottom of the league. I doubt Madrid could get a fee for him from any club, given his crazy wages. Van der Vaart was asked at a forum soon after siging for Spurs who he would like to follow him from Madrid. I remember thinking at the time how significant it was that he mentioned virtually ever player in the squad, except Diarra!

    Benzema – who exactly is supposed to be paying him his £180k a week? Fantasy land. If we are looking at realisitc striker targets, Odemwingie looks a decent bet. Demba Ba might have been wrth a punt, although I understand he failed a medical at Spurs in May. Gyan might also be worth a look. This is the market we’re shopping in, not Benzema (who isnt for sale, and if he were, would be the sole preserve of about 4 massively subsidised / loss making clubs in the world)

    • Call me stupid, but I would have seriously taken a look at DJ Campbell. He was banging in goals for fun whilst at a relatively modest Blackpool outfit, not exactly blessed with an abundance of quality supply from the midfield (other than Adam perhaps). Now I hear QPR are after him…with a low transfer fee, could have been work a punt ?

  8. Machinegun Huddlestone not top class are you absent from Speck savers . Huddlestone is the best passer i have seen since s Bigger he has a shot some players dream of he had a great season when we got fourth but sadly his knee then ankle started stalling his staure in the team and his International claim. I have bean watching football and i was a very good footballer and Sportsman myself and cruelly had my career stopped in my youth by a spine disease and i say this Huddlestone fully fit is a top top player he has the ability to see the next pass before he gets the ball a true classic sine of a top player his movement is always stylish the way he strokes the ball Yes he looks slow but this si because he never panics and can pick a player out with a long or short pass chip pass in a second and his ball striking can be devastating and if you put is goals in a video they would be long and special. One criticise he should score more but every time since he was seventeen injuries have curtailed his progress knees and Ankle the same can be said of Lennon who also has played since he was seventeen and had knee and groin injuries spoil his progress these two are special top players in there field in my eyes and they have seen a lot in 50 years

  9. Kranjaer was the reason we got top four that season, when Modric was injured it was he that stood up and took his place. Diarra is a much more complete midfielder compared to Wilson and Hudd. Hudd is a great passer but is about as mobile as a breeze-block, whilst Palacios is the complete opposite.

  10. Davspurs has a good point in us having to offer Modric on loan to Real madrid for Benzema coming our way ? Apart from this don't build any hopes on our "new signings". The media is playing an important part in increasing our hopes for the new season.
    Our emphasis should from now on be on the building of the new stadium. We need to camp on Levy's doorstep & get first hand information regarding the progress. Fan's need to be kept abreast on this project as this seems to be the only "answer" to our competitiveness in the EPL. We demand to know.


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