Spurs linked with move for Real Madrid legend


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Real Madrid striker Raul is being linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

According to a report in the News of the World, the 32-year-old has become a target for Harry Redknapp as Spurs prepare for next season’s Champions League.

Spurs are said to have already opened talks with Raul’s agent in the hope that the Spanish giants will release him on a free transfer.  One potential stumbling block could be his £5million-a-year pay packet.

“Raul has always been interested in the Premier League,” a source close to the player told the News of the World.

“He has spoken with friends like Fernando Morientes and Michel Salgado, who know England, and they have encouraged him to make the move.”

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  1. I don't know which is worst, NOTW or this site. Utter tosh! 5mil a year for past his sell by date player who is not longer a first teamer…And you lot post it on the web.hahahah

  2. I actually thought he was older than that and was pretty much retired. According to Wikipedia he's played 39 times this season and scored 7 goals.

    So in fact he's only a year older than Drogba. I hope this is true, I think that his experience could be invaluable to a successful CL campaign.

    There's no reason why we can't do well in the CL. Look at this year's competition and how well the likes of Lyon, Bayern, Bordeauz have done.

  3. I don't believe a word of this. Pure speculative, lazy journalism. Why on earth would Spurs be looking to buy a has been. All due respect.. Raul was a great player but the key word in that sentence is 'WAS'. It's onwards and upwards for Spurs now and referencees to 'Arry having bought players like Ian Wright and Teddy Sherringham when they were on their last legs are idiotic. That was when he was managing clubs that were just about staying afloat and this is an entirely different scenario.

  4. He will never leave real and he could be to slow for the premier league and all the talk i've seen about spurs should go for david villa is stupid one we couldn't afford his wages and if every else knew that spurs where bidding for him man city or chelsea would come in with a better offer.
    the one player should sign and may have a chance to sign is inters forward is balotelli he only 19 and has amazing ability and he wants to leave because he's falling out of favour because of his attitude.
    6 – 7 million and jenas may do the trick.

  5. i believe he still has it but then again that's not the path we want to go. we have to buy younger world class strikers now that we're in the champions league, i agree with THFC, ballotelli may be good for us as long as he's not putting on an arsenal shirt on a tv show. as far as the racism goes i dont think he'll have problems in england … also when was the last time defoe scored and it wasn't a penalty? maybe we should put him in the subs and replace him with kun aguero … but maybe im getting a little ahead of myself


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