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Who are you and why on earth are you a Newcastle fan?

I’m Marley Anderson, a young sports journalist ( editor of Newcastle Football News) with a passion for football and NUFC. The Magpies support comes from my family and in particular my dad, who comes from Gateshead and has ensured I become a Geordie and not a Mackem!

Would I be right in assuming that you’re pleasantly surprised by how things are going this season?

Yeah of course we’re pleasantly surprised but the people with their heads screwed on at the start of the season knew we were buying some very good players and when you have top players, you get some success. It’s a surprise the new squad has gelled so quickly but we knew it could happen!

So is the so called ‘Cockney Mafia’ now undergoing a reappraisal or are Ashley and his pals still viewed with suspicion?

The Cockney guys are never going to be the most popular in the North-East, let me tell you that! But having said that, you have to take a step back from time to time and realise that they’re running the club excellently from a financial perspective! The naming rights really annoyed fans but the money we’re making and the players we’re scouting/buying are top quality and long may it continue!

Is it fair to say that your defence has been the bedrock of your success or does this detract from Cabaye and Ba’s achievements?

The defence has been fantastic this season (which is a rare thing of joy for a Newcastle fan!) but all over the park we’ve been very good. The “spine” of the team is right up there with the top sides and the goals Ba is banging in is always a bonus. We have real steel now and that’s a massive factor in our success.

What are your ambitions for the season? Attempting both Champions League qualification and Europa League avoidance is a tricky balancing act.

Ambitions are just to keep going as we are! If the season ended tomorrow we’d be buzzing so in a way we’ve already done more than enough to be happy! I’d like to see us in Europe yes, but if it comes at the expense of a dodgy league season next year, then it can wait!

Have you seen much of Spurs this season? Any strong opinions on how we’re doing?

I’ve seen a little bit of Spurs. I like the way they play and the talent of VDV, Bale and Modric so they’re a good neutral side to watch. You’re doing OK, I think a title challenge is out of the picture though and the defining point of the season is when Harry leaves for England and you have to replace him! Jose anybody? One final thing…if Harry doesn’t stop ranting on about player contracts in press conferences then my fondness of Spurs will fall dramatically!

Newcastle have a very decent recent record against us, I guess you’re heading into this game feeling confident?

It’s nice to have a good record against one of the top sides in the league but the fact remains that your lot are third in the table for a reason. Bale, Lennon, Modric and Van Der Vaart are all class players and we still have to stop them, so the record isn’t going to count for much when the first whistle goes!

Quick ones –

Next England manager?

Harry Redknapp or Guus Hiddink

Chas ‘n’ Dave or Jimmy Nail?

Jimmy Nail all the way!

Can we have Cheik Tiote please?

No, can you hell. If we’d have kept Parker all those years ago we wouldn’t have needed him!

And finally, a prediction please.

Prediction: 2-2 (Bale, Modric) (Ba, Cisse)

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  1. This could be interesting. Lennon back will give us the balance that works so well for us with it's concomitant fact that it's much more difficult to double up on our wingers when there are two of them.
    Will Lennon start instead of Kranjcar or Livermore?
    They'll be lining up a 442, and without Tiote, as above.
    Without Tiote we may not need the physicality of Livermore. We could line up 442, like them, with Defoe coming in (with both livermore and kranjcar missing out), or we could outnumber them in midfield, keeping Kranjcar (who's getting his match fitness back) moving him into VDV's role.
    I quite like the latter.


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