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Spurs have been linked with a move for Steven Pienaar of Everton in the summer.

The South African winger has one year left on his contract at Goodison Park and will represent his country at the World Cup in his home country.

He is currently no closer to signing a new deal with the Toffees and Redknapp has sent scouts to keep tabs on the situation as he aims to bolster his wing options for next season.

Everton are expected to want around £10million for Pienaar, although this could drop depending on his attitude towards signing an extended contract.

If not, then Spurs will battle it out with Chelsea for his signiture, who have also been watching him.

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  1. I actually believe we are going to win the Fa cup and finish top 4. Tere is talk about signing new sigings,,,who do we sell ? ? ? ? ? my preferd choice of sale would be kaboul hutton bentley ohara "crouch" keane and jenus…

    • will spurs fans never learn? the likely outcome is that we wont finish 4th or win the fa cup. Sadly a vocal few are phoning radio stations and writing blogs blowing our trumpets to the world and the truth is we are still a long way away. We have done well so far, yes, no doubt, but you are setting yourself up for a fall, mark my words and how the other teams fans will laugh at us . . . . . ..

  2. If he wants to progress as a player then he needs to join a big club like Spurs. My fear is that he would be wasting his talent at such a small club as Everton.

    • Please tell me you're joking! Everton are hardly a small team, in fact I would say there's not an awful lot of difference between the two! I'd still love to have Pienaar at the lane!

  3. Jon Stitch, your the reason other fans hate us, you can't call Everton a small team, in fact if they didn't have such a crap start to the season then they would be in the battle for fourth!! I still think the Spurs can get 4th, we do need a few slip ups from City as our run in is by far the toughest, fingers crossed COYS

  4. The season is far from over. I will be happy when there is 1 game left and we are 4th and 4 points ahead of the 5th place team. Then I will celebrate.

  5. Small club like Everton? Everton are a real deal club bro. I'm a Spurs fan, but I have a ton of respect for Everton and I always will.

  6. I'd much rather add Petrov, or Cole or Van der Vaart on a free and spend my money on quality young talent like Turan, Perisic, Kroos. Are you really going to start Pienaar over Modric or Lennon. He is hardly a squad player and is not better than the other options we already have. We need to get better, not stay the same. Now if we're talking Arteta, that's a whole different thing. COYS

  7. We dont need him, not with Modric, Kranjcar, Bentley and Lennon all able to play out wide. Can we get this season out of the way though and try and achieve some success before we look at new signings. Aside strengthening at the back I dont see our need to buy anyone, we have a decent squad who still have plenty of potential. The key will be if we can hold onto certain players – for me only Keane, Woodgate, O'hara + Jenas are expendable. Seems as though Gudjohnsen may stay for another year in keane's place as klong as we can hold onto Pav. I suppose that will all depend if we qualify for CL, he may decide not to go back to Russia for the sake of that. And for all those doom mongers saying we are trumpeting too much about 4th, go and support someone else then!

  8. John Stitch

    Are you a 'non-stop dancer'? http://www.phespirit.info/derekandclive/come_agai


    You are right about strengthening the defence, if Dawson and Bassong had picked up significant injuries we'd be 8th. As it is we have the 3rd best defence in the league. There's not a lot of people mentioning that, and why is nobody talking about Dawson for England? Surely he MUST go to South Africa!!!

  9. To the doubting Thomas above what if we do fail we have one of the best sets of maturing players around Bale 20 Walker 20 Hudds 23 Lennon 22 Moderic 24 Kranjcar 25 and some exciting youngsters on loan Naughton Caulker Townsend players like Parrett Mason Obika Oshit at pompy the traitor and Bostock Dosantos Sandro .And i will blow our trumpet because i will slow the cheating swines down and Spurs will finish them of .My PREDICTION BEFORE WE KICKED A BALL 3RD AND THE FA CUP. There is now shame in beating your own team drum thtas why we are called fans so shout and scream because we will live the dream

    • Nice one Dave,although I can see why people are a little reluctant to join the party after all the false dawns,my advice however would be,don't worry there's more important things to concern ourselves with in life,so just enjoy the footballing ride.COYS.

  10. he's a good player but we don't need him, we've got needs in other positions…get rid of jenas and o'hara and get an offensive cm(van der vaart)…get rid of crouch and keane and pick up a striker who isn't entirely useless…get rid of hutton, we have naughton and walker so we're fine there…pick up a world class CB, b/c we can't keep relying so much on woodgate as much as i like him, and we might want to sell kaboul b/c that's probably one too many CBs if we sign another one.

  11. Pienaar is a top player…tough as teak for his size and unlike what some of you are saying, he would add a lot to Tottenham…if we were lucky enough to get hime which doubt…I'd have him starting against the top four rather than Kranjcar or even Modric who are both skillful but rather woeful defensively.Pienaar adds to the attack, scores vital goals and would tackle the living shite out of most opposing players.He's too valuable to Moyes though…so we'd ned to look else where

  12. let’s focus on April… win 2 of the 3 games against the current top 3 and we have mission accomplished!!!…. Then we our CL positioning, we should be able to have some command in the market during open season….


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