Spurs legend warns Eriksen away from Real Madrid for this reason


Tottenham Hotspur will surely be looking to invest in new players this summer, but they may find it difficult to hold onto Christian Eriksen.

The Great Dane has just a year left on his contract following this season, and if he refuses to sign a new deal, Tottenham will have a tricky choice on their hands.

Either sell the player for a large profit this summer or risk losing him on a free in the summer of 2020.

Real Madrid, the club that swiped both Luka Modric and Gareth Bale from Spurs, are said to be very interested in adding Eriksen to their ex-Lilywhite collection, whether that be in late August or on a free in 2020 (Sun).

However, despite the glitz and glamour of the Los Blancos, and the consistent trophies that come with the club, one ex-Spurs star has warned Eriksen away from a potential move.

Dimitar Berbatov has used Gareth Bale as a prime example of how it can go wrong for a player on a personal level, despite winning trophies.

Bale has won multiple Champions League trophies at the club, even scoring in finals, but is still unpopular among the home supporters.

Berbatov warned (Daily Star): “Eriksen needs to ask himself if he would be happy there. Look at Gareth Bale. He left Spurs for Real Madrid and has won everything.

“But he still gets criticised, even though he scored so many unbelievable goals there, in the Champions League final even!

“He should be a Real Madrid hero. But still, people don’t love him so much. What the f**k does he need to do?!?

“Eriksen will ask himself this question. He will be thinking: ‘Will I be happy there?’ He’s going to be sitting at home thinking about it and his head will spin.

“You are a human being. What happens if you go to Real Madrid? You think: ‘Wow it’s a good move for me.’ But then you think: ‘Am I going to play enough?’

“What happens if you don’t play? At Spurs, the team revolves around him. At Real Madrid, there are a lot of big players. Would he fit in there? You start asking all these questions.

“Then you start to lose your focus. So as soon as he can find the answer and resolve it – and it doesn’t matter what the answer is – it will be better for everyone.”

Spurs Web Opinion:

Berbatov makes a good point that big moves don’t always go as you imagined. Look at Gareth Bale at Madrid, look at Coutinho at Barcelona. It doesn’t always work out, on or off the pitch. What Eriksen has at Spurs is the guaranteed adoration of the fans and the support of the club. He must now decide whether the immediate pursuit of trophies is more of a lure.

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  1. I do agree that he will face a lot of criticism at Madrid. I have been contemplating this potential transfer for a year now and in my opinion it doesnt matter what Levy does with him as long as he does it this summer. Eriksen is invaluable to this Spurs side and would certainly be missed if we lost him, however the truth is that he can also disappear at times. For all his brilliance there are many games where you forget that he is even on the field. If Real are willing to pay 100 million pounds i say let them have him, especially if he is refusing to sign a new deal. As long as that money is reinvested into the squad i feel like we would be better for it. While he is a wonderful player and has earned his place in our hearts, you can’t make a player stay and if you can get 100 mil for your troubles i say take it.


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