Spurs legend reacts to Pochettino Man United rumours

Image: SpursWeb

Big news out of the world of football yesterday, but hardly surprising, Jose Mourinho was sacked as Manchester United manager.

It appeared that the last straw came in the shape of a 3-1 loss to rivals Liverpool in which the Merseyside team managed over 30 shots at goal.

However, with this Man United vacancy comes a whole wave of new rumours linking Tottenham’s Pochettino to the job (The Mirror).

Poch has long since been tied to the Real Madrid and United job (The Mirror), but has remained at Tottenham every single time.

Spurs fans will be hoping this won’t cause any disruption during their busy Christmas period, but ever the professional, Poch is unlikely to flinch.

The Argentine signed a new five year deal only this summer, so should be in North London for seasons to come.

One former Tottenham players isn’t happy with the rumours though, as Graham Roberts called out the media on Twitter for attempting to upset the club.

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  1. I totally agree with Graham Robert’s tweets, Klopp and Pep not good enough for Utd.. Next week they’ll be coming after our ground staff, cleaners etc. Garbage news from a shit paper.

  2. You’re right. The perception (despite the last 4 years of ‘top 3’ success) is that Spurs will always buckle when a player (or manager) is wanted by United or Real Madrid.
    To be fair, we have fed them with some of our greatest players over the past 14 years. But that is, or should be, now at an end. It’s about time we were shown the same respect that Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and, more recently, City have (deservedly) earned. No we haven’t won a trophy yet, but we’ve proved to be one of the most attractive and consistent teams in Europe in that time. Yet media, pundits and speculators still act surprised when we are successful, and continually tout our employees out to our rivals as though they were some sort of commission-driven agents! Let’s just keep our heads (as well as our manager and best players) and simply continue to confound the lot of them. The greedy bloated giants can’t ALWAYS expect success without taking breath and building from scratch, rather than throwing money at vastly over-rated ego type players. Poch has the backing of Levy and the board, a great new ground, fabulous training facilities, and not least a squad who love and respect him. Everything that says ‘world class’ is in place. So what a tragedy it would be, once again, if it all got interrupted as it did in pre-Poch years, because of the biggest clubs out there (at the moment) calling on us, with us meekly kowtowing to their desires!

  3. Let’s keep Pochettino and give Sissiko a course of hypnotism to remove his phobia of shooting. It must surely be possible to work with him and get a few goals from the great positions he gets into


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