Spurs issue statement on Olympic Stadium decision


Olympic Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur News

Tottenham have issued a brief statement on the Olympic Park Legacy Company’s decision not to sell the new Olympic Stadium.

“We welcome the OPLC decision to end the current Olympic Stadium bid process,” said the Spurs statement.

“We firmly believe that the bid we put forward was, in fact, a realistic sporting solution for the stadium, along with a substantial return to the taxpayer, community programming and athletics provision.”

Tottenham have not disclosed whether they would contemplate making a bid to lease the stadium.

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  1. Because of these stupid legacy promises of Athletics idiots, it will be the taxpayer that gets screwed once again and we will be left with a big fat white elephant, a £400 million stadium to have 1 major athletics event a year?? Coe & Co have conned everyone with these stupid reasons and everyone has gone along with it, the stadium will go to rack and ruin because of these morons and we have footed the bill, what a waste of money and very poor planning outling that football and athletics do not mix, nobody gives a monkeys about athletics, football is where the money is.

    • Nobby you must realsie whu are the biggest losers here dspite what they say. Their existing ground is worth less every day and they were going to sell naming rights to the new stadium for £200-£300m , this can now be sold by the olympics committee after the olympics thus making up for the shortfall.
      A stadium like this is worthless to WHU as income is reduced

  2. Well said Nobby, you have at least got a brain unlike most of the pooves on here.But its not a question of where the money is its a question of where the glory is. Money is for Jew boys Glory is for the Danny Blanchflowers of this world.


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