Who was YOUR Spurs Man of the Match vs Werder Bremen?


Gareth Bale

Following Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 draw at Werder Bremen, we want to know who YOUR Spurs Man of the Match was.

After 40 minutes, the majority of the team could have been candidates to scoop the award but performances faded.

Leave your vote below – Oh, and if anyone votes for Corluka – you’re having a laugh.

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  1. Yeah, Bale for me too.

    Corluka had a shocker and Jenas was surprisingly good.

    Disappointed to lose the 2 goal lead but 2-2 isn't a bad result.

  2. we did well in the first half with VdV playing especially well, but corluka had an awful game, he simply isn't mobile enough to be a proper full back, jj was anonymous as usual (harry will regret not taking sandro) and lennon should have been subbed after 60mins having been totally ineffective. robbie keane simply doesn't deserve game time at the moment.

    • I think on this occassion you're wrong about Jenas – he actuallu had a good game and passing was better than normal, including that class pass out to VDV for the Crouch goal.
      Charlie and Ekotto have to go – Both poor players for going forward as a squad in the future

  3. I'll tell you who wasn't: Harry Redknap. (sorry for the negative opening) BUT, can someone explane:
    1. Jenas startin (and playing the whole game????) BASED on WHAT.
    This is our first game in the CL, and we put someone who's consictently's been underperforming for Spurs
    (the few times he's actually gets to play…)
    2. Bringing on KEANE for VDV (I assume VDV got a knock or something, or he wouldn't have played 3 minutes into
    second half..) BUT bringing on KEANE at all???? BASED ON WHAT…..
    3. LENNON has NOT found his groove, and should not try to find it in the CL, that's what the League Cup is for…
    4. PALACIOS isn't even a shadow of what he used to be…. and did he come on as a winger???????

    2-2 away to Bremen in our first CL game is good, but I believe we could do better…
    Why didn't Kranjcar come on for VDV, why wasn't Gio in the squad????

    • There were only two poor players on the night and you've failed to mention both of them – Ekotto and Corluka, neither of them are good enough now with this squad going forward, shocking and well out of their depths

  4. I was so proud of my team and when this team can overcome the Tunnel syndrome we will be brilliant the football was excellent. Then a bad tee shot by Ekkotto ruined a great half,Lennon needs to have his groin fixed or start taking his man on its there for all to see he his still not 100 percent. Kaboul his rising by the game jenas looked good Van was class hudds kept the ball moving Charlie worry s me and Ekotoo should work on his ball out of defence was rubbish except for Bales assist. Keane wont play well till he his loved and wanted ,We played great for 42 mins and like the other team with the same initials W B West Brom we let them of the hook we need to apply the knock-out punch, Tom will benefit from this game and on a better night weather wise he will be along with Van and Modric awesome

  5. Jenas is and always will be an enigma. He is the model of inconsistency, however he WILL turn up to "big" games and this was one of them…played well in the 1st half then faded a little in the second as the formation moved to a 4-4-2. Palacios, although he's been very poor of late was actually fairly reasonable but I'm struggling to answer in my head who's worse at passing; Dok Zok or Sgt Wilson…answers on a postcard. Molasses is quicker than Corluka, can't believe Gallas did't come on for Charlie moving Kaboul to RB, I can only assume he wasn't fit enough after WBA. Keane has lost it, it's OFFICIAL and Lennon has lost his "mojo". Bale MoM without a doubt with Kaboul coming a close 2nd…Spurs could have nicked it at the end with the Bale to Crouch action…all the Group A's ended identically, gonna be an interesting watch…COYS !

  6. I hate to say it because I have always liked him but Charlie was bloody awful. He gave the ball away every time he touched it. BAE is always awful so no surprise there

  7. Bale and VDV were outstanding. Jenas, Kabul, Crouch, and Huddlestone all had great games.
    Corluka and BAE still look like real worries. Also, the sooner Gomes is back the better.

  8. Bale … once again. That one clearance by BAE was comical, he has a brilliant game here and there, but I've been saying for a long time now that he is not good enough for Spurs, he's a liability to have on the field when the pressure is on us he'll give away too many dangerous free kicks (or penalties) that would cost us the game. Corluka is another liability… bad performance …. just as bad as the performance away to Young Boys where Gio had to constantly cover for him at right back when the tide turned on us … and yes Jenas had a good game, few missed passes but still good. Glad with the result for our first CL game.

  9. obviously bale who was magnificent but crouch was also brilliant.he showed exactly what he can do when he gets ball to feet for a change although he is a huge threat in the air.i also think kaboul took his chance really well,looked solid comitted and has real pace(bit like charlie eh??!!)

  10. Lennon has become to predictable. Although VDV only played 2 games with Spurs, he showed great understanding. His partnership with Crouch was better than any of our strikers. 4-5-1 formation with 2 attacking midfielders is a great option for CL games. Jenas did well. Worked hard and got some important tackles in. But Gio should be given more opportunities. Especially when Lennon is way below par. And we need someone capable when Bale burns out…and it will happen.


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